Best Paintball Guns Under $100

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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New to paintball? Scared to get too far into it because of the price tag you think that you will have to incur? That is a far concern, but you would be surprised how many quality paintball markers are out there to choose from. With the immense filed to choose from that alone could be daunting. After all which one should you buy? What marker will make you less of a target as a newbie?

In this guide, we are going to breakdown some of the best paintball guns under $100 for you. Hopefully, by the end of this article, your fear has dissipated, and you have found that perfect marker for your debut on the milsim battlefield.

Breakdown of Each Paintball Gun Under $100

When you are first jumping into any new sport or hobby most people hesitate to expend to much cash. The last thing you want to do is send hundreds of dollars just to figure out that the new activity is just not for you. So here are some paintball markers that could help you hit the field with victory assured.

Kingman Spyder MR100

Best paintball gun under $100 for woodsball


Woodsball can be rough and tough! Finding a paintball gun that can stand up to its rigorous play is hard enough but when you add in a tight budget your field of options narrow significantly. That is where the Kingman Spyder MR100 comes into play as this company strives to create quality and affordability. Kingman has been manufacturing quality markers for well over a decade and with this model from the Spyder series has brought your game all these awesome features:

  • Paintball marker model in the military style
  • EKO Valve System that is patent pending and offers enhanced air efficiency (1500 shots from one Co2 tank)
  • Clamping feed neck that is constructed from a durable polymer material
  • Trigger designed for a two finger pull
  • Picatinny rail system 9aluminum, side mounted)
  • Vertical fore-grip
  • Trigger frame crafted in durable aluminum
  • Top cocking bolt with a pull pin design
  • Adjuster/spring guide for velocity that is one piece
  • Dual powered air capability (Co2/Compressed Air)


The Spyder MR100 is a lightweight gun that packs a punch that most would not expect. Accuracy and ease of use make this a great choice for beginners, and with minimal recoil, this marker could be the perfect woodsball marker for someone looking to keep to their budget. There is a slow rate of fire that is often complained about but in woodsball, this slight drawback is not much of a problem.

Pro: Accuracy

Pro: Minimal Recoil

Con: Slow rate of fire


Tippmann Gryphon

Best starter paintball gun under $100


As a beginner, you will undoubtedly come to know the name Tippmann very quickly. One of the leading manufactures in the paintball industry Tippmann strives to create quality products that operate at the highest levels of performance. The Gryphon is one of those markers and one that as a beginner is a great choice. For the low price of entry into the sport you will get all these amazing features:

  • Designed to be center fed
  • Internal gasoline
  • Front grip that is sturdy and ergonomically designed
  • A composite body that is manufactured to withstand impacts
  • Smoother trigger pull accomplished by the blade trigger
  • Ported barrel
  • Compatible with all standard Tippmann barrel threads


With all these attributes it is easy to see how this marker landed itself on a list of the best paintball guns. When you factor in that price tag and the durability the Tippmann Gryphon is easily the best paintball gun under $100 or beginners. Easy to use and upgrade the Gryphon has all the quality performance enhancing mechanism that you will come to expect from Tippmann with few to no drawbacks. Speaking of drawbacks there have been some Gryphon users that complained of a noise level that is just a little too loud and that despite the fact it is easy to upgrade there are very few upgrades available. Both of those drawbacks can easily be overshadowed by the price.

Pro: Lightweight and durable

Pro: Easy to Upgrade

Con: Excessive noise

Con: Limited upgrades


Valken Cobra

Best 50 Caliber paintball guns under $100


If you’re looking for a different kind of marker then maybe you should think about trying out one that uses a 50-caliber paintball instead of the standard 68 cal. This type of ammo is not only good for the paintball field but also as a home protection weapon. But with that little added extra set aside the Valken Cobra is one of the markers that come in below $100 that is specifically designed to utilize this ammo. The Valken besides that cool feature also has the following features:

  • Dual air power compatible (Co2/Compressed air)
  • Ported barrel that is removable
  • Velocity adjuster that is accessed externally
  • Double trigger designed for user comfort
  • Vertical Feed neck (clamping style)
  • Grips that are contoured
  • Bottomline ASA that is manufactured in high-grade aluminum


One of the best qualities a paintball gun can have when you are a beginner is to be incredibly accurate. The Valken Cobra offers that plus a lightweight easy to carry design that makes this perfect marker no matter what level of experience you are at. For a unique twist, the team at Valken decided to make this a 59 Cal and for the price that is very rare. Now it does not come with the hopper does not come included which means that though the price tag on the maker is below $100 there will be a little more money needed to get you on the field.

Pro: Accuracy

Pro: Lightweight

Con: Hopper not included


D3fy Sports Conqu3st

Best paintball gun under $100 for beginners


The D3fy Conq3st is the perfect entry level marker for many reasons. But before we dissect this marker and breakdown the pros and cons let’s look at some of the features that this paintball gun bestows upon its milsim player. Features like:

  • Tool-less design for easy maintenance
  • Compatible with multiple air sources (Co2/Compressed air)
  • Autococker barrel
  • 2-year warranty
  • Cushioned wrap around grip
  • Trigger frame made of high-grade polymer material
  • Low profile simple aluminum body
  • Quick release cocking pin


This marker is basic and that is the main reason that this marker ended up on the list as the best marker for beginners. With easy maintenance due to the toolless design and the ability to upgrade as the player becomes more seasoned the Conqu3st affords the beginner a lot of room to grow and grow comfortably.

Pro: Toolless design

Pro: Ability to be upgraded

Con: Basic


Spyder Victor

Best paintball gun under $100 for tiny budgets


You want to get the most for the least when you are looking to buy a paintball marker with a small budget. If that’s you then the Spyder Victor is a great choice. Another entry forms the Kingman group and from the Spyder series of paintball guns, the Victor is designed to be lighter and shorter than its brothers. That is not the only thing that the Victor has to offer though. With the Victor you get all these features:

  • Patent pending valve system (1500 shots/tank)
  • Body that is extruded and crafted in high-grade aluminum
  • Vertical adapter with a CA thread
  • Top cocking bolt w/ a pull pin
  • Plug design that is tool free
  • Micro ported barrel (10”)
  • Trigger frame that is durable and ergonomically designed
  • Grip panel that is made of rubber for no-slip
  • Trigger that has a two finger pull
  • Bottom line in-line ASA


It is always good to get the most bang for your buck and that is what the Spyder Victor gives to the paintballer. With an accuracy that is enhanced by all the care and attention that the team at Kingman put int designing this marker has crafted the perfect paintball gun for the limited budget baller. There is one complaint that seems to arise and that is a tendency for the screws to raise when used for extended play. This minor issue can be overcome with consistent upkeep and care which means that this negative should not be the final deciding factor on your overall decision.

Pro: Accuracy

Pro: Tool-less plug design

Con: Issues with screws raising


Tippman Cronus

Best paintball gun under $100 for serious players


For the serious player the Tippmann Cronus, the military realistic model, is constructed to be durable and lightweight design while remaining budget friendly. This marker lands on our list of the best paintball guns under $100 for a bunch of awesome features and benefits. Some of these include:

  • In the box: Manual Cable for cleaning
  • Ability to utilize multiple air sources
  • Battle ready composite body
  • A5 standard thread barrel (9”) with a barrel sleeve included.
  • 200 round capacity with bps of 8
  • Ergonomically crafted grips
  • 3 mods (faux silencer, handle for carrying it and stock with variable positions)
  • Push button safety


For a serious player, a marker that performs at the highest level of functionality is an important tool to have and if you can get that marker for a low price so much the better. Comfortable to carry and durable the Cronus will enhance your gameplay and allow you to focus on being the milsim hero you know you can be.  For the seasoned vet on a budget, a marker that is easy to upgrade is a keen factor of why this marker is one of the best paintball guns under $100. Now even with as great a marker as this is there are a few things that many players list as a con for this gun. The Cronus does not have a fast fire rate and in some scenarios that could mean defeat easily and with the extended length of the gun it makes it a poor choice for close quarter scenarios. The good vastly outshines the bad and that is why this is one of the best paintball guns period.

Pro: Easy to customize

Pro: Limited maintenance

Con: Slow fire rate

Con: Extended length


Final Words

So even if you are a baller on a budget you can see that you do not have to suffer from a sub-par marker. In fact, in this guide, we have broken down multiple of the best paintball guns under $100 and hopefully, by dissecting the pieces, you feel more confident in your ability to choose the right marker for your needs. Now, all that you need to do is suit up and storm that field.