Best Airsoft Pistols To Have In The Field At All Times

  • Updated February 14th, 2023

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With the advancements in technology today, airsoft pistols are usually the first gun purchased by someone looking to get into the sport. As if often the case, you get what you pay for especially when looking for the best airsoft pistols. You can go to a big box retailer and spend a few dollars on a cheaply made plastic airsoft gun, and it works just fine for a game or two. Then, you’ll just be spending more money replacing it than you would by taking your time to research and find the best gun available.

In the world of airsoft guns, more money, however, doesn’t necessarily mean higher quality. When looking at the quality of the gun, you want to look at design, materials, and what type of gas it uses.

Best Airsoft Pistols
Best Airsoft Pistols

We’ve taken the liberty of putting together a list of the top ten airsoft pistols available on the market today. You’ll see that the price range on our list differs but on thing remains constant; every gun on our list is durable and of excellent quality.

Umarex Walther P99

  • Player Level: Beginner
  • Weight: 1.6 lbs.
  • Length: 10.9 in.

For a well-made airsoft sidearm that is easy on the wallet, the Umarex Walther P99 would be an outstanding option. Built to resemble the Walther P99, which is one of the most highly efficient handguns used by police and civilians all over the world, the Umarex P99 is just as reliable. You won’t have to fear using this as your backup weapon.

The durability is what caused us to place the Umarex P99 on our list. Unlike most airsoft guns, the slide on the Umarex P99 is metal. This gun has been dropped from a tree and still fired with no problems. Weighing in at 1.6 pounds makes it light to carry on your hip as well.

Perfect for those just getting into airsoft, the Umarex P99 is accurate up to 15 feet without any problems. Also, another excellent feature is that the CO2 cartridge is not stored in the magazine like most airsoft pistols. Instead, the cO2 cartridge fits securely in the gun’s grip. This feature makes it easy to change out the CO2 without having to waste when you unload the magazine.

Also, the Umarex P99 is not a gas hog like most airsoft pistols. Easily, you will be able to shoot through 10 magazines or more before having to reload the cartridge. Also, even though it uses a negligable amount gas, the bbs are fired at a rate of 380 feet per second.

With most airsoft pistols the shooter must manually cock the slide back to fire each time. With the Umarex, P99, the marksman locks the slide back for the first shot and then it’s semi-auto from there. You can fire the entire magazine without having to recock the gun.

For anyone who has seen the Walther P99, you would know that this resembles it’s real-steel counterpart perfectly. In fact, Umarex has done such a great job making their P99 look and feel like the real gun that you can use any holster or accessory designed for the authentic gun with this replica, and it will fit perfectly.

Umarex Elite Force 1911

  • Player Level: Beginner
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs.
  • Length: 11 in.

The Umarex Elite Force 1911 could be the closest thing to the real deal that we have ever seen. Between its full metal construction and the blowback when fired, you’ll have a hard time distinguishing between the two. In fact, unlike most every other airsoft pistol, even the magazines on this 1911 are made from metal.

The accuracy of the 1911 is astonishing, as well. When shooting .25g bbs, you can hit your target every time at 20-25 feet. Also, the bbs are going approximately 350 fps when they leave the barrel.

Included on the 1911 is an adjustable hop-up system. By simply tightening or loosening the hop-up, the shooter it able to adjust the spin on the bb, thus affecting accuracy and velocity. Furthermore, unlike most airsoft pistols, the 1911 has a threaded tip that allows you to add any mock silencer you want to enhance your weapon’s appearance.

However, what caused us to want this gun on our list was the fact that the pistol’s design accommodates both left-handed and right-handed shooters. Though any gun fits in your left hand, very few include an ambidextrous safety system that can be used by lefties. This feature means that anyone can safely use this airsoft gun without having to take additional steps to apply the safety.

All in all, the Umarex 1911 is an excellent gun, no matter what your skill level is. For a side arm, you can trust to fire every time you pull the trigger, and not have to worry if it falls or gets banged on, this 1911 is for you.

Soft Air Colt 1911

  • Player Level: Intermediate
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • Length: 8.5 in.

The Colt 1911 is one of the most iconic handguns of all times. Used by the armed forces (especially the Marine Corps) for many years, the Colt 1911 was known for its accuracy and dependability. That’s why it’s the best pistol for use in the airsoft arena.

For the 100th anniversary of the Colt 1911, Soft Air developed a replica, commemorating no only the style of the weapon but the characteristics as well. Its full metal construction, alone, is enough to make this airsoft pistol idea for any shooting scenario. Add in the internal features, and you’ve got an amazing gun.

The Colt 1911 is semi-automatic and has the blowback feature, meaning that once you cock the slide back the first time, the gun uses power from the CO2 to throw the slide back again. Even though it’s using the additional gas to throw the slide back, you are still able to get 4 to 5 full magazines through the gun before needing to change out the CO2 Cartridge.

The weight distribution of the Colt 1911 is superb to other airsoft pistols. Weighing in at exactly 2 pounds, this gun has a full metal construction that makes it fell like its real-steel counterpart. Additionally, the short trigger pull means you can know the pistol will fire exactly when you want it too.

Accuracy is never a concern, either, with the Colt 1911. When shooting a .20g bb, you can expect to be accurate up to 20 meters away. This gun is perfect for use as a backup or secondary weapon while in close-combat games.

Though shooters at any level can operate the Colt 1911, the short trigger pull makes it ideal for an intermediate level shooter. However, don’t be afraid to buy this gun if you’re just starting out; you won’t be disappointed.

M93R Tactical PTP

  • Player Level: Intermediate-Advanced
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs.
  • Length: 12 in.

Beyond any doubt, the M93R Tactical PTP Airsoft pistol is not your ordinary airsoft gun. In fact, while it is perfect for any style of airsoft play, the M93R was specifically designed to be used as a training weapon for tactical teams. From its construction down to the type of gas it uses, every part of the M93R’s design has training in mind.

The M93R doesn’t use your typical CO2. Instead, it uses a KWA NS2 gas system that not only adds power to the shot but delivers a powerful blowback ability for the slide, adding a more realistic experience for the shooter. Also, the gun can be completely field dressed, allowing for training in the repair of the M93.

Perhaps the feature that caused us to put the M93R on our list, and what makes it the most fun to shoot, is the different firing styles available. Instead of only having a semi-auto function, the M93R shooter can switch between semi-auto, full-auto, and a 3 round burst. A feature like this makes it perfect for any fighting scenario

Weighing in at 7.5 pounds, the M93R is one of the heaviest pistols around. However, with its metal body and polymer outer barrel, the weight distribution makes it very comfortable to shoot. Additionally, to add a more realistic look and feel when compared to its real-steel counterpart, this M93R has the addition of a folding vertical support, high-capacity magazine, and longer barrel for increased accuracy.

This gun is, by far, not your average airsoft pistol. While the ease of shooting is perfect for any shooter, the added features on the m93R make it a perfect gun for an intermediate to advanced shooter. However, if you’re looking for a pistol that will last for several years, the M93R is the perfect weapon for you.

ASG Dan Wesson Airsoft Revolver

  • Player Level: Beginner
  • Weight: 2.3 lbs.
  • Length: 14.9 in.

If you are looking for the most realistic airsoft experience, and gun, available, the ASG Wesson Revolver is perfect for you. Licensed by Dan Wesson, this ASG Revolver, as the looks and feel of a real revolver, even down to only being able to fire six shots at a time.

Powered by a CO2 cartridge located in the grip, the revolver uses six cartridges that will hold a single bb. The cartridge loads each bb into the cylinder of the gun. It even features a double-action trigger system, meaning you don’t need to pull the hammer back with each shot. However, for added realism, it can be used as a single action as well.

The construction of the revolver is what allowed us to put it on our list. Except for the ABS plastic grip, the entire gun is metal. Also, the gun features an adjustable rear sight, exactly like that found on an actual revolver.

With its massive 8 inch barrel, the ASG Revolver is one of the most accurate guns on our list. Also, with the adjustable hop-up feature, you can fire more than 425 feet per second! Almost unheard of in an airsoft pistol. More velocity means the gun is accurate as a longer length, making it perfect for close combat and field scenarios.

The gun is relatively easy to use, able to be shot with a pull of the trigger. If you want a lighter trigger pull, you can pull the hammer back first and then fire. The CO2 cartridge is easy to access in the grip of the gun and will typically last through a hundred rounds.

Your shooting and play style will determine how well you like shooting from a revolver. With only six rounds, it does mean having to reload more often. However, by having extra cartridges already loaded before hand, reloading in the field is a breeze. Marksmen at any level will be able to master the ASG revolver in no time.

KJW 603M9

  • Player Level: Beginner
  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Length: 13 in.

This full metal version of the M9 is perfect for any beginner looking to add a backup weapon to their arsenal. It’s entire construction it built to ensure durability and versatility while remaining exceptionally accurate. Not to mention it looks mean when walking onto the field of play.

We added this gun to our list of top airsoft pistols because of the ability to switch the gas you use. It comes with the needed equipment to run off of green gas. However, by simply purchasing an additional magazine designed for CO2, you can choose between the two, depending on your style of play and how loud you want it to be. Using green gas gives the gun a more realistic feel not only because it makes the gun loud, but it kicks the slide back with enough force that the recoil feels like you’ve shot a real gun. That makes it perfect for practicing you shooting cheaply at home.

Also, when using the green gas, there is more power behind the shot. The 603m9 can shoot upwards of 400 feet per second. The velocity allows you superb accuracy at even 20 meters with a .20g bb.

Another bonus, and another reason it made our list is its ease of use. Anybody can pick this gun up and become an airsoft champion. The ease of which you can reload gas and perform maintenance if needed makes it a great buy for any level of player. It’s a gun that is built well and will last for many years of play without falling apart on you.

WE Hi-Capa 5.1k1

  • Player Level: Beginner
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs.
  • Length:

The WE Hi-Capa 5.1k1 is perhaps the meanest looking gun on our list. It looks and acts like a real gun, giving you an advantage over your enemy by sheer appearances alone. Not to mention it has a full metal construction, making it durable and versatile.

Why we like the WE so much is because of its high capacity magazine. Unlike other airsoft guns that give you 15 rounds max, the WE Hi-Capa has a magazine size of 30 rounds. This feature means the shooter will have more fun while spending less time reloading.

The WE is strictly a green gas or propane powered gun. While this adds a little more expense to shooting, it gives it a more realistic feel with the added power it throws on the slide. But don’t let the extra power make you shy away from this gun. The design is such that shooting it is easy and comfortable, even for longer periods of times.

An additional feature on the WE is the adjustable hop-up system. A system like this allows you to adjust for shooting over longer distances. With the green gas, you can expect to get a shot velocity of around 330 feet per second. Of course, this is all dependent on the size of bb you use. Also, even though it uses the more expensive green gas, you will find it uses minimal gas in firing.

For the affordability of the WE, you won’t get another gun the gives you the shooting capacity in such a well-designed weapon. It is the perfect weapon for anybody looking to get into airsoft or anyone looking to add a second weapon to their arsenal.


  • Player Level: Beginner-Advanced
  • Weight: 8 lbs.
  • Length: 8.5 in.

The HFC M9 is one of the most popular airsoft pistols in the modern days of airsoft play. Featuring a full metal construction and select fire system, this M9 is ideal for anybody looking to add a reliable and accurate sidearm to their gear.

The select fire option allows the shooter to choose between semi-auto and full auto shooting. This toggle is perfect in that you can comfortably make a choice between the two depending on your style of play. Additionally, the high-capacity magazine gives you 25 rounds to play with before reloading, making shooting in full auto that much more fun.

Allowing the HFC M9 to make it on our list was the rail along the top of the barrel. This rail allows the shooter to attach any accessories you may want, such as a light, optics, etc. The accessories are easily removable, enabling you to adjust your setup while in the field to accommodate for whatever scenario you find yourself.

The accuracy of this gun is by far one of the best we have seen. Powered by green gas, with an adjustable hop-up system, the HFC M9 can hit the target from as far away as 100 feet with the round still traveling at around 300 feet per second. This range is even better than some airsoft rifles we have tested.

The gas blowback is an added feature that is becoming more popular in airsoft guns. However, with the green gas system on board the HFC M9, the blowback is much more realistic in sound. Your enemies will tremble just by hearing the HFC M9 fire off.

Like more airsoft pistols, the HFC M9 is easy to use and maintain. This lack of maintenance makes it perfect, regardless of how long you’ve been in the sport. Take your time to familiarize yourself with changing and reloading the gas so that you don’t have any trouble in the field.

Crosman GF600 357 Revolver

  • Player Level: Beginner
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs.
  • Length: 10.5 in.

Built to resemble a 357 revolver, the Crosman GF600 is a perfect replica of its real steel counterpart. Weighing in at around 2 pounds, the full metal construction of the GF600 gives the shooter the piece of mind that the gun is sturdy and reliable, especially when you consider its price range. You won’t find another gun built like the GF600 in this price range.

As with any revolver, there is a limit to the amount of rounds you can fire. With the GF600, you can shoot eight rounds at a time. The cylinder, however, does swing out like an actual revolver, allowing you to reload fast in the field with a little practice.

The GF600 has a CO2 cartridge located in the grip of the pistol. We found it to be incredibly easy to replace the CO2, especially while under excessive fire. Simply pop open the end of the grip, pull the old out and slide in the new.

The gun is also designed to be comfortable to shoot. While the entire gun is metal, the grip does have a textured polymer material over it, much like the grip on a real gun. We were able to shoot the GF600 for hours without any discomfort at all.

Surprisingly, for a smaller gun, the GF600 carries a big punch. With a .20g bb, you can expect to get a shooting velocity of around 400 feet per second. Add a heavier bb, such as the .25g, and you may lower the speed but increase the accuracy and the amount of punch on the end.

Additionally, similar to the genuine revolver, the shooter can select between double and single action trigger. Furthermore, you can shoot directly by pulling the trigger, resulting in a long trigger pull, or pull the hammer back first for a short trigger pull.

Overall, we feel this gun is perfect for any style of play, as well as any shooter level. For beginners and advanced shooters alike the GF600 is the perfect addition to any arsenal.

Airsoft Black Ops GBB 1911

  • Player Level: Beginner
  • Weight: 1.9 lbs.
  • Length:

If you’re looking to experience the fun of shooting a .45 caliber 1911 without actually buying one, the Airsoft Black Ops 1911 is the perfect choice. From the metal slide to the functional hammer, the GBB 1911 has all of the features of the iconic 1911 in an airsoft pistol.

With the adjustable hop-up feature, you can undoubtedly hit your target at 100 feet consistently. With .12g bbs, you’ll be firing at around 430 feet per second. Add that to the authentic experience of the gas blowback, and you’ve got a gun you can enjoy for many years.

The full metal magazine holds 18 rounds, along with the CO2 cartridge. While the blowback feature is powerful, the gas consumption on this 1911 is reasonable, getting 4 to 5 magazine loads through one CO2 cartridge. The equals more time shooting and less time reloading; perfect for any airsoft war.

For the added features and realistic design, this GBB 1911 is by far the most bang for your buck. At a beginner price range, this gun is excellent for any level of shooter. For a reliable gun you can trust not to have problems in the field, the Airsoft 1911 is perfect. We dropped it from a tree and was still able to fire with no problems at all. (No, don’t purposefully drop it from a tree.)

We did find that the magazines are hard to find. However, they are constructed of a single piece of metal, so you should have no issues at all. Just be sure you don’t drop the magazine from the gun and lose it.



Airsoft pistols are a dime a dozen. However, finding the one that fits your style and budget can sometimes be difficult. That’s why it’s always good to research and find the best gun that works for you. After all, you’re the one that will be shooting it. The worse feeling is buying a gun without researching it and finding out it doesn’t work for you. Don’t waste your time or money.

With the advancements in technology today, airsoft pistols are usually the first gun purchased by someone looking to get into the sport. As if often the case, you get what you pay for especially when looking for the best airsoft pistols. You can go to a big box retailer and spend a few dollars on a cheaply made plastic airsoft gun, and it works just fine for a game or two. Then, you’ll just be spending more money replacing it than you would by taking your time to research and find the best gun available.

In the world of airsoft guns, more money, however, doesn’t necessarily mean higher quality. When looking at the quality of the gun, you want to look at design, materials, and what type of gas it uses.

We’ve taken the liberty of putting together a list of the top ten airsoft pistols available on the market today. You’ll see that the price range on our list differs but on thing remains constant; every gun on our list is durable and of excellent quality.