Best Paintball Gun Under $200

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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Ballin’ on a budget can seem like a very impractical prospect, but with just a little knowledge hunting online you will quickly find that there are many quality choices out there. There are so many choices out there and tons of people that are going to tell you that you have to spend your kid’s college fund to make sure you have the right marker and milsim kit to be successful n the battlefield, but which paintball gun is right for you? And do you have to take a second mortgage out to make sure you look like a hero on that paintball field?

The answer simply put for all the above is no! So, look at this guide that will break down a few of the best markers for specific needs and what exactly you should be looking for to get the most bang for your buck! Let’s get started, shall we?

Best Paintball Gun Under $200 Buyer’s Guide

First things first, you need to know what to look for to make sure you get the right marker. You know, the one that will show those seasoned soldiers on the field that you mean business. What about your budget? How about we also look at the cost of maintaining that marker and what you can get for that $200.

Getting the most you can for $200

Getting the most for your investment can mean a lot of things but for most, it is going to mean purchasing a paintball gun that lives up to your expectations. This means making sure to think about where you are at experience-wise, where you will be playing, what style of play (woodsball, speedball, scenario games, etc.), and the technical specs (weight, type, etc.). You do not want to spend your $200 budget and end up disappointed in your choice. So, in order to get the most out of your limited funds make sure you consider all these aspects.

Cost to upgrade

If you are considering making some upgrades to your marker right out of the gate the cost of these should be included in your budgeting. The cost depends on what exactly you are looking to upgrade. Whether you are upgrading your barrel with a new kit or adding on a new hopper you are looking at anywhere from $40 -$100 (or even more in some cases) depending on the brand and the level of performance enhancement.

Cost to maintain/upkeep

The cost of maintenance on your marker is by far the cheapest part of owning a paintball marker. Aside from oil or grease for regular lubrication, all you really need is soap and water. So, all in all, your maintenance budget for you gun usually runs between $5 and $15 unless you buy a cleaning kit (some of those cost up to $50).

What you may have to do without for less than $200

Of course, the answer to this question has to do with what marker you choose. On the marker your self you may have to forgo the rest military style gun though there are a few on the list most of those come with a hefty price tag. You will be dealing with a bare-bones model and that is fine especially if you are just going into the field for the first time. You most definitely can not forgo C02 tanks, paintball, and your basic safety gear. Any extras after that all depend on how savvy of a shopper you are.

Breakdown of Each Paintball Pistol

So now that you have a few of those questions you had about trying to get onto the paintball field on a budget let’s get to some of the best paintball guns for under $200 out there.

Kingman Empire Spyder Xtra

Best Paintball Gun Under $200 for Casual Players


The Kingman Empire Spyder Xtra is perfect for that new player that wants to occasion jump in the fray. The marker itself comes with some killer features and for the price a level of performance that easily makes it the best paintball gun under $200 for the casual player. Check out some of those features:

  • Stellar efficiency when it comes to your air source with an Eko valve system.
  • Ball detent that operates on a spring-loaded mechanism
  • Feed neck that is constructed of durable aluminum and is a clamp-based model
  • One Co2 canister (20oz.) gives you 1500+ shots
  • Trigger frame crafted of the same durable aluminum as the feed neck and designed for comfort
  • Expansion chamber with the standard thread adapter (vertical)
  • Operates on multiple air sources
  • ASA that is an inline bottom line
  • Barrel that is micro ported (10”)
  • Velocity adjuster that is external


The Spyder is another nice addition brought to paintball by the folks over at Kingman. A perfect casual player’s marker the Spyder offers some cool additions that will make this budget-friendly option worth every penny you spend. The price tag of $100 means that you still have a little of that budget to makes sure you have enough paintballs and Co2 to keep you in battle.

Pro: Easily upgraded

Pro: Budget friendly

Con: Low-end components

Con: Accuracy is inconsistent


Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series

Best Paintball Gun Under $200 for Rugged Scenarios


The list of the best paintball guns under $200 wouldn’t be complete without an entry from one of the largest names in the paintball world, Tippmann. Built to survive even the roughest and tough scenarios, the Tippmann 98 Custom also brings with it the high level of performance and accuracy that is synonymous with the Tippmann name. To give you all that elevated performance the designers at Tippmann have given you all these features:

  • Ability to upgrade
  • Decreased chance of paint breakage with the anti-chop tech
  • Easy access to the internal workings for maintenance and modifications
  • Comes with a Picatinny rail for upgrades and add ons
  • Receiver constructed of high-quality aluminum
  • Tippmann’s patented inline bolt system


The Tippmann 98 Custom brings reliability and high performance together to make the perfect marker for anyone looking to get initiated in the rugged scenario world of milsim. The fact that it is so easy to upgrade elevates the marker to an even higher level of quality and should give the paintballer confidence in being able to use this marker for extended play.

Pro: Consistent performance

Pro: Easy disassembly

Con: Noise levels


Spyder Fenix

Best Paintball Gun Under $200 for Beginners


When you are starting out in the sport of paintball you want a marker that will be easy to use but still give you all the performance and sturdiness you need. One of the most recommended paintball guns for under $200 is the Spyder Fenix and for good reason. The lightweight marker offers a nice feel when carrying and a level of performance that is enhanced by the unique Eko valve system that creates a super air efficient piece that can get 1500+ shots per one 20 ounces Co2 canister. But along with that, this marker offers all these features as well:

  • BPS of 25
  • Multiple modes of operation
  • Compact and durable construction
  • System specifically to prevent paint breakage
  • Variable 3-way trigger
  • Textured grips
  • Powered by a 9-volt (battery not included)
  • Crafted of high-quality aluminum
  • Rapid Recharge with a regulator that is adjustable


The Spyder Fenix is highly adjustable offering its user a level of performance that will ensure that their first time on that milsim field will be as successful as any before them. Even with all of that, there is one slight drawback that some players have complained about an that is that the trigger is not as responsive as it should be. But even with that little drawback, the Fenix offers you rapid-fire, upgradeable, great performing marker any beginner would be happy to sport on the battlefield.

Pro: Charges fast

Pro: Enhanced air management

Con: Trigger is unresponsive

Con: Poor battery life


Azodin Blitz 3

Best Electronic Paintball under $200


Azodin is another big name that makes its way on to the list of the best paintball guns for under $200 with its electronic paintball marker the Blitz 3. The modernized design coupled with the resilience of this marker it is easy to understand why this one of the paintball worlds favorite guns. This marker can be used in any style of play and by any level and still leave the paintballer with a reputation for being someone you want on your squad. Along with its sleek build, you get all these cool benefits and features:

  • Constructed of a composite material reinforced with nylon
  • Lightweight and resilient build
  • Regulator that is the new feather style
  • Easily used by any level of player


The Azodin Blitz 3 is one of those markers that you could easily be used well into your milsim career. But it is not without its faults. Many players complain of inconsistent recoil issues and the fed neck not being a quick clam is a problem. Overlooking those few things and focusing on the long life of the marker with its compact build and silent operation you would be hard pressed to find a better marker to be the best for this category.

Pro: Constructed to be durable

Pro: Reduced noise

Con: Major recoil issues

Con: Feed neck


Tippmann US Army Project Salvo

Best Paintball Gun Under $200 for Milsim


Military Simulation, or Milsim to those in the know, is an ever-growing sector of the paintball world. So, it is no wonder that one of the biggest names’ in the paintball market has focused on creating markers that give you a real military feel while on the battlefield. The Tippmann US Army Project Salvo is one of the most popular markers for the milsim world and that is great because it is one of the markers that have stellar performance while still being able to get itself on a list of the best paintball guns for under $200. The reason that it makes it on the list as the best paintball gun for milsim has to do with all the great features this gives the Project Salvo its high-level reputation. Features like:

  • 8 BPS firing rate
  • Anodized barrel, stock, shroud and rail
  • Compatible with multiple paintballs
  • Able to use multiple air source for the functioning (compressed air, n2, & Co2)
  • x4 Picatinny rails
  • Stock that has 6 variable modes


The performance versus many of its competitors is comparable where the Project Salvo shines is in its military realism and its stealth ability. With reduced noise and the ability to upgrade like a madman, the Tippman Salvo is easily the best paintball gun for milsim. Though your stealth ability will be dampened by the weightiness of the piece it still offers so many other great pluses that that one little negative cannot change the fact this marker is a budget friendly monster that will make you feel like the star of the field.

Pro: Compatible with multiple paintballs

Pro: Reduced noise

Con: Weight

Con: Continuous need for maintenance


Spyder MR6

Best Mag-fed Paintball Gun Under $200


Spyder finds themselves in another slot on the list of best paintball guns under $200 with its MR6. This latest addition to the MR series sports some awesome features including the dual loading system. This means that not only can you use a hopper but also use a magazine which is why this land’s on this list as the best mag-fed paintball gun within the given budget. Coupled with this innovative design you also get:

  • Barrel w/ muzzle break (14”)
  • Collapsible stock modeled after an AR style military rifle
  • Compatible with First Strike rounds
  • Comes with an additional magazine (9 round)
  • Wrap around grips made of high-quality rubber



This marker makes its name on adaptability. The ability to change between a loader and magazine means you can use this paintball gun for close combat simulations as well as run and gun in an open field where the more paint you can splatter the better. Though there are a few drawbacks with the barrel being a little sub-par which, means you might want to consider an upgrade right out of the box and some players have complained about the round velocity being too high giving you a slight recoil problem. But in the end, even those few drawbacks are not enough to take anything away from then Spyder MR6.

Pro: Rapid fire

Pro: Lightweight and durable

Con: Sub-par barrel

Con: High velocity for some



Best Paintball Gun Under $200 for Speedball


The GOG eNMEy finds itself on the list of the best paintball guns under $200 for many reasons. Not only is it perfect for speedball because of its spectacular firing rate but it also sports a fantastically consistent accuracy and a lightweight, durable design that makes it great for any paintballer player whether seasoned or just starting out. The key to the success of this marker though truly does rely on the pneumatic design. This is what give it its out of this world rate of fire. But along with its amazing high performance, pneumatic design you also get:

  • Stabilized gas pressure by a vertical regulator
  • Compatible with Co2 cartridges
  • Easily maintained with easy disassembly
  • Constructed to be durable and lightweight with composite materials and high-grade aluminum


The GOG eNMEy does have one drawback and that is the lack of some of the more advanced mechanisms of the higher cost models on the market, but that is just a small thing when you think about what you get for your hard-earned money. The marker is the best for the speedball paintball games out because of that pneumatic design. Built to be tough, accurate and fire paint earth shatteringly fast the GOG eNMEy is the marker you want when you are heading out for a quick game of speedball.

Pro: Accuracy

Pro: Pneumatic design

Con: Lack of advanced features

Con: Lack of ASA on/off switch


Tippmann A-5

Best Paintball Gun Under $200 for Woodsball

Heading out for a woodsball game with your buddies? Well then make sure you check out the best paintball gun for under $200 for just that style of play. The Tippmann A5 is the right gun to go for when looking for an effective and accurate marker for a limited budget. Appropriate for use at any level the A5 offers the player the tried and true performance that one expects form Tippmann as well as an extended air management system that means less Co2 used giving each tank a longer life and therefore more time on the field without having to recharge. All that and these cool features too:

  • Easily upgraded and individualized
  • 15 BPS with Cyclone Feed system
  • Quick, toolless disassembly
  • Safety switch that is quick and easy to reach
  • Extended foregrip designed for ergonomic comfort
  • Light and durable construction
  • Push pins that are easily removed


Despite the weight being not quite what some consider light and the reported faulty trigger pin the A5 offers enough pluses to erase the negatives easily. The high level of customizability and the extended air use of your Co2 cannisters means that you get the most for your money without sacrificing performance and accuracy. That is why this marker made it on the list of the best paintball guns under $200.

Pro: Customizability

Pro: Decreased Co2 use

Con: Weight

Con: Faulty trigger pin


Final Word

Not as scary as you thought it would be now is it? Sure, there are tons of choices and so many things to consider when jumping into the world of paintball and many of those seem like they are way outside your budget at first. But with the information in this guide you can now see that there are great performing and efficient markers available to you and that means that you won’t be sidelined while your friends get to get a mess and have fun out there on that battlefield. No need to feel like a newbie that has no clue, now you are set to get out there, crush your enemies, and be the hero but on a budget.