Best Airsoft Guns That Will Give You The Edge In The Field

  • Updated February 14th, 2023

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Perhaps the most exciting military simulation sport out there, airsoft is beginning to take the world by storm. With upgrades in technology, today’s airsoft guns continue to look more and more like their real-steel counterparts. Playing airsoft, however, can become expensive if you don’t know how to evaluate quality vs. cost. With so many guns available on the market today, it’s hard to choose the right one. That’s why we’ve taken the initiative and created a list of the top ten guns we feel are the best available on the market today. Our desire is that this list will help you narrow down your search and get you on your way to an incredible experience in the game of airsoft.

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles
Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Soft Air Kalashnikov Tactical AK-47

  • Player Level: Beginner-Intermediate
  • Weight: 8.5 lbs.
  • Length: 29 in.

Fashioned after the Russian-made AK-47 assault rifle, the electric-powered Kalashnikov is a prime choice for beginners and experienced shooters alike. Built to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the AK-47, the Soft Air Kalashnikov has the same weight and dimensions of its real-steel counterpart. Furthermore, its features give it the same customizability.

Attached to the stock Soft Air Kalashnikov are Picatinny rails that allow the shooter to add on any accessory he or she may want. Also, being this adaptive allows the user to switch out set-ups for different styles of play. You can quickly go from a close-combat set up to a long-range shooting setup with ease.

Unlike other airsoft guns where the magazine is designed only to look the part, the Soft Air Kalashnikov comes with two 600-round magazines. However, you may want to purchase additional magazines, considering the rate of speed on this AEG is 600 rounds per minute as upwards of 400 feet per second. Add that with the rechargeable 8.4-volt battery, and you’ve got a weapon made to play with the big boys.

Not only does the Kalashnikov look vicious, but it can withstand any torture the shooter might throw at it. During a review, this AEG was dropped on rocks and banged against trees, all while retaining excellent working condition with minimal scratching. Furthermore, though the gun weighs in at 8.5 pounds, the ergonomic design and sturdy foregrip make this gun comfortable to shoot for hours at a time.

Looks and style, though, will only take a weapon so far; even more important is the accuracy of the AEG Kalashnikov. Even at 25 yards, with .20g bb’s, you’ll be able to destroy the enemy. In fact, adjusting the hop-up can allow you to get a range of 90 yards, though the bb won’t be going too fast. All in all, the Kalashnikov is an excellently built gun at a very affordable cost.

Lancer Tactical LT-12

  • Player Level: Beginner
  • Weight: 7.4lbs.
  • Length: 32.75 in.

If you’re in the market for an excellent beginner gun that’s easy to use yet easy on the pocket, the Lancer Tactical LT-12 is the perfect gun for you. Though it’s not metal, the polymer body gives the gun a sturdy and firm feel. Weighing in at 7.4 pounds, you won’t have a problem carrying this fun gun through the battlefield without getting tired.

The LT-12 features a free-float Keymod Rail System for mounting any accessory you may need. Add that in with the Flip Up Sight system, and you have a gun that can fit any fighting scenario. Furthermore, the 300-round magazine feeds the bbs in so fast your enemies won’t believe it’s just a starter gun.

Perhaps the feature that made us put the LT-12 on our list is the high rate of speed it shoots the bbs. Shooting 0.2g rounds, you can expect to get upward of 430 feet per second. This velocity will allow you to shoot consistently at 50 yards and hit the target every time. Accuracy like this makes it ideal for all close-quarter combat and assault roles.

Another excellent feature is the ability to switch between semi-auto and full auto. In semi auto, the 8.4-volt battery will shoot the rounds out as fast as you can pull the trigger. In full auto, you’ll be mowing your opponents down. Additionally, the battery is rechargeable and can last for an entire of fighting. In fact, we played in the field from 9 in the morning to past 5 in the evening on a single charge.

Did we mention, though, that all of this comes with one of the most affordable guns on out list. No matter what your budget, or experience level, is the LT-12 is an excellent choice to add to your arsenal.

Soft Air Colt M4

  • Player Level: Beginner
  • Weight: 6 lbs.
  • Length: 30.2 in.

Designed to mimic the exact gun used by the majority of America’s armed forces, the officially licensed Colt M4 by Soft Air is a superb shooting machine. The black and desert tan two-toned M4 features a polymer-built frame with the interior pieces being durable metal.

What made us want to put the Soft Air Colt M4 on our list is its affordability. This AEG is so durable it can stand against more expensive guns and never miss a beat. With the excellent quality of the materials used in construction, you’ll never be able to tell the difference between this and its metal counterparts.

Out of the box, the Colt M4 comes with four Picatinny rails that make it perfect for customization. Not to mention the stock is fully adjustable, allowing the shooter to form the gun to fit their needs and style of shooting. Add that with the accurate stock iron sights, and you’ve got a gun that requires no modification before taking it into the field.

The 8.4-volt rechargeable battery the comes in the box allows for hours of shooting without the need to recharge. The metal gears inside enable the gun to shoot at an incredible 400 feet per second with 0.2g bbs. Add in the high capacity magazine, and you’ve got the perfect combination for any beginner looking to get into the sport.

The Soft Air Colt M4 is average weight, weighing in at approximately 6 pounds. However, the design of the gun is such that it won’t become burdensome after extended play in the field. In fact, this may be one of the most comfortable guns to shoot on our list.


ASG Tac-6

  • Player Level: Beginner
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs.
  • Length: 36 in.

The ASG Tac-6 is perhaps the most exciting gun to shoot on our list. Instead of relying on a battery pack, the Tac-6 is CO2 powered. This feature means it fires the bbs at a higher rate of speed over a greater distance. This feature, alone, makes it excellent for playing the role of a sniper in a military simulation game.

Being CO2 powered means that there are very few internal moving pieces. A feature like this makes the Tac-6 one of the most dependable guns on out list. And since there is not battery to recharge, you never have to worry about losing time in the field. Just click in a new cO2 cartridge, and you’re ready for battle.

The rifle does have some room for added accessories on the two Picatinny rails; one on top and one on the bottom. However, the Tac-6 comes with a fully adjustable bipod that allows the shooter more control in a sniper situation. Want to be able to pick the gun up and move quickly? The bipod will easily fold up, allowing you to interact in a close-combat scenario with ease.

What we found to be a great addition to the Tac-6 is the fact that it came with a built in laser-siting system. Though the top sights are of excellent quality, the laser site will have you hitting targets upwards of 60 yards or more with ease. Also, since it has the laser site included, this opens up space on your Picatinny rail for other attachments, such as flashlights or a fore grip.

Without a doubt, the Tac-6 is the most “bang for your buck” purchase on our list. Coming in as one of the cheapest guns available, the build and features of the Tac-6 will give the shooter the same excitement or more expensive guns at just a fraction of the price. This gun is perfect for anybody looking to get into airsoft without spending a fortune.

G&G CM16 R8-l

  • Player Level: Intermediate-Advanced
  • Weight: 10 lbs.
  • Length: 32.5 in.

For an experienced player looking to up their game and add an excellent gun to their arsenal, the G&G CM16 R8-L is the perfect gun. Right out of the box, the R8-L will have you shooting like a champion. The fiber-reinforced polymer body helps make this gun durable, regardless of the beating it may take in battle.

Two features of the R8-L caused us to put it on our list; the first being that it includes a red dot scope. With the ability to shoot a 0.2g bb at 400 feet per second, the red dot scope allows you to accurately aim and fire. Though it has top sights included as well, the red dot lets you know exactly where your bb is going to land.

The second feature bringing the R8-L to our list is the 9.6-volt NiMH rechargeable battery and the included smart charger. The 9.6-volt battery ensures the gun will have enough power to send bbs firing down range consistently without losing speed or power. Additionally, the smart charger ensures that you can’t over charge the battery, allowing it to last longer without damage.

To ensure the shooter can enjoy the weapon without excessive amounts of reloads, the R8-L has a 360 round magazine. In Semi-auto mode, the gun will shoot the bbs as fast as you can pull the trigger. What we found to make this gun even more of a deal is the ability of the gun to load the rounds consistently without a misfire, even in full-auto mode.

Unlike other guns in the same price range, the R8-L can stand up to anything you can throw at it. Through countless hours in the field, including trips, drops, and bangs, the R8-L still consistently fired without losing power or accuracy. A feature like this makes it perfect for any shooting scenario.

Using this AEG is simple, even with the complex mechanics inside. Follow the instructions, and you are sure to have countless hours of fun.


Lancer Tactical LT-25b Interceptor

  • Player Level: Beginner-Advanced
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs.
  • Length: 32.6 in.

For a fully customizable airsoft gun that you can take into any battle scenario, the Lancer Tactical LT-25b Interceptor would be a perfect choice. The high-grade polymer body gives the gun a solid, sturdy feel while shooting, giving you the peace of mind you need when in the middle of combat. In fact, the gun is made to mimic a slight recoil action, so it feels more like shooting the real thing.

The 8.4-volt nunchuck battery throws the metal gears inside all the power they need to fire a 0.2g bb at 400 feet per second or more. Add that velocity with the standard 300 round high-capacity magazine included with the Interceptor and you’ve got a gun that will allow you to perform like never before.

What made us want to add this gun to our list, however, and distinguish it from other AR15 replicas is the accuracy you get with the Interceptor. With the long barrel, you can shoot a 3-inch size grouping at 100 feet with just the iron sights. Add on a scope sighted in correctly and you can easily his 150plus feet with no problem.

Want to customize the gun to fit your needs and shooting style? The Interceptor is perfect for that. With four Picatinny rails around the barrel, you have all the room you need to add your accessories. Also, the heavy duty stock is adjustable, allowing you to form it to your body and shooting stance instead of you having to adjust to fit the gun.

You won’t have to worry about getting fatigued while in the field with the Interceptor. Coming in at 7.5 pounds, you can carry this gun for hours at a time and never feel it, especially with the added sling that helps distribute the weight of the weapon. When you add everything together with excellent construction, you’ve got the perfect gun for anybody wanting to get into airsoft.


FN Herstal P90

  • Player Level: Beginner-Advanced
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs.
  • Length: 24.4 in.

The FN Herstal P90 airsoft gun is a perfect replica of the real-steel P90, in both looks and feel. Weighing in at 7.5 pounds with a composite body and metal upper receiver, you’ll have a hard time distinguishing between the real and airsoft. Add to that an incredible rate of speed, and you’ve got the perfect gun for close-quarter combat.

The P90 comes with a 9.6-volt NiMH battery. This battery allows the gun to have the power needed to send rounds across the battlefield at an impressive 400 feet per second, even with a .25 g bb. Furthermore, it does so accurately and consistently. We were able to get a 3-inch grouping at 20 yards; for an AEG airsoft gun, that’s impressive. If you have the perfect conditions, and a scope sighted in correctly, you will be able to hit your target at a whopping 150 feet away.

Ease of maintenance, however, is the feature that put this gun on our list. Often you see the word maintenance included in a review and you immediately think it’s a bad purchase. That’s not so with this gun. Inevitably, any gun is going to need maintenance, if not to be cleaned thoroughly. The P90 is by far one of the easiest guns to break down. Even in the field you can break it down and have any problem resolved in a matter of seconds.

The P90 isn’t a gun for the faint of heart. The designer made this gun for close-quarter combat. It’s sleek design, and low profile allows this gun to be kept tight into the shooter. IT gives the shooter the maneuverability required to be successful in tight spaces. All in all, whether you’re a beginner or expert, adding the P90 to your arsenal is a smart move.


G&G CM18 Mod1

  • Player Level: Beginner-Advanced
  • Weight: 5.6 lbs.
  • Length: 32.5 in.

For a gun you can trust to fire, not matter the circumstance, you want the G&G CM18 Mod1. It’s fiber-reinforced polymer body, and metal gearbox gives it the durability to fire in any scenario. It’s lightweight construction also ensures the shooter won’t fatigue after extended hours of play.

The Mod! AEG comes with a stock 120-round magazine and uses a crane-style battery. This configuration gives you the power necessary to send rounds down range at upwards of 360 feet per second. Add in the total length of 32 inches, and you’ve got an exceptionally accurate weapon.

This gun is fun to shoot as well, having both semi-auto and full-auto modes so that the shooter can quickly switch between the two. Not to mention, the gun looks and feels like the real deal. The two-color scheme of black and brown will only enhance the military simulation aspect of your game.

Furthermore, the Mod1 has the customizability of an AR15. In fact, many of the same accessories can be used for the airsoft version Mod1 as can be used with an AR15. This feature gives you countless options of being able to update and accessorize your weapon. However, the iron sites work just fine, allowing you to be accurate to 30 yards or more.

Perhaps the greatest asset of the Mod1, however, it how user-friendly it is. Young and old alike, regardless of skill level, can enjoy hundreds of hours of fun on and off the range with the Mod1.


JG M4 RIS System w/Scope

  • Player Level: Beginner-Advanced
  • Weight: 10 lbs.
  • Length: 32.5 in

If you’re looking to shoot long range shots and play the role of sniper, the JG M4 with a rifle scope is perfect for you. Unlike other AEGs in our list, the JG M4 boasts a full metal construction. Though this makes it a little heavier to carry, weighing in at 10 pounds, it allows the shooter the piece of mind knowing the gun will withstand any abuse you can give it.

What made us want to put the JG M4 on our list is its ability to be accurate at long distances. With a 14 inch barrel and the 8.4-volt battery pushing rounds through at an astounding 500 feet per second, you can put rounds on target at 100 yards with ease with the included rifle scope sighted in correctly.

Additionally, the rate of speed the JG M4 can shoot is astonishing. With the adjustable hop-up system, the metal gears can load a new round as fast as you can shoot without a misfire. With the 300 round high-capacity magazine you’ll be able to engage the enemy for longer periods of time between reloads.

Unlike of AEGs in this price range, the JG M4 does include both semi-auto and full-auto firing modes. Also unlike most airsoft guns, the safety on the JG M4 is fully functional, ensuring you never have to worry about your gun going off in the safe zone.

Overall, the JG M4 can withstand anything you throw at it. Making it durable and versatile, the JG M4 is perfect for any level of shooter.


G&G M4 Raider

  • Player Level: Beginner
  • Weight: 8.8 lbs.
  • Length: 33 in.

The G&G M4 Raider is perhaps the most versatile gun on our list. It’s heavy duty polymer construction, and G&G Zinc Metal gearbox make this gun perfect for any scenario. On top of that, the stock is a six position retractable crane stock, allowing the shooter to change shooting position and style effortlessly.

The magazine included with the M4 Raider is a high-capacity, 450 round magazine. The high torque motor inside allows the M4 to shoot an impressive 15 rounds per second at 400 feet per second. In the hands of a skilled shooter, the M4 will help lead your team to a decisive victory, no matter what style of play you face.

The M4Raider can also work for sniper shooting, as well as close-combat scenarios. The 14-inch barrel on the M4 allows the gun to be extremely accurate at 50 yards. Add in a scope sighted in further, and the perfect conditions, you can reach 75-80 yards easily.

Like most military replicas, the M4 does have four Picatinny rails that are perfect for customization. Though the iron sights work flawlessly, the gun can easily be set up with a red dot scope, allowing for more accuracy and precision in your shooting. Also, the full metal sling hooks ensure the gun won’t fall from the sling in the middle of the action.

Being one of the more affordable guns on our list, we were amazed at how well constructed and easy to use the M4 Raider was. It’s a great buy for any skill level but works perfectly for a beginner looking to get into the sport for as little cost as possible. By far, this gun is one of the best on the list.



Airsoft is a fun sport but can get pricey, especially if you don’t know what you are wanting. It’s always best to do as much research as possible before spending your money on a gun you may not enjoy. Each gun is different, and each shooter has specific needs and wants for a weapon. If you have a local range, stop by and rent a couple of guns and use them in a match. Better yet, get some of your teammates to let you give their guns a shot. Doing this will make sure you get exactly what you want.