Best Paintball Guns Under $500

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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Which one do I buy? Which one is going to let the guys and gals on the field know that I am not just another newbie? Am I going to regret this purchase? All of these questions probably are running through your mind as you look at the universe of vast choices you have when you are setting out to purchase a new paintball marker. Maybe it’s not a new marker, but your first marker and you want to go all in, money is no problem. What will it take to be the hero of the battle?

In this guide, we will breakdown several of the best paintball guns under $500 for you. Hopefully by the time you get to the end you feel more confident about your choice. So, let’s gear up and rush into battle.

Breakdown of Each Paintball Gun Under $500

The perfect marker for you is a paramount decision and one that could be the difference between feeling like one of the squad or being singled out at the new player on the field. So here are a few of the best paintball guns under $500 broken down by the type and style that best fits their benefits and features.

JDye Proto Rize MaXXed

Best for Tournaments


The Dye Proto Rize MaXXed is a high-end marker that is well worth the money. With a price tag that could scare some newer paintballers, this marker has so many features that will enhance their game that even if they are a new recruit but are serious about jumping head first into the game and look to get into the pro or tournament scene they should definitely consider this marker. With this marker you get all of these features that will elevate your play:

  • 45 style frames built with a patented UL hourglass composite
  • Valve technology that is patented (fusion bolt spool valve)
  • Eye pipe that is self-cleaning (DYE M2)
  • Precision crafted 14” barrel that is a two-piece construction
  • ASA w/ on/off switch (Dye Airport)
  • Trigger constructed of high-grade aluminum
  • Inline regulator that enhances airflow (Hyper 3)
  • Optimized grips
  • LED board w/ multiple firing modes
  • Operates with low pressure (140psi)


Dye is a name that is synonymous with the pro/tournament field of paintball and when you are thinking about this the first things that pop into your mind is durability and reliability. Both of these this marker has in spades and when you add in the reduced noise profile and the super-efficient trigger mechanism you know you can be assured to be victorious on that field. Now with a gun of this quality other than the price, there is just one thing that could be labeled as a drawback and that is this marker consistent need for maintenance. Not for the lazy player, the MaXXed will need to be cleaned more than most. Now that is not a factor that should put the kibosh on your dreams of combat rolling across the field with this gun in hand.

Pro: Durability

Pro: Reduced noise

Con: Consistently needs maintenance to perform at optimized levels

Con: Price


JDangerous Power G5 Spec-R

Best for Low-Pressure Firing


The team at Dangerous Power Paintball has gifted the paintball universe with another high quality, high-performance marker in the G5 Spec-R. With a stylish outward design, the G5 Spec-R finds its way onto our list of the best paintball guns under $500 because of its enhanced ability to operate using low pressure during the firing cycle. This marker also includes the following benefits:

  • Precision honed two-piece barrel (14”)
  • Lightweight frame design
  • OLED board that is programmable
  • Trigger frame that is rebalanced
  • Trigger that is milled and reformed
  • In-line regulator that is hose free
  • No O-rings necessary
  • Dump-valve system
  • Operates at low pressure (170/280psi)
  • Grip frame that has been increased
  • Available in multiple colors


The G5 Spec-R is a lightweight, stylish marker that has a lot of great features to assist you in making your game shine. With increased efficiency with its paint handling from the original design of this paintball gun, it is a great marker for low-pressure firing, but it does have a small frame that can be hard to carry, and the shot quality is not on par with similar models from other manufacturers. The G5 is a great gun and if you have the cash to dole out on it you will probably be able to overlook the few drawbacks that this marker brings to the game.

Pro: Paint handling

Pro: Easy to program while in play

Con: Size

Con: Shot quality


Planet Eclipse Etha 2

Best for Scenario Game Play (Because it’s durable)


Originally designed to be for the Eclipse marker enthusiast on a budget the Etha from Planet Eclipse is next on our list of the best paintball guns under $500. With its durable build that is able to withstand whatever you or the weather throws at it, the Etha 2 is the next evolution of this amazing marker. Chock full of tons of great features and benefits you will definitely want this marker in whatever scenario you find yourself in. Some of those features are:

  • Spool valve system that is enhanced to withstand the elements
  • Interior crafted with high-grade aluminum
  • Exterior constructed of durable composite nylon
  • Air system that is hoseless
  • Ambidextrous LED gauge
  • Compact and easy to use on/off switch
  • Grip that is toolless
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Enhanced performance with its spring bolt system
  • Barrel w/ an offset feed


The team at Planet Eclipse took their original design and through innovative construction and mechanisms made a marker that any player would be happy to add to their milsim scenario arsenal. The thing that is the most notable and therefore makes this gun perfect for scenario play (or really any style of play you are into) is the enhanced level of durability. Not only can this paintball gun take everything you throw at it but also what the element’s throw at it as well. No matter what level of experience you are at this marker is a great choice. Though that being said you should be warned it is not the most silent shot on the field and so stealth may not be your friend.

Pro: Durable

Pro: Decreased recoil

Con: Noise level


Empire Axe Pro

Best for Speedball


With an updated design the new Axe Pro takes everything that the paintballers loved about the original and ups the ante. The new design is more comfortable with a better OLED board for advanced efficiency. The new Axe design also brings all these features as well:

  • Reimagined bolt removal design that is push button operated
  • Smaller screw sizes (only 2 Allen wrenches needed)
  • Enhanced water resistance
  • ASA that is a smaller design
  • Updated trigger and guard
  • Joystick navigated OLED board (Redline)
  • Two-piece barrel (Driver XX)
  • Grips that have been redesigned for comfort
  • Spiral ported with a 7.5”: control bore
  • Eyes that are easily serviceable and cleanable without field stripping
  • Ball dents that are rubber made nub-style
  • Feed neck that does not require tools
  • Air channel that is internally integrated


The Axe pro is the next evolution of an already well-made marker. With the extra added mechanisms and features you get a highly efficient and durable piece of paintball equipment for a quite reasonable price. With regular maintenance, this marker will last you for a long time. No matter what style of play the milsim player is into this marker is a sure-fire winner. Especially if you are into speedball as the enhanced air efficiency will increase your rate of fire and elevate your play to the next level. Now there are a few things to note but none of them should take this marker off your list of paintball gun considerations. There have been some complaints about the foregrip being too wide and that the regulator is difficult to turn on and off. With that being said this more male is a fine choice.        

Pro: Price

Pro: Air efficiency

Con: Regulator difficult to turn off

Con: Too wide of a foregrip


First Strike T15 Rifle

Best Mag-fed


When you are looking for the best mag-fed paintball gun under $500 you should definitely consider the Tiberius Arms First Strike T15. This style is an AR style marker with a rough and tough construction that will ensure this gun lasts a long time. This marker also has these features:

  • An adjustable stock that has an aluminum air tank designed into it (13ci/3000psi)
  • Dual feed capable (hopper/mag-fed)
  • Magazine that is a continuous 19 (first strike)/20 (standard) round fed
  • Barrel that is precision made
  • 7/8” Rails constructed of durable aluminum


The First Strike T15 is a perfect paintball marker for milsim gameplay. With its military AR style body design and durability, this mag-fed paintball gun will definitely show the guys on the field that you came to play. The price tag may be a little more than what you are used to paying but with the almost infinite upgradeability thus marker will give you a lot of bang for those bucks. It is durable and highly efficient, but it still has a few issues that we need to mention. There may be some immediate upgrades that you need to get the highest performance out of the T15 like the barrel. The problem with that is that this marker is only compatible with Tiberius Arms barrels and that limits the upgrade capability. Even with those drawbacks, this marker is by far the best mag-fed marker available under $500.

Pro: Highly upgradeable

Pro: Durable and reliable

Con: Immediate upgrade needed

Con: Only compatible with Tiberius Arms barrel


Final Words

In the end, whatever marker you choose is really up to you and what you are needing to from your paintball gun. Now that you are armed with all the information, we broke down hopefully you feel better equipped to make that decision. Armed with all of that knowledge all that seems to be left for you to do is lock and load and join the rest of your squad on that battlefield.