Best Paintball Masks: Cool Looking & Feature Rich

  • Updated February 14th, 2023

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Before stepping onto any playing field, you’re going to be required to have at least a basic face protection. However, simply going down to a big box retailer and buying the first masks you come to isn’t the best idea. For one, you have to consider that you will be spending hours wearing this mask. And, considering that most paintball games are played during the summer when the temperature is at its hottest, you want to be sure it’s comfortable and fits you perfectly.

When looking for a mask, there are certain qualities it needs to have before you purchase it. These features include anti-fog technology, adjustable straps, and ample room for you to breath. You also it needs to withstand the impact from a paintball.

Best Paintball Masks
Best Paintball Masks

We’ve taken the liberty of putting together a list of the top ten paintball masks available on the market today. If you choose one of these ten paintball masks, you can rest assured you will be safe and comfortable while playing this fantastic sport.

Virtue VIO Extend

  • Field of View: Large
  • Removable Lens: Yes
  • UV Protection: Yes

When it comes to paintball masks, looks aren’t everything. With that said, the Virtue VIO Extend mask looks mean. You step out onto the field wearing this and people will know you mean business. Looks, though, aren’t the only thing that made the Virtue Extend show up on our list.

The Extend has everything you could ever need in a paintball mask. Not only are the lens shatter proof with anti-fog coatings but they block out harmful rays from the sun as well. Add in one of the largest fields of view possible in a mask and the arena will look like it never had before. Did we mention that the lens is removal? Not only does this make cleaning them a breeze but it allows you to have an assortment of colors available.

Cleaning the Extend is effortless. The form inserts around the eyes, ears, and mouth are removable, allowing you to clean them like new or replace should they wear out. A simple clip removes the strap, allowing you to wash away the dirt and sweat from the day.

Keep in mind, you’ll be wearing your mask nearly all day so being able to breathe through it is an important feature. With the Extend, you won’t even be able to tell you’ve got a mask on, as far as your breathing is concerned. The facemask portion sits further off the wearer’s face, allowing for more airflow through the vents.

Additionally, theExtend isn’t a normal one size fits all type of mask. Instead, every aspect of the Extend face cover is customizable to the wearer. With ease, you can adjust straps, lens, goggles, and even padding to make it a more comfortable fit. Though you may pay a little more than normal, you’ll be getting a mask that will last a lifetime.

Dye i5

  • Field of View: 290°
  • Removable Lens: Yes
  • UV Protection: Yes

The DYE i5 is perhaps one of the best masks available today. Yes, there is a hefty price tag, but considering everything you get, and the fact that you won’t ever have to buy a mask again, it’s well worth the price.

The comfort level of wearing the i5 is impeccable. It features a new soft-touch multi-layer foam system that makes your face feel like it’s riding a cloud. When you add that feature with the GSR Pro’s strap, you have the most comfortable and secure fits possible.

The GSR Pro strap is a revolutionary innovation. By simply tightening the precision ratchet system on the strap, you can secure it to your head, ensuring it won’t fall out mid-play. In fact, when tightened correctly, you can play for hours upon hours and never have to worry about the mask slipping even the tiniest bit.

Unlike other goggles that allow you to see only that which is in front of you, the i5 provides both horizontal and vertical peripheral vision. In fact, it also has one of the largest fields of views available, coming in at 290 degrees. When you factor that amount of vision in with the clarity and fog-proof lens, you’ve got an unmatched view of the field.

Furthermore, the i5 is an excellent upgrade from previous models in that the foam naturally snaps into place. Before, if you needed to switch the foam, you had to cut and scrape old glue and pieces out before putting in the new one. Now, cleaning and replacing the foam is a breeze by unsnapping and snapping it back in.

In the end, what matters is how the mask feels on you. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced player, the i5 is one you can trust to keep you safe and be comfortable to wear for years to come.

Virtue VIO Contour

  • Field of View: Full
  • Removable Lens: Yes
  • UV Protection: Yes

For a mask that protects you while not obstructing your field of view, the Virtue VIO Contour is a perfect choice. While it is on the higher end of the pricing spectrum, the contour is an excellent mask for any style of play, as well as any level of shooter.

When we tested the Contour, we noticed that its anti-fog technology was superior to any others we had tested. We ran through different simulations, ensuring out rate of breathing was increased and still had no issues with the goggles fogging. In fact, the lens on the Contour is perhaps the clearest available. Even on the colored glass, you can see as if you had nothing covering your eyes.

The ease of switching out the lenses surpasses that of other goggles, as well. With just a click of a button on each side, the lens pops out. This feature makes cleaning and replacing a breeze. This easy maintenance is a bonus, as well, considering the Contour as so many different colored lenses available. You can have a different lens for each battle if you so choose.

Another downside to most masks is the fact that you aren’t able to hear other players very well and they can’t understand you. With the VIO Contour, this was never an issue for us. Because of the incredible ventilation, there were no problems hearing or being heard by others, even during the middle of an intense round

There’s no doubt why Virtue is becoming a leader amongst mask manufacturers. The Contour is perfect for any player, regardless of their head size and will protect you for many years to come. The ease to which you can clean this masks means you won’t be replacing it anytime soon; this makes up for the higher price tag.

Dye Precision i4

  • Field of View: 290°
  • Removable Lens: Yes
  • UV Protection: Yes

Perhaps one of the lightest and most comfortable mask we have tested is the Dye Precision i4. The technology used to create this fantastic paintball mask not only keeps your eyes and face safe, even from direct hits but is comfortable enough for you to wear all day with no problems.

The comfort level of the i4 is why we wanted to ensure it was on our list. While most masks just place a piece of foam against your face, the i4 takes it several steps forward. Dye’s proprietary dual stage foam technology forms to fit the face of the wearer. Instead of just resting against your face, the i4 hugs your face, becoming form-fitted.

Additionally, the foam has a moisture-wicking ability to help remove the sweat from you face. A feature like this allows you to wear it all day and not get the friction that would normally occur from the mask. Also, the vent system allows for airflow under the mask, keeping you cooler as you race around the field.

Another fantastic feature on the i4 is how it amplifies your voice. Most masks will drown out your voice, making it hard to communicate. Instead, the i4 has scream venting technology that projects your voice. The vents angle in such a way that sends the sound waves shooting out from the mask.

A problem with most face protection, even expensive ones, tends to be the strap system holding the mask to your head. To battle that, Dye created the Tiger Teeth strap retention system. With this enhanced ability to keep the strap tight, the teeth on the buckle hold the rubber strap in place all day, even through the roughest of playing.

If you’re going to spend the money to get a decent mask, the i4 contour should be on your list to check out. You won’t have to worry about it slipping during battle and won’t have to fear, should you take a hit directly to the mask.

Empire E-Flex

  • Field of View: 260°
  • Removable Lens: Yes
  • UV Protection: No

For a mask that is just as intimidating as it is useful the Empire E-Flex is it. The new skull design gives your enemy the awe factor when they first set eyes on you. Don’t worry, though; the mask is even tougher than it looks.

The Spectra foam inserts make the E-Flex an extremely comfortable mask, as well as makes it hypo-allergenic. With its slim-line design, the paintball mask doesn’t stick out away from the wearer’s face, making it easier to maneuver in tight places. Additionally, the face skirt is incredibly soft, adding an extra comfortability factor to the mask.

What we especially liked about the E-Flex was its ability to fit around prescription eye glasses. When a player must take off their eyeglasses to put on their mask, they lose their vision. And when prescription goggles are so very expensive, they are out of the question. That makes the E-Flex that much more valuable as players with glasses can purchase it knowing they will be able to wear them.

Another shortfall players almost expect in a mask is to hear an echo of themselves when talking to other players. With the E-Flex, you won’t get that. In fact, had no sound issues whatsoever during testing. You can yell and scream all day long and never have to worry about hearing echoes of yourself. Furthermore, other players will be able to hear you better as the E-Flex has sound amplifying features.

As far as visibility is concerned, it doesn’t matter what climate or weather condition you are in; you won’t have any problems with fogging whatsoever. In fact, the E-Flex has one of the clearest fields of views on the list. This feature makes it an awesome mask for anybody wanting to be safe while looking like your enemy’s worse nightmare.

Virtue VIO Ascend

  • Field of View: Large
  • Removable Lens: Yes
  • UV Protection: Yes

If you want face protection you can trust day in and day out but don’t want to spend a small fortune; the Virtue VIO Ascend is the perfect fit. This mask held up to the same standards as the higher-priced competitors and was able to hold its ground. With all the same features yet a smaller price tag, this is a mask to consider.

What we like about the Ascend, and why we decided to put it on our list of best masks alongside some of the more expensive paintball masks, is the fact that it has a double pane lens. Though it doesn’t hinder the field of view or clarity of the cover, the dual pane feature allows for extra protection and fog resistance. The double pane feature also enhances the anti-fog feature.

Another great feature of the lens is the anti-reflective coating. Even though the outer portion is a mirrored finish, the inside of the lens has the coating applied to prevent reflection from sunlight coming in from the top of the mask. This feature, along with the scratch-resistance, makes the lenses of the Ascend top of the line.

The mask, itself, is entirely flexible, allowing it for molding to any wearer’s head. We like this because no two players are the same. Therefore, those with bigger heads can buy the ascend and know that they won’t have a problem fitting it on them. Also, the foam ear pieces have layers that can be removed, allowing for more customizability.

All in all, the Ascend is the perfect mask for anybody wanting protection at a decent price. The breathability and ventilation as the VIO features, specifically designed by Virtue for enhanced performance and comfort. It’s lightweight, making it perfect for players of any age and is sure to protect you for years to come.

Empire Event

  • Field of View: 270°
  • Removable Lens: Yes
  • UV Protection: No

The Empire Event Paintball mask is a great option for any player. With its form-fitting customizability and fantastic lenses offering a 270-degree field of view, you won’t be disappointed by adding this to your gear.

The lenses on the Event are some of the best on our list. They are dual-pane, anti-fog lenses that unsnap for easy cleaning and replacement. However, that’s not what makes them the best.

The feature that caused us to want this mask on our list is the optically correct lens. Most masks, though they don’t limit the field of view, will obscure the vision, affecting your aim and overall experience. Much like the “objects appear closer than they are” message you see on car mirrors. The Event’s optically correct lenses, however, do not effect what you are seeing. The design of the lenses is such that they get thicker as the go to the focal point of the eyes. This design means what you are seeing is really where you percept it to be.

The Event can also fit the specific wearer’s head by more than just adjusting the straps. The foam ear pieces are removable, allowing you to expand the size of the inside of the mask to fit your head while still allowing for protection from a direct hit.

The profile of the Event is low, allowing it not to interfere with your head’s movement. For example, the Event won’t affect your ability to get close to your gun for aiming. Also, you can maneuver much easier without your head feeling like its considerably heavier.

Designed with safety and protection as the most important priorities, Empire also added a visor to the Event. Not only will this help protect the lenses from taking a direct hit but will help block the sun’s rays on a sunny day as well as keep rain from falling directly on the glass. A feature like this will assist in ensuring you can clearly see in any conditions.

Overall, the Event exceeded all of our expectations. It would be a great mask for any level of player, young or old, big or small.

Sly Profit LE

  • Field of View: 270°
  • Removable Lens: Yes
  • UV Protection: No

When you first put on the Sly Profit LE, your face will feel like it is laying on a cloud. There’s no mask on our list that rivals the amount of comfort you have when wearing this mask. If you want to have comfort and safety in the same mask, this may be the one for you.

What makes this mask so comfortable, and the reason we wanted on our list of the best paintball masks is the velvet-lined foam inserts. Yes, you did read that right velvet. The dual layered foam combines an SBR foam for absorbing the force of a hit with a velvet lined soft foam for comfort. Unlike other masks that us a dual-layer technique, the Profit makes it feel like you aren’t wearing anything.

The front of the mask is unlike any we tested as well. The co-molded nylon frame allows the cover to be flexible while the soft texture of the TPR lower portion helps decrease ball breakage. With the two combined, it makes wearing the Profit easier and more functional as it means fewer paintballs will splatter on your face.

What we also liked about the Profit was the double strap feature. Most masks tend to use a wider single strap to hold the helmet to your head; these work well but often are uncomfortable and slip when the wearer becomes excessively mobile. The Profit, however, utilizes a double strap system. With a strap on the upper portion of your head and the lower, it increases the stability of the mask on your head. We found that, even with a player who is always running, jumping, and diving across the field, the Profit never moved.

The Profit still has many of the features you would expect in a quality mask, such as the anti-fog lenses and quick-release lenses. The Profit is an excellent face protector for any degree of playing.

Empire JT Spectra Proflex

  • Field of View: 260°
  • Removable Lens: Yes
  • UV Protection: No

The Empire JT Spectra Proflex is not only the best value for your money but could potentially be one of the best masks on our list. Designed with the utmost concern for safety and comfort, the Proflex may not be the best looking helmet, but you can trust it to do what it was designed to do.

The Proflex offers a 260-degree field of view. This view allows for horizontal and vertical peripheral vision. The lenses are also interchangeable. This feature is even more impressive with the Proflex because it comes with a clear and a smoke-colored antifog lens.

Also, what the Proflex lacks in aesthetics, it makes up for in usability. The upper portion of the mask is rigid and durable, ensuring no paint will ever see your face. While the bottom is just as protective, it also can bend and conform to fit your gun, allowing you increased aiming ability. The ability to breath in the mask is also second to none.

The foam used in the Spectra masks is top of the line, allowing your face to breathe while still retaining its comfort level. Additionally, the ear pieces are made from Revo 2.0 rubber, giving it extra protection and comfort. Don’t worry, though about your ability to hear. You won’t miss a word with the Proflex.

An added benefit to the Proflex mask is the matching visor that comes with it. The visor not only enhances the looks of the mask but allows for extra protection from the elements, as well as from incoming paint. However, the visor is removable should you not want to wear it.

Overall, we wanted the Proflex on our list because it is a well-rounded mask. It provides the player with the highest degree of comfort and protection at a price that fits most budgets. No, it doesn’t look as intimidating as a skull mask, but for sheer protection, this mask is top of the line.

V-Force Grill

  • Field of View: Full
  • Removable Lens: Yes
  • UV Protection: No

For a sleek, ultra-light mask that won’t break the bank, the V-Force Grill may be the right one for you. The spherical lenses wrap around your face, giving you an unobstructed view while the thermal anti-fog technology ensures you’ll have a clear, bright vision. Additionally, the lenses have an anti-scratch coating, so they will last longer before you need to replace them.

Cleaning the Grill is a breeze. The mask comes apart into four pieces; the lens, the foam, mask, and the strap. Because of the ease at which it comes apart, you can simply wipe down each part and click it back together. All in all, the cleaning maybe takes five minutes, depending on how dirty they are.

The Quick-change Click-Dry Foam system revolutionized by V-Force sets the grill ahead of the pack. Not only does the foam contour to the wearer’s face but is easily unsnapped for cleaning and replacing. This feature allows the wearer to carry an extra foam insert and be able to swap them out quickly to allow for a dryer fit, especially since sweat is the leading cause of foam needing replaced.

What makes this mask even more suitable for any playing condition is the include ProVisor, which not only helps protect the lenses from a direct hit but allows for increased visibility in direct sunlight and rainy conditions. A feature like this makes the mask even more valuable because you no longer would have to buy an additional visor.

Many worry about the strap system on their mask and rightfully so. The Grill incorporates a quick-change strap for the back of the head as well as a comfortable chin strap. With these two securely in place, your Grill mask can stay in place for as long as you want without moving around even the slightest bit.

The grill truly is a mask the is perfect for any player. Any the younger players can tighten the strap down securely, giving parents the peace of mind that their child is safely enjoying the sport.



Finding the best paintball mask for your situation is important. Not only is it intended to protect you from potentially life-threatening hits, but is needs to be comfortable. After all, you will be wearing it the entire time you are playing paintball. Find the mask that not only fits your style but can work in any style of play.

If necessary, go to a pro shop and try one on in person. Most importantly, do your research first and find the perfect mask for you. No two players are the same and the paintball masks your friend likes may not be suited for you. Find your own and enjoy this sport we all love.