Azodin Kaos: Review, Possible Upgrades & More

  • Updated February 15th, 2023

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Azodin Kaos
Azodin Kaos

Azodin Kaos

4.0 out of 5 stars


    • Easy to Disassemble and tune
    • Hopper stays secured
    • Aluminum Frame


    • Louder than Most Guns
    • Not Efficient on Air


Excellent for beginners

Gas through the foregrip makes it comfortable

Louder but effective

Technical Specs

  • 19-inches
  • 2.2 pounds
  • .68 Caliber
  • 12-inch Barrel
  • CO2 or HPA compatible
  • Autococker Barrel Thread

Azodin Kaos Review

The Azodin Kaos is an excellent paintball gun. It is for anyone looking to try their hand at paintball without a high price tag. It has an aluminum frame which makes it durable for any level of player. It also can hold its own through the harshest conditions. The Azodin Kaos is a mechanical marker with a 12-in barrel and operates using either CO2 or HPA.

It does have double ball detents. This feature helps to ensure the paintballs get loaded correctly. Also, the Kaos features a top cocking pull pin, an Autococker threaded barrel, a self-lubricating Delrin bolt, a low rise twist-lock feedneck and non-slip rubber grip panels.

The Kaos Design

The design of the Kaos is a stacked tube design, which means the bolt rests above the hammer. The gas system goes through the fore grip. This feature increases the comfort level when shooting, especially during long matches. Putting the gas system through the foregrip also helps to regulate the flow of the gases.

The Delrin bolt may be the greatest feature on the Azodin Kaos. This material can withstand severe punishment. To add to its durability, it is also self-lubricating. A feature like this means that there is no need to oil the bolt. There is also no need to worry about the bolt malfunctioning during a round.

The construction of the Kaos makes it as lightweight as possible, with it coming in at only 2.2 pounds. This lightweight is partly due to the Delrin material. The weight comes from the lightweight aluminum construction.

The die-cast aluminum also adds to its ability to withstand abuse. This durability comes in handy when a shooter is jumping over and dive under obstacles. Having a strong marker is necessary due to the torture shooters tend to put on their paintball guns.

A Little More About The Design

Quite a few markers have the dual ball detents that you find on the Kaos. They work to ensure that no balls can slide down the barrel until the shooter pulls the trigger. The best thing is that these ball detents work, regardless of the size of paintball used.

The Azodin Kaos also has a twist lock feed neck that is easy to tighten. Even during reloads in the field feed neck holds the loader on without any trouble. Many players boast about this design because it holds the hopper securely to the marker. The hopper is secure even when running, jumping, and diving.

The Kaos’s barrel contains auto-cocker threads. A feature like this gives you an unlimited ability to upgrade the barrel system. All you have to do is find a barrel you like with Autococker threads, and you are ready to go.

The Kaos Feel

Most people like the Kaos because it doesn’t operate like the typical bargain basement marker. It’s inexpensive, but you could never tell. This excellent functionality is due to many innovations Azodin has put into the Kaos. One such innovation is the use of the lightweight striker. The striker weighs roughly a third of the weight of other markers. With such a light weight it creates less strain when firing the marker. Therefore, there isn’t as much of a recoil that you normally have.

This feature, alone, makes this marker incredibly easy, and comfortable, to shoot. Additionally, the placement of the gas lines in the foregrip. This arrangement differs from the usual back half of the paintball marker. A design like this makes for a more balanced feel when holding, running, and shooting the gun.

The Kaos Performance

Many players compare the performance of the Kaos to Spyder and Tippmann markers. A comparison like this is a compliment when you consider the quality of those markers. The Kaos features a double finger trigger that has a smooth, consistent pull. Also, the Kaos is capable of shooting 9-15 balls per second. To get this level of performance, you have to become familiar with using both fingers.


When you take into consideration the price of the Azodin Kaos, its accuracy far exceeds any expectations. With its stock 12-inch barrel, the Kaos is one of the best regarding long distance accuracy. You can operate the marker from more than 50 feet, and you’ll be able to hit your target with relative ease. If you want to aim further, you can increase its distance with a longer barrel.

Easy on Paint

What was most appealing about the Kaos in testing was how remarkably easy it was on the paintballs. Even through thousands of shots, there were only minimal breaks in the paint. In fact, it was only the cheaper paint that posed a risk of breaking.

Adjustments & Maintenance

The Azodin Kaos is extremely easy to break down and maintain. In fact, there are no tools required to break down the Kaos. Simply pull the pin that on the top of the bolt and the bolt will slide completely out of the back of the marker. This feature even makes cleaning in the field easy because, then, all you have to do it run your squeegee through the barrel.

The velocity is easy to adjust, also, simply by using the Allen wrench that comes with the paintball gun. To do so, just insert the bolt into the adjustment screw and turn it whichever way you want to adjust it. Overall, the Kaos is surprisingly durable and reliable for a low-end marker.

Other Pros

The Kaos is one of the more affordable markers on the market. Also, shooters who often use the Kaos boast of its comfort level. This boast exists even when shooting for day-long scenarios. Shooters say it is incredibly easy to hold and ergonomically friendly. That is what makes this gun perfect for players of all sizes. Any a younger player wanting to play the sport can shoot the Azodin Kaos with ease. They don’t have to worry about their hands or arms cramping.

Players also note that the Kaos’s trigger has just the right settings. These setting allow for rapid fire and walking the trigger. In fact, very few shooters decide to alter anything on the Kaos, besides its barrel. This paintball gun is surely one that will last and is the gun of choice for many years.

Other Cons

There are a couple of complaints with the Azodin Kaos. The most common complaint comes from the feed neck design. This design feature is dependent on the shooter’s taste. Some feel the locking functionality is perfect. Others feel that it doesn’t secure the hopper tightly to the marker.

Others have also commented on how loud the Kaos is. You can remedy this by upgrading to a ported barrel. However, being loud isn’t the worst quality a paintball marker could have.


If you’re on a budget, then this is the marker for you. If you want a gun that will make you efficient and last for a long time, the Azodin Kaos is the perfect paintball gun. Overall, it is an excellent marker that can hold its own against the high-end competitors. Also, the marker works perfectly for the young players looking to get into paintball. Parents love the price of this marker. Newcomers love the thrill of shooting a tournament-quality marker. You can trust this gun to exceed any expectations you might have when purchasing it.