X7 vs. X7 Phenom

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

Tippmann has been around since 2004 and has become a household name in the Paintball world for manufacturing military-style paintball Markers. This is similar to the Tippmann X7 and X7 Phenom.

The most significant difference is PSI settings and technological advancements.

Both come with realistic styling and the quality that comes with the Tippmann name. The first model, X7, will have the capabilities expected from an essential, standard paintball marker.

The X7 Phenom will have technological advancements that stabilize, improve firing speed, and create a smooth shooting experience.

Which One is More Popular?

At this point in the Marker manufacturing process, there is going to be a significant number more sales of the X7 Phenom.

The X7 Phenom was one of the more critical technological upgrades, which can be seen with the development of the FlexValve triggering system that can operate at lower pressure levels and still deliver a smooth firing experience.

A player would be right in forgoing the X7 model and going with the newer X7 Phenom model, and this will, in effect, give you the better version of Marker, skipping the unnecessary upgrading process.


Which One has More Quality?

This is quickly answered by the upgraded FlexValve technology that comes with the X7 phenom model of Marker and the other improvements that came with the newer version of the Tippmann X7.

Then, of course, there will also be the stabilizer features and the upgraded recoil spool, and it comes in a smaller package which helps with the mobility desired from close-quarter combat athletes.

The original model was built with the higher standards expected from Tippmann, but the new X7 Phenom will be that next-level, bar-raising Marker that intermediate to advanced player’s desire.

Again, this will be for the player with a higher standard for their equipment than a casual player.


Pros and Cons: Tippmann X7 vs. X7 Phenom

The pro of the Tippmann X7 original model was the solid, sturdy build that comes with purchasing a Marker from the company. The con is the lack of technological updates, which resulted in Marker’s higher-performance X7 Phenom model.

The newer model comes with a wide assortment of upgrades to the system, built around the upgraded flex valve technology, which improved the entire firing mechanism.

The improvements can be felt in the fire rate, the recoil reduction, and the accuracy that comes with the new technology.


Price Range: Tippmann X7 vs X7 Phenom

The older Marker could have held its value better; the Tippmann X7 will have price tags as low as the twenty-five-dollar price found on an auction site, but also, there are some nearly brand-new products out there that will cost a person around three hundred dollars.

There will also be the outlier special edition or signed Marker that will change these results.

The newer version of the X7, the Phenom, will be the more expensive, with prices that will stay within the range of one hundred fifty and upwards of nearly four hundred dollars.


Final Verdict: Tippmann X7 vs. X7 Phenom

Though the older model Tippmann X7 Marker is one of the cornerstone developments in Paintball’s limited history, there is no doubt the preferable choice between the two will be the newer model Tippmann X7 Phenom Marker.

This is because far too many technological advancements will need to be considered when comparing the two, most of which include firing efficiency and stability (reduced recoil).

Tippmann has been around for over a decade and has become a leader in manufacturing military-style paintball markers that push the limit of imagination when playing, practicing, training, or striking out with friends on a casual face-off.

Where Can I Hydrotest My Paintball Tank?

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

Paintball is a sport that requires high-pressure tanks, which, if not properly maintained, could explode and end up causing a significant injury, even causing mortal damage. Does this often happen?

No, thank goodness these combat sports athletes have common sense. To pass on a little of their wisdom, a hydro test will be required after three to five years to ensure that the tank maintains its integrity and does not show signs of leaks.

Simple tests to prevent unnecessary accidents and to check on the viability of older tanks before using them.

Person aiming with a small paintball gun - Where Can I Hydrotest My Paintball Tank?

Where are the Available Testing Centers?

The most used place to have these tanks tested would be at the local paintball field or facility; there will also be the shop in which paintball equipment is sold. These two will be your best bet to have the service needed provided.

Each state will be different; major brand HQ’s in your state will be worth a google search, but there are going to be various options.

There are not many options outside the world of paintball, but in this new era, people will have the opportunity to ship their old tanks to a company like LoneWolf Paintball in Michigan.


How Much Does it Cost on Average?

This process does not take that long; it will only be a few seconds to a minute, and that will cost anywhere between twenty dollars and one hundred and fifty dollars.

The high costs will be for the larger seventy-seven-to-ninety-ounce bottle tanks that are used for larger mobile attack vehicles and other combat vehicles.

There will be additional shipping costs for players who decide to ship their empty tanks to a company to get them checked professionally. But, again, shipping will depend on location and the distance a package will need to travel to reach its destination.


How Often Do You Need to Hydrotest a Paintball Tank?

There is a consensus that the majority of the highly compressed air and CO2 tanks will need to be checked at least once every three to five years.

However, this does not mean that you should wait until year six to get a second test, more like one at three and one at five years.

Otherwise, stop immediately if you hear any hissing or have any pressure loss when firing your marker. You are risking an explosive tank that could end up doing severe damage to you and those around you.


Alternative places where you can Hydrotest Paintball Tanks?

The basic test uses water displacement; Once a tank is empty, the test will then submerge the tank with the regulator open.

From there, a player will have to read the exact spacial capacity, printed on the bottle, if the number of cubic inches is displaced by the tank and water inside.

If that number does not match or comes in under that number, you will need to purchase a new paintball tank. These tests can be taken at home, but it is recommended that you go see a professional to be absolutely sure the tanks will not explode.


Which Options are the Cheapest?

The cheapest test for the tanks would be to submerge them underwater; then, if you see any air bubbles or signs of leakage, they will show as bubbles. However, there are better ideas than this for safety reasons.

The best plan is to get the experts to check over your paintball equipment; it always helps to get an eye and mind that has the know-how to go over your products. This will save you time and money, even if you will have to ship the bottles to get them tested.


Final Thoughts on Where can I Hydrotest my Paintball Tank

There is going to be stress put on the importance of having your paintball tanks tested; this will be important because of the danger a player puts themselves and others in by having a faulty air tank.

However, the process is simple and easy: submerge your tank after every bout to ensure there are no leaks.

Otherwise, some professionals will handle the testing at the local paintball facilities and locations where players can go. Another route to take would be to ship your old paintball tanks to a company to have them tested and sent back if viable to continue use.

What is the Most Accurate Paintball Marker?

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

There are going to be a few brands that would want to boast about being the most accurate paintball marker in the game. However, there are few that would argue against the Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker and the Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker.

These will be the base models, with no attachments or modifications to the paintball marker.

To throw a list of three other names for you, here it is below:


  • Action Village Dangerous Power G5 Paintball Gun
  • Umarex T4E TM-4 Carbine Paintball Gun Marker
  • Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker


How Accurate is a Paintball Marker?

Paintball Marker’s accuracy depends on a few things, most notably the type of paint being used at the facility or field of play. Naturally, the higher quality paint will yield faster and more accurate results.

Fiver person ready for paintballing - What is the Most Accurate Paintball Marker?

In contrast, the lower quality paints will have a midair movement that will cause accuracy issues. Otherwise, this comes down to the Marker’s design and the efficiency and smoothness of the firing and discharging of ammunition.

Then a player can add upgraded tech; for instance, a marker owner could add a sight, barrel extension, and modified stock to steady the weapon.


Does it Depend on the shooter or a Marker?

It will depend on both, and there will be human errors that must be considered when concerning accuracy. This means elements like how steady a person’s hands are, how good their eyesight is, and how confident in their shot they are.

Otherwise, the Markers will have elements in them that will, in effect, make the weapon more accurate. The most critical aspect of accuracy is the quality of paint used at the facility; as mentioned before, low-quality paint will veer off course.


What are the Qualities of an Accurate Marker?

The qualities of the most accurate markers include a few simple things; A clean and straight barrel is one of the more essential elements to the Marker’s accuracy. Precise shooting will be impossible if there is any blockage or bend to the barrel.

The other qualities would be a smooth pressure system and firing mechanism; if the firing speed is efficient and the air tank to chamber system is on point, so will the paint. Finally, the transfer from the hopper to the chamber and out of the barrel must be smooth and faultless.

Another quality add-on would be a sight or stock to give just enough of an edge to make a difference in the game.


Top 5 Most Accurate Paintball Markers?

The list above, mentioned earlier, holds the five most accurate markers as of 2022. To get them known, and for your reading convenience, they are listed above with some extra details. Here are the five most accurate Markers in production currently:


  • The Spyder Victor – Notably accurate in the mid to close range, these markers are but one barrel upgrades away from being accurate at more extended range.
  • Umarex T4E TM-4 Carbine – An eye-catching marker with classic Military style M-16 styling, this weapon checks most accuracy boxes.
  • Action Village G5 – The ergonomics on the Marker alone make it accurate, allowing for smoother movements.
  • Tippmann TMC – has a dual feed system with clips and hoppers, with the accuracy that has become an expectation of Tippmann products.
  • Tippmann Cronus – Has three shooting modes for the highest precision accuracy possible. Choose a single shot, burst, or full auto to get the required accuracy.


Paintball Guns that are not Accurate

There will not be brands labeled as inaccurate; instead, a player should focus on the elements within a game that could cause inaccuracies.

For example, the first inaccuracy is that there will be wild and erratic shooting with lower-quality paint; this will be the most frequent reason for missed shots.

Another reason for loss of accuracy would be a dirty barrel; whether it is from dirty or busted paint, keeping a clean barrel is very important. The last point will be to keep the air tank, firing mechanism, and pressurize systems in working condition and optimally sealed.


Final Thoughts on What is the Most Accurate Paintball Marker

There are brands that are known for building and producing the most accurate markers in the game, but the truth is that attachments can be just as effective as purchasing a brand-new product.

There are three basic attachments that will accomplish this, one being a stock for the air tank. Another will be a quality barrel and insert if needed, and then an attached sight will change the accuracy of the Marker in the player’s favor.

Try the Kingman Spyder Victor II if the original version lacks those attachments desired as far as the equipment mentioned and you prefer a more customizable Marker.

Spyder Victor 2 Upgrades

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

The Spyder Victor is considered, if not actually, the cheapest base model marker for sale. A significant upgrade made by the newer Victor 2 model can be felt in the colder weather; an upgraded second-generation Venturi bolt is in the firing mechanisms.

From there, the base model of the Spyder Victor 2 will be a fully customizable marker that can replace and upgrade almost every aspect of the Marker.

From the air tank support accessories to the foregrip and sighting capabilities, there will surely be a fun marker to possess.

Person crawling with a paintball gun in hand - Spyder Victor 2 Upgrades.

What Type of Upgrades are There?

There are going to be many changes that can be made to the Spyder Victor II, which has almost full customization. The Marker has the capability to fix the sights, the firing mechanisms, the foregrips, and the barrel.

Most markers will also allow for these fundamental changes, but the Victor II goes further with the ability to change the accents and add ergonomically friendly attachments to make the Marker easier on the player.

There are also going to be pressure tank changes that will require new pressure coils and tubing to make the systems adjust correctly.


Which ones are the Most Popular?

The most popular purchase, besides the O-rings, would be barrel customizations and inserts to adapt to caliber changes. There are going to be many tweaks that can be made to increase range and accuracy.

Along those lines would be the players that would be purchasing red dot holographic scopes, which on Amazon alone have over six thousand reviews.

Additionally, if you increase or decrease the range using a new barrel, a new sight along the lines of the previously mentioned customizations will help dial in the Marker and make a combatant more effective.


Which Ones Cost the Most?

There will be items that will cost over a hundred dollars, including a nice Red-Dot attachment or a top-of-the-line hopper/loader, and then you will see the best air tanks will range within the hundred thirty and hundred ninety-five.

Kingman Spyder does offer circuit repair and upgrades that will cost a player above one hundred dollars, but then you will have to incorporate the specific needs for the Marker being updated.

Kingman Spyder will have its own products, but other products will be worth a look over. Take the time to be sure that the pieces fit correctly.


Barrel Upgrades for Spyder Victor 2

As with most Paintball markers models, there will be various reasons to change a barrel on the Kingman Spyder Victor 2. The most popular reason for barrel replacement is to increase the range on the Marker or to incorporate a change in paint caliber.

Besides that, most changes to a barrel will accompany a package kit that incorporates the new accent colors and design along with any pressure, firing rates, or paint caliber changes. Suppose a player shows interest in changing or upgrading their barrel.

In that case, a quick shopping investigation will reveal major brands like an empire in which to find an upgrade.


Upgrades That Aren’t so Good

Let us take a step back and look at this from a different perspective. If you are a long-range shooter, any short barrels will not be what you are looking for; a sniper will require a longer barrel to increase the accuracy and range of the paint.

Then you will have the vice versa being true; paint players that are looking to have increased firing rates or a spray-type effect from each shot will want to look for something that is shorter in length and potentially wider in diameter.

Be careful of air tank sizes – on a side note, there are going to be weight shifts depending on the size of the compressed tank.


Final Thoughts on Spyder Victor 2 Upgrades

The Kingman Spyder Victor II is a versatile Marker that can be customized or used immediately. Can you find it better or cheaper?

Yes, there will be options with more accessories, markers that are more expensive, and others that work similarly for or less than the same price as the Victor II.

In addition, there will be upgraded choices that include accents, barrel changes, sight changes, air tank changes, and much more when it comes to the customization abilities of this marker type.

There are going to be newer models, and the OG Victor I model is still available on the market; Do your research and look around to find the suitable Marker for you.

Spyder Mr100 Upgrades

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

Spyder has one of those Markers models that is different from any of the others out on the market. This is, of course, the MR 100 series of Markers from Spyder.

This model comes with a minimum of four different customizable upgrade kits, including an M4 Carbine and CQB Kit.

Of course, smaller upgrade kits are designed for the MR 100 series Marker, including barrel upgrades, higher-pressure air systems, and upgraded sights. There is, without a doubt, a bunch of customizable features when it comes to the MR 100 Marker.

Man holding a paintball gun in hand - Spyder Mr100 Upgrades.

What Type of Upgrades are There?

A plethora of different upgrades can be added to the Spyder MR 100 series Marker; as mentioned above, around four military-style markers have kits to make the marker look and feel like the real thing.

These are, of course, used in military training situations and can be practical tools in teaching the tactics and strategies of today’s military.

More minor upgrades can be made to improve accuracy and firing efficiency and provide benefits that include more oversized clip (hopper) sizes. Then you will have the stock, which can be interchanged for various needs on the battlefield.


Which Ones are the Most Popular?

The answer to this one might surprise you, the most popular accessory purchased online would be an O-ring replacement and upgrade kit. Surprisingly, we know, but the truth is that O-rings provide the seal needed to maintain pressure from one attachment to another.

There are two more conventional attachments to speak of, and many Paintball Players will have the need for barrel upgrades and different styles of sights, including red dots, holographic, and classic scopes.

Again, these can be seen online, on auction sites, and in-store at most of the larger retailers.


Which Ones Cost the Most?

As mentioned above, there are going to be a few surprises, this one might not be so much this time, but the answer to this question will be the O-ring replacements and upgrades.

A newly purchased barrel or trigger system will require the purchase of O-rings that fit both model and accessory.

There are some speedball triggers that will run you a few hundred dollars, along with specialized kit fittings that turn the weapon into a replica of M4s, M16s, and Sniper rifles.

Some of the more expensive Paintball equipment will be outside the Marker accessory realm. However, Night vision isn’t cheap by any means.


Barrel Upgrades for Spyder Mr100

This end of the Paintball Marker has a multitude of different options when it comes to the barrel, and one can use an upgraded barrel to fix a paint caliber issue or any miss alignments that come along.

There will also be pressure-adjusting accessories that can switch between High and low settings to accommodate any changes made to the marker.

There are barrels that will extend one’s range and others that will be made of carbon fiber to make the marker lighter, helping improve agility and mobility. Other shorter barrels will allow more efficient shooting and reaction times in close-quarter situations.


Upgrades That Aren’t So Good

Beware of imitator products that will not fit as well as partnership companies’ equipment. There will be, of course, a more considerable price difference between the generic and brand-name products, especially the associated Paintball manufacturing companies.

There will be some misfit or misaligned products that you will want to research before purchasing, and this will ensure that the paint caliber plus the barrel size will be in sync with one another.

Nothing is more frustrating than buying a fancy new part, and the paint does not fit through it if a person takes at least a moment to ensure this situation can be avoided.


Final Thoughts on Spyder Mr100 Upgrades

The Spyder MR100 marker is a military replica type product, which has an interesting set of accessories and customizations that can be made. There are kits that look like changing the body into an M4 or M16 or even a carbine Sniper, but the customization does not stop there.

Then you will find other changeable parts to which paint caliber changes can be made, and trigger mechanisms can make the marker more efficient and speedball ready.

Then, on top of that, there will be different sight upgrades possible, including thermal vision and night vision, for those willing to spend some extra cash on the hobby.

Dye DSR vs. M3

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

Dye is one of the top-selling Paintball equipment manufacturers worldwide; their products include top-of-the-line Markers: DSR and M3. Each of these Markers will have the latest technology and provide some of the smoothest shooting performances on the market.

Beyond that, a few differences will sway a player one way or the other when selecting which model to purchase. However, the other features are very similar and are what players expect from a Dye Paintball marker.

This article compares these two models of Markers to find which is a good buy and for whom.

Which One has More Quality?

As far as quality is concerned, Dye Paintball Markers are some of the highest quality products on the market and will provide a smooth shooting, easy-to-use piece of equipment.

There is going to be a standard for this San Diego, California-based company that is in the DNA of what the founding utilized to get where Dye is today.

Through years of trial and error, testing, and designing new technology and marker designs, the company has arrived at the DSR and the M#. Both will not let a close-quarter combat player down but may have some differences to take note of when firing at range.


What are the Differences?

The most significant difference between the two would be the ability of the Marker to fire at distances; in this case, the M3 will outperform the DSR. They both have smooth firing mechanisms and can launch hundreds of rounds a minute.

This is a crucial development difference between the two. Still, the DSR has a more efficient transfer system that unloads paint faster than the M3.

There will also be some software and slight styling differences. Still, those will be the two significant differences between the markers.


Pros and Cons: Dye DSR vs. M3

When comparing the two, as mentioned above, the Dye DSR shoots smoother and has a very efficient firing mechanism but can be inaccurate, especially at longer distances.

On the other hand, the M3 is very accurate; even up to longer ranges, it hits the target with a satisfying smack.

There is a significant manufacturing issue; the M3 model is said to have a leak issue that can be repaired but is a pain to perform. There will also be a few other minor issues that each model will have, but in the end, both are quality options for purchase.


Price Range: Dye DSR vs. M3

There is going to be quite a bit of difference in pricing when it comes to the DSR and M3 paintball markers; in other words, there will be a five-hundred-dollar pricing difference.

But, on the other hand, the Dye DSR paintball marker will have a pricing range that stays relatively consistent within one thousand dollars, give or take one hundred dollars.

Then you have the newer M3 plus models that retail at around one thousand and five hundred dollars plus or minus a hundred dollars. If you can afford these higher price tag Markers, you will not be dissatisfied with their smooth performance.


Final Verdict: Dye DSR vs. M3

There is going to be a major difference in accuracy; the thing is that with a bit of extra money spent on accessories like a barrel, trigger system, and pressure systems. Then you have the price difference, which is five hundred dollars in total.

You will be satisfied with both models of DYE Paintball Markers, the M3 or the DSR because each has that smooth speedball experience that Dye professional designs are known for.

But, in the end, there will be a choice made, individually depending on budget and willingness to purchase accessories.

Dye Rotor vs. LTR

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

Dye has been given the reputation for having some of the most innovative paintball products on today’s market; the Rotor R2 paintball loader is the spearpoint of hopper-like technology.

The LTR takes it one step further and provides the latest rapid feed design that is adjustable and has a built-in anti-jam release trigger ensuring that any style of paint and condition will fire properly.

The LTR is the newer version, but some of the past year’s models might fit better with the DYE Rotor to keep in mind.

Which One is More Popular?

When it comes to overall popularity, the DYE Rotor R2 has better fitting with more past models than the LTR, but as time goes on, the number will undoubtedly sway into the newer technology LTR.

Speedball requires some of the unique technology which the DYE LTR paintball loader will accommodate.

Professional players may want to purchase both for the various weapons they might have; as for the single Marker owners, be sure to know the manufacturing date and buy accordingly.

The compatibility will be up to the brand of the marker being used; check with your local paint facility team for more specific information.


Which One has More Quality?

As far as quality is concerned, both products are manufactured by DYE paintball, which has a reputation for producing some of the best, most innovative paintball loaders on the market.

The corresponding loader is closer to the marker’s manufacturer’s date for a quality fit purchase.

It leads us to the speedball Quick Feed technology that comes with the LTR, providing a top-quality, reliable stream of paint for every trigger pull. This will inevitably be the reason to give the newer DYE LTR model paintball feeder the edge in this one.


Pros & Cons: Dye Rotor vs. LTR

The overwhelming pro for the DYE Rotor R2 model hopper will be the fit for the older model Paintball markers, pre-speedball technology. The con will naturally be the lack of speedball technology, which will lead us to the LTR model hopper.

The LTR has the latest technology and speedball quick feed ability, and the con is the need for markers out for purchase that are speedball compatible. This, of course, is changing fast as technology advances, so this is a question for the DYE LTR paintball loader in the future.


Price Range: Dye Rotor vs. LTR

The price range for the DYE LTR will be between one hundred and one hundred and fifty dollars for the item from ANS Gear and around the same straight from the manufacturer.

In addition, the package that comes with the hopper will have the quick-speed insert, depending on the combo purchased.

Then you will have the DYE Rotor R2 loader, which coming from the Valken store, will run around two hundred dollars.

ANS Gear has similar pricing with a model or two under the two-hundred-dollar mark within thirty dollars, to which even price leans on the side of the newer technology LTR model hopper.


Final Verdict: Dye Rotor vs. LTR

There are going to be good reasons to purchase either one of these DYE paintball loading products, as they are of the DYE standards of make. The Rotor R2 series will have the older guns coverer, providing the quality only DYE can provide.

Then you will have the speedball-ready DYE LTR model loader with the quick feed technology that will give you the reliable system needed to perform with the professionals.

The prices tell it all- the Rotor R2 is more expensive and does not include the speedball required capabilities like the LTR paintball gun.

How Many Shots Does a 20 oz CO2 Tank Shoot?

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

In general, there is going to be a standard set of expectations from paintballing products; for instance, there is expected to be two hundred to four hundred shots in a 9 oz CO2 tank, and then there will be 12 oz CO2 tanks that will have around five to six hundred shots per tank.

As for the 20oz CO2 tank, there is going to be an expected eight hundred to one thousand and two hundred shots. Otherwise, if that is still not enough for your needs, there are 24 oz tanks that offer up to one thousand three hundred shots.

Man with a paintball gun in hands - How Many Shots Does a 20 oz CO2 Tank Shoot?

Why Does the Number Vary?

The number varies depending on the speed at which a player shoots and the setting the Marker is on. There are speedballing setups that will spit paint at incredible speeds but require more gas pressure to be released, which in effect, will lower the shot count.

Then you will have those players that will be more selective with their shooting skills, preferring to sit back and pick their shots instead of diving in guns blazing. These strategies will give a player a load more shots per bottle than with a speed-balling player.


Does it Depend on the Weather?

The weather can influence specific models, setups, paint types, and markers by freezing up the mechanism or loosening the seals around the compressed air.

The differences will be with the features that are incorporated into the markers and specific design styles that incorporate the cold or warm weather, but yes, the weather plays a factor.

Colder weather will keep the tanks at a lower temperature, which then can slow the firing efficiency and rate enough to make it worthwhile to play indoors. There are going to be facilities that keep the atmosphere at the right temperature for optimal marker performance.


How to Get the Most Out of it?

The best thing to do with the air tanks is to keep them stored at room temperature, away from the elements, and to play in good weather or indoors.

The player will also need to keep an eye on the O-rings and pressure systems to maintain the vacuum required for the paint to fire correctly.

The research will also need to fit the right products together to provide a secure system without leaks and compare the products to get parts that will work together correctly.

Finally, show your equipment some tender loving care; that will be the best practice to get the most out of your air tanks.


Which Tank Size fits the Most Shots?

There is going to be a size air tank that must work with a selective game-type accessory; I’m speaking about the ‘free tanks’ or mini tanks that will be placed on the map in more extensive game styles.

These little vehicles are going to need at least a seventy-seven to ninety oz tank to fire correctly.

These tanks will fit the most shots per canister; keep in mind that the most common tank size will be a sixty-eight oz tank.

The critical factor will be the pressure setting, most tanks with three thousand PSI will offer ten shots per cubic inch. Tanks at forty-five hundred PSI will provide fifteen shots per cubic inch.


Final Thoughts on How Many Shots Does a 20 oz CO2 Tank Shoot

There are going to be more air tanks on the market than you can shake a stick at. So the important thing is going to be understanding what you are looking for when purchasing a paintball piece of equipment.

There are PSI settings that will be the difference of five shots per cubic inch, which adds up without the need for explanation. The most commonly sized tank found on the pitch will be the sixty-eight oz tank at four thousand five hundred PSI.

If you are looking for Tanks sized air tanks, they are available in ninety ounces, or if you need a smaller one for pistols, there are twenty-ounce solutions.

How Much is a Tippmann Paintball Gun?

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

Tippmann Paintball markers are difficult to locate outside of the manufacturer’s website; the prices will range between one hundred and twenty-five dollars. The more expensive models will be the replica-looking styles that TiPX Deluxe Pistol Kit three hundred fifty dollars.

There will also be a large variety of accessories and modifications that can be made to the Tippmann brand paintball markers, this being one of the more desirable traits of this company’s combat sport weapons.

They will have a bit of a price, but take a look and have fun with it.

Few tippmann paintball guns on ground - How Much are they??

What is the Average Price?

There is going to be a wide range of prices when it comes to ordering a marker from the Tippmann factory directly. The lowest marked price on the site was about one hundred dollars, and the highest priced attributes were in the three hundred dollars range.

The average priced markers would be the Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker at around one hundred and forty dollars and then the Tippmann Stormer Tactical Marker – black, which will ring up at about one hundred and fifty dollars in total.


Which is the Most Expensive?

The most expensive Tippmann gun on the market would be the Tippmann A-5 Marker W/SS Response Trigger at three hundred and thirty dollars or the TiPX Deluxe pistol kit, which will cost around three hundred and forty-nine dollars plus ninety-nine cents.

Then there will be the accessories, like Tippmann Reloader – Mag filler that costs about eighty-five dollars and ninety-five cents.

Some other higher priced models include the Tippmann TMC Elite Black, which will cost about three hundred and thirty dollars, and the Tippmann TMC Magfeed Black / Tan Marker combo at three hundred and sixty-five dollars or more.


How Can You Upgrade it?

There are going to be upgrades that can be made to multiple aspects of the Tippmann brand marker. We start with the sights, which come in red dot and holographic styles, along with scopes to fit the LMG or the sniper depending on the player’s preference.

There will also be upgrades possible for the hoppers and feeding systems within the firing chamber. Then you can upgrade the pressure to be speedball ready, including a new triggering mechanism and new feeding systems.

Lastly will be the barrel, which may require an insert depending on the caliber of paint being used, and these will be primarily for range and accuracy.


Is Tippmann Considered Cheap?

In relation to the top-of-the-market markers that will be going at prices in the thousands of dollars range, yes, Tippmann would be considered cheap.

The products are aimed for beginners, youth, and casual players, with prices of the weapons rarely getting over the three-hundred-dollar amount.

Will they perform at a high level and shoot straight? Yes, and hit a target once or twice.

These paintball markers will be fun to use in the survivor game or indoor CQB scenarios and be considered a budget-friendly option for learning the sport.


What is the Cheapest Tippmann Paintball marker?

There are going to be affordable paintball markers in the lower hundreds range.

For example, the Tippmann Stormer Basic Marker will cost one hundred and thirty dollars, while the Tippmann Brigade Menace 50 cal Semi-Auto Paintball Pistol is about one hundred dollars.

There was the before-mentioned Tippmann Cronus and Tippman Stormer Tactical. To sum it all up, the Tippmann Cronus Tactical bundle and the Tippmann Stormer Basic Marker will be in the one-hundred to the one-hundred-and-fifty-dollar range.

The majority of the other markers will be within fifty or so dollars making these a quality but affordable choice to paint with.


Final Thoughts on How much is a Tippmann Paintball Gun

Out of the majority of the Tippmann products, the markers will be the best; otherwise, there must be mention of the affordability of these combat sporting weapons.

There is hardly a marker that costs more than four hundred dollars, and then there are attachments that will not get over the one-hundred-dollar price tag.

You could do worse with either quality and get something ridiculously cheap or go with the professional grade markers that will break the bank at a few thousand dollars plus.

In the end, the best course of action is to do some personal research and get some of the opinions of the local experts and Paintball field ops.

Paintball Goggles for Glasses

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

Not all humans have the best eyesight and require either corrective surgery or prescription glasses. This can be even more of an obstacle when a player wants to participate in Paintball games requiring a mask and goggles.

However, plenty of products on the market allow combatants to wear their glasses and goggles comfortably.

Even major brands like Valken, Empire, V-Force, and Virtue will have a mask and goggle combo that will fit the needs of the visually impaired. This article will divulge a few of these products and give tips for those looking to begin play.

Man wearing a tank top with paintball googles on - Paintball Goggles for Glasses.

Can you wear Glasses with Paintball Goggles?

Yes, as mentioned above, dozens of products from some significant manufacturers can fit the needs of all glasses-wearing players. Of course, certain brands will not fit, but that is the beauty of this market; there are various options to shop from.

There will be different goggle setups to choose from. There is the whole mask, half mask, and goggles only with custom head protection (Shemagh, helmet, ballcap, or similar).

This game is designed with a neat customizable individuality element regarding body armor and wear.


What are the Most Popular Paintball Goggles?

Different platforms offer Paintball equipment; therefore, sales numbers may vary; for instance, Amazon’s best sellers are Xaegistac, followed by HK Army, DYE, Virtue, and Lancer.

Other experts speak on the quality of Push Unite, Bunkerkings CMD, and Empire.

Some popular brands would surprise some people; Oakley’s is an extremely popular Sunglasses manufacturer that has gone ahead and produced a highly rated set of goggles.

However, according to historical sales, the one mask that comes up the most is the Dye Precision i4 Goggles and Mask.


Best Paintball masks if you Were Glasses

After going through the reviews and readying the company pages, there seems to be a rather good overall, and below is a simple list with features that distinguish them from one another:


  • Empire EVS Thermal Goggles—Half Paintball Mask compatible with all eyeglasses, excellent ventilation
  • VForce Armor Fieldvision G3 – Full Paintball Mask offers lightweight protection, clear optical anti-fog tech
  • Push Unite Paintball Goggles – Mask with Quad Pane Lens anti-scratch, anti-fog tech, intelligent ventilation design
  • JT Spectre Flex 8 Thermal Goggles – Full Head and Face cover with intelligent ventilation design
  • Valken Paintball MI-7 Goggles—Full Paintball mask with unique impact-absorbing foam, anti-fog tech


Paintball Goggles you need to Avoid

There are older technology goggles that will fog up or get scratched easily; buying newer technology goggles will provide better optical clarity on the course, even when sweating.

Also, avoid ski or snow sport goggles – they will not have the same desirable designs to prevent scratching or staining from paint.

There will also be super cheap knockoffs, which will look good but underperform when placed under the stresses of the combat sporting atmosphere especially considering staining from taking paint to the face, or stray plastics from close call impacts.

The rest of the mask protection will follow if you secure a good pair of goggles.


Final Thoughts on Paintball Goggles for Glasses

Paintball goggles will be an important part of protecting a player’s head region, not to mention the eyes. There are some quality pairs of goggles that will keep the paint and other game elements out of a player’s vision, allowing them to focus on the action around them.

One thing to remember is to save money on non-Paintball goggles; there are some quality goggles with the same technology needed to keep vision clear and the durability to stay that way for some time.

If you want creativity in your headgear, buy goggles and half masks.

Still, that is also available if you are looking for complete head protection.