Best Paintball Barrels: Make Your Marker Feel New Again

  • Updated February 15th, 2023

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Regardless of the reason, most every shooter wants a new barrel for their gun. The problem then becomes finding the right barrel to fit your needs without damaging your marker. Barrels aren’t necessarily made to fit any marker; you have to look at features such as the bore size and threading to ensure the barrel will be a perfect fit for your gun.

We’ve taken the liberty of putting together a list of some of the best barrels available on the market today. These barrels are sure not to disappoint and will only help to improve your game and shooting styles. Any one of these barrels will be the perfect addition to your gun.

Best Paintball Barrels
Best Paintball Barrels

DYE Precision GF Boomstick

  • Length: 15 in.
  • Bore Size: 0.684/0.688

Going back to their roots DYE has recreated the Boomstick barrel to fit today’s technological advances. While allowing for the strength and durability, you expect from the DYE name; the Broomstick also lets you customize the color of your barrel, making your gun stand out in performance and looks.

Constructed of a proprietary Glass Fiber body, the Boomstick will stand up in any conditions you might find yourself. The insert at the end of the Boomstick that screws into the gun is made of surgical grade 303 stainless steel. This metal gives the straightest and smoothest surface possible for the paintball to fly through. Additionally, being surgical grade means it is corrosion and scratch resistant, meaning it will last a very long time.

The ported holes on the end of the barrel make it soundless when shooting, acting as a silencer. The trademark of DYE’s muzzles also allows for increased accuracy by adding an extra spin onto the paint. During testing, this barrel was shooting in groupings of roughly 5 inches. This was exceptionally more than others.

Additionally, the design of the Boomstick is such that allows the paintball to reach terminal velocity before the porting begins. DYE accomplishes this by creating the back barrel being 8 inches long. This feature ensures the paintball is going as fast as it will go before it leaves the barrel.

The fact that the barrel is available in both 0.684 and 0.688 bore sizes makes it that much more appealing. A feature like this allows the shooter to determine how tight they want their paintballs to be in the barrel.

The two-piece construction of the Boomstick (inner and outer bodies) make this one of the best barrels to have. It is unmatched in its consistency and accuracy while being extremely durable. Therefore, this barrel will produce tournament quality results.

DYE Precision Carbon Fiber Boomstick

  • Length: 15 in.
  • Bore Size: 0.680/0.684/0.688/0.692

Similar to the Glass Fiber Boomstick above, the Carbon fiber version of the Boomstick offers an extremely lightweight option. Honed to an astonishing 6-micron finish, the Carbon Fiber Boomstick is the slickest, finest barrels on the market.

Much like the Glass Fiber version, the Carbon Fiber Boomstick is available in multiple bore sizes. Except the CF has four. These are 0.680, 0.684, 0.688, and 0.692. These allow the paintballer to choose an even higher quality of paint by getting paintballs that are bigger around.

The CF Boomstick also has the stainless-steel insert like the GF version, giving a smooth surface for the paintball to go through. This uniform surface increases the accuracy of the paintball exponentially, ensuring there is nothing to cause friction inside the barrel. Additionally, the stainless steel allows the barrel to shoot cleaner and, is basically, self-cleaning.

What most like about the CF Boomstick, and why it and it’s GF sibling made it on our list is how quiet these barrels shoot. In testing, when compared to other, more expensive barrels, the Boomsticks barely made a sound.

It was found, too, that the CF Boomstick was one of the most accurate barrels on the market. Regardless of the quality of your paint, the Boomstick allows you to shoot consistently accurate without breaking the paint. With the back barrel being 8 inches long, the ball has plenty of space to reach terminal velocity before being spun by the ported holes on the muzzle of the barrel.

For speedball play, where accuracy and consistency can make or break a player, the Boomstick is one of the best barrels you can have. It’s lightweight construction make it have the longevity needed to hold up for many years without any fear of it breaking down.

DeadlyWind Fibur

  • Length: 14 in
  • Bore Size: .679/.682/.684/.687/.689/.693/.695

Between the available bore size inserts and the construction of the Barrel, the DeadlyWind Fibur is one of the best barrel kits on our list. Also, this carbon fiber barrels is perhaps one of the lightest, weighing in at only 46 grams (59grams with the insert.)

What made us want to include this Fibur on our list above other barrels was its bore inserts. With most barrels, you would have to purchase an entirely different barrel to get a different bore size. With the Fibur, you get seven different inserts that allow you to shoot a vast arrange of different paintballs. This variety allows you the ability to go from your woodsball paintball to the paint you use for speedball without another expensive barrel.

The 3-layer construction of the Fibur is unlike any other carbon fiber barrel. This level of attention given to the construction allows the Fibur to be extremely durable while retaining its elegant lines and style. It also has a 2×2 Satin External layer, uni-direction fibers for the middle, and the super slick “Silkfiber” for the inner layer. In fact, tests have shown that this layer makes it so strong that it can be driven over with a car and still not have any damage. Please don’t do this on your own. Still, the barrel is smooth enough that no friction meets the paintball as it is shot through.

The Fibur has three rows of straight ports. These ports not only help improve accuracy but make it one of the quietest replacement barrels on the market. This barrel can shoot groupings as tight as 3 inches at 100 feet, and you never hear it.

Don’t let the price scare you; with the Deadlywind Fibur, you’re getting 7 barrels in one. The Fibur will be the last barrel you will ever have to buy.

GOG Freak Barrel Kit

  • Length: 14 in.
  • Bore Size: .679/.682/.684/.687/.689/.691/.693/.695

Capable of fitting any gun that uses Autococker threading, the GOG Freak Barrel Kit is an excellent deal for the price. This barrel kit exceeds any paintballers expectations by coming with eight different inserts.

Because you can match your barrel’s bore size to your paint, the GOG Freak becomes one of the most accurate and precise barrels on the market. Attach this to any Autococker gun, and you’ve got a masterpiece your enemies will run and hide from throughout the game.

The porting on the Freak is perhaps the rarest around. Not only will your gun look like a killing machine but the enemy will never hear the paintball before it hits them. This silent action increases the shooters ability to be stealth while moving around obstacles in woodsball.

Additionally, the Freak’s construction limits the amount of friction applied to the ball. This system makes it perfect for speedball play where shooters often use the full-auto firing mode. You won’t have to worry about the ball jamming in the barrel or the barrel lowering your rate of fire.

The barrel is 14 inches long once everything is added on, only adding to the accuracy of the gun. Want added length in the barrel? With the Freak, you only need to buy a longer tip, and you’ve got a longer barrel. Want to switch the barrel between guns easily? Just purchase an additional back for each gun and then interchange the inserts and tips.

Empire Barrel Kit

  • Length: 14 & 16 in
  • Bore Size:  .675/.680/.685/.690/.695.

With this barrel kit from Empire, you’ll be dominating the field, regardless of your style of play. Able to fit any gun with Autococker threading, the Empire barrel far surpasses that of its competition in both style and durability.

The barrel kit includes 5 different bore sizes, .675, .680, .685, .690 and 695. These allow you to fit your barrel to your paintball, allowing it to be more accurate and break less paint. Additionally, the kit comes with a 14-inch and 16-inch tip, enabling you to switch quickly, depending on if you want the long range shot or speedball type of firing.

The porting on the gun is similar to that found on most silencers for actual rifles. Instead of having several small holes in a perfect row, the Empire barrel tip has three large oval-shaped holes ported around the muzzle. This simple, yet effective, porting helps reduce the sound and overall weight of the barrel.

Perhaps a detail overlooked by most when it comes to barrel kits is the carrying case. After all, what good is having so many options if you aren’t able to carry them all with you? The case that comes with the Empire is a nylon roll-up bag that has specific pockets to fit each piece. The significance of this feature is that it allows you to carry the entire kit in your gear bag without taking up much space or giving you unnecessary weight.

The fact that this barrel kit it reasonably priced only adds to the consensus that it is the perfect replacement barrel. If you are in the market for a new barrel, and your gun has Autococker threads, this may be the perfect barrel to help raise your game.

Empire Jr Barrel Kit

  • Length: 14 in.
  • Bore Size: .680/.685/.690

The mini-version of the Empire kit discussed above, the Empire Jr Barrel Kit offers the same great barrel with only a few of the options. Still, you get a barrel that will last a lifetime and three different bore sizes that allow you the flexibility in choosing your paint.

The bore sizes included with the Empire Jr include .680, .685, and .690. Though not as many as other barrel kits, these bore sizes still include some of the most common sizes of paintballs. Therefore, with the Empire Jr, you get everything you could need at a lower cost. Plus, it also included the 14-inch barrel tip for increased accuracy and precision.

What most players love about the Empire Jr, and the reason it’s one of the best barrel kits available is how lightweight the barrel is, even with the insert attached. With this barrel kit, you can take your previously heavy paintball gun, swap out the barrel with the Empire Jr, and transform your entire playing style. No more fatigue after long rounds and no more worrying if your barrel can last through the tough times.

Though it’s considered the mini version of the Empire barrel kit, there’s no lacking in the construction of the Empire JR. Just like the Empire barrel kit, the Empire Jr. has the same exceptionally smooth barrel that reduces the friction given to the paintballs. Furthermore, the three-hole ported barrel adds to its ability to quiet your gun significantly.

The increased accuracy added by the Empire Jr is unlike any other barrels in its price range. During testing, the Empire Jr. was making groupings of 6 inches at 100 feet. Surprisingly, as the distance grew further, the barrel was able to increase its accuracy and precision. In fact, during testing, the groupings shortened to 3 inches at 150 feet. That’s using the same paintballs, and the same gun has other, more expensive barrels.

DeadlyWind Fibur-X Carbon Fiber Barrel

  • Length: 8,10,12,14, & 16 in.
  • Bore Size: .679/.682/.684/.687/.689/.693/.695/.697

Considered the big brother to the DeadlyWind Fibur, the Fibur-X boasts of increased construction and durability. The Fibur-x is an excellent replacement barrel if you are looking for an increase in durability and precision to your shots.

It also is constructed with a 3’layer model, similar to that in the Fibur. The Fibur-x has a satin finish on the outside to give it that smooth, clean finish. It has uni-direction fibers in the middle for increased stability. It has all of this while remaining lightweight. It also has a proprietary “Silkfiber” for the inner core offering a smooth bore that is safe to be swapped. The construction of the Fibur-x is so strong that no amount of force you place on it will break it.

Unlike the Fibur model, the Fibur-x is available in several different sizes, dependent on what the shooter is looking for in a barrel. It’s available in 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16-inch-long barrels. Additionally, the inserts made for the Fibur-x are available in .679, .682, .684, .687, .689, .693, .695, and .697. With all of these different options available, you shouldn’t have a problem finding the barrel combination to match the style play or paintball of your choice.

Furthermore, to make the Fibur-x fit more guns, DeadlyWind included a thread adapter that can be used to fit almost any paintball gun on the market today. This adapter is essential because it allows you to quickly change the barrel to a different gun that matches your needs for a specific round of play.

During a test, the Fibur-X barrel worked to improve the accuracy and grouping of shots for several different players. Though each had different guns, before the addition of the Fibur-x, these players were all shooting entirely off target. However, when the shooters added the Fibur-x to their marker, each was able to improve their precision, though they used the same gun and paintballs as before.

Empire Apex 2

  • Length: 14 or 18 in.
  • Bore Size: 0.68

Perhaps the best barrel on our list, not only because of its features but its price as well, the Empire Apex 2 offers supreme performance at just a fraction of the cost. Available in both 14 and 18-inch sizes, the Apex 2 gives the shooter complete control over the flight of the paintball.

To accomplish this, the Apex 2 is fully adjustable, allowing the shooter to manipulate the trajectory of the ball easily. With a simple turn of the barrel, you can cause the paintball to curve around an obstacle or fly straight down the field for long range shots. Additionally, the Apex 2 gives a unique backspin to the paintball, allowing for unmatched accuracy.

In fact, during testing, this Apex 2 was throwing paintballs upwards of 200 feet before they started to drop even the slightest bit. What was even more surprising, though, was that during testing, the Apex 2 was able to make balls go at a 90° angle, making other players tremble in fear when they could not identify the shooter.

The Apex 2 is heavier than most barrels. However, this allows the shooter a more robust and sturdy feel for woodsball play. The increase in accuracy more than makes up for any added weight you may have with this barrel.

The construction of the barrel is a high-grade plastic outer barrel with a smooth finish to the inner core. Though the materials used differ from other, more expensive barrels. The Apex 2 is still able to withstand any amount of beating you can give it. You won’t have to worry about the Apex 2 breaking in the middle of a rough fight.

DeadlyWind Null CF

  • Length: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24
  • Bore Size: 0.688

The Straight bore design from DeadlyWind, the Null gives you unmatched performance at an unbelievable price. The Null Is versatile, as well, able to be used on any marker on the market.

The straight-bore design means that less friction is applied to the paintball, giving it a cleaner, faster shot. Additionally, the lightweight construction of the Null allows for the shooter to lower a gun’s weight considerably. The 14-inch version of the Null weighs only 50 grams.

Additionally, the construction, similar to that of the Fibur and Fibur-x, allows the Null to be extremely durable. While, with most barrels, you have to be extremely careful not to hit against trees or other obstacles, you could drive over the Null with a car, and it would remain unscathed.

What we liked about the Null, however, and why we wanted to include it on our list was that it could be ordered to fit just about any gun that is on the market today. Regardless of the thread design on your marker, the Null is guaranteed to fit and work to increase your marker’s effectiveness.

The Null is extremely accurate, as well, with even the 14-inch barrel reaching ranges of over 200 feet during testing. The longer versions, meant specifically to be used as sniper barrels, can reach more than 500 feet, depending on how long of the barrel you get. Overall, for just a simple barrel with no excessive graphics that looks as smooth as it shoots, the Null is perfect for any level of shooter.



All in all, the barrel you use on your marker is just as important as the gun itself. Though some of the higher-priced guns come with exquisite barrels, that’s not always the case on cheaper guns. That’s why the addition of an aftermarket barrel can significantly improve your game.

However, just like guns, no two barrels are the same. Therefore, be sure you are getting a barrel that will fit the particular gun you are looking to upgrade. Furthermore, ensure that the barrel you get, is the perfect length for the style of play you usually play. Don’t get a 10-inch barrel when you’re looking to make 300-foot shots or longer consistently.