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The intensity of battle without the threat of death; indeed, paintball and airsoft are an adrenaline addict’s dream. We’re not just talking about pastimes; this is a way of life. Our site is driven by a collective passion for the games. We’ve captured the flag, eliminated our opponents and conquered enemy bases. We’ve battled in arenas, forests, and our backyards. And we’ve done it all with rain or shine in the frigid and sweltering. Best of all, we enjoyed every second of it!


What to expect

Here, we’ll post the latest news related to paintball and airsoft. You’ll find highlights for professional competitions, learn new tips for playing the games and meet a community of enthusiasts just as devoted as you are to the sport. We’ll also give you the chance to contribute to said community by commenting, giving us your take on each post or update. You see, we’re not trying to have a one-sided conversation here; we want to hear from you with every post we share on our blog or social media.

You’ll also find tips and strategies to keep you on top of your game. We’re always discovering new ways to play the game, beat the competition and just have a great time. Maybe we found a new clever way to blend in with our environment. Or, perhaps there’s a team-based strategy that always seems to work in thick forests. When we find it, you’ll be the first to know it. Consider this not only as a resource to get started but also to guide you through every step of the way.

The world of paintball and airsoft is always changing. We’ll keep you updated with any significant shifts in the industry and reviews of the latest gear. Whether you are looking for new apparel or just want to tweak your existing setup, you’ll find the most crucial details from experts in the field (see what we did there?).

Not sure where to start? We’ll also cover some of the venues or arenas that specifically cater to paintball and airsoft enthusiasts. Some use the great outdoors; others look like leftovers from an apocalypse. As you’ll see, it’s not just about the game, but also the experience. We’ll cover some of our favorite battlegrounds, providing the details you’ll need to compare the best paintball or airsoft venues in your area.

Thanks for stopping in to reading a little more about us.

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