What Is AEG Airsoft And What Does It Stand For Anyway?

  • Updated February 14th, 2023

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If you have been in the market for a new airsoft gun, chances are you have seen the term “AEG.” For newcomers, this may seem like an archaic term, especially in a sport such as airsoft. However, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. In fact, most of the guns you will be seeing are considered AEG.  Before you make your purchase, we want you to know what AEG means regarding airsoft.

The acronym AEG stands for “Automatic Electric Gun.” A battery often powers these weapons. Depending on the manufacturer, and price, of the gun, these batteries may or may not be rechargeable. However, the only other options for an airsoft gun is a gas, or cO2, powered and a gun that the shooter cocks back.

What Is AEG Airsoft

The great thing about AEG airsoft guns is that you can get an AEG gun, regardless of what your budget is. Whether you are looking for an entry-level gun or have the resources so spend hundreds of dollars, an AEG is available to you.

How do they work?

Whether your gun is an AEG or gas powered, their functions have several similarities. However, AEGs are often cleaner and easier to operate. Without getting into the technical terms, an AEG uses a similar battery to that found in remote-controlled cars and airplanes. This battery runs a series of tiny motors and gears throughout the gun to compress and fire the pistons. The releasing of this piston creates enough air to launch the 6mm plastic bbs at a rate of 600 to 900 feet per second.

AEGs are simple to operate, but they can be a pain if they break down. It is a pain to disassemble because the pieces inside the gun are small. If you find yourself working on an AEG, then be sure that you have sufficient working knowledge of your particular gun.

Capabilities of an AEG rifle

When looking at a gas powered or AEG rifle, you will notice that each are capable of the same functions, with a few exceptions. While an AEG can offer a higher rate of speed for the bbs, it lacks the ability to deliver the “blow-back” offered by most gas-powered guns. This feature often is attractive those wanting to have a more realistic fell when shooting airsoft. However, you can purchase devices that can mimic the feel of a real gun and attach to an AEG gun.

On the other side of the spectrum, some prefer the AEGs because of their silence in the field. It’s unmistakable when you hear the “thud” of a gas-powered gun. However, if stealth and surprise are what you are going for, an AEG offers quiet functionality and a higher rate of fire.

When talking to airsoft enthusiasts, you will find that most prefer one over the other, but very few will like both styles. Those who like gas powered guns like the ease of use and simple designs while those who prefer AEGs like the realistic feel and the fact that they can put more rounds down range than their gas-power counterparts. Either way, it’s best to use one before you buy it. After all, this is an investment that you will have to deal with for several years; you want to make the right choice.