Best Paintball Knee Pads

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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Paintball is rough and your body can take quite the beating. After all, you are combat rolling, crawling, kneeling and such for hours on end. So, the gear that you have is important to protect you from long ice baths and days spent laid up on the couch. It is supposed to be fun, right.

So, in this guide, we are going to be talking about one of the most important pieces of kit you can have the knee pad. We will breakdown some of the best paintball knee pads on the market. We are sure your knees will thank us!

Breakdown of Each Paintball Knee Pad

Depending on what your needs are there are many different choices you have laid out in front of you. Here are just a few of the best paintball kneepads available to you and we have broken them down into categories they shine in.

Virtue TB Damage

Best for Moisture Wicking


You are going to sweat! That is just a fact and so having a knee pad that offers you great ventilation and breathability may be something you are concerned with. That’s where the Virtue TB Damage truly shines and why is by far one of the best knee pads for moisture wicking. That is not the only thing that these knee pads bring to the game. You will also get all of this as well:

  • 3D foam that is crafted to be high density
  • Complete safety coverage
  • Sleeve made of neoprene
  • A fit that is designed for enhanced reliability
  • Double layered gel foam


When you are rushing around the battlefield the last thing you need to be thinking about is the security of your safety equipment. Theses Virtue knee pad will let you run free while keeping you dry. With its moisture-wicking fabric at the back of the knee the ventilation of these knee pads far surpasses many of its competitors. So, you will not have to worry about comfort or sweat leaving you free to strategize your next big victory. Though make sure that you pay attention to which size you purchase as they do run a little small. The best advice of many that have reviewed this is to go one size larger to make sure you get the optimal comfort fry out paintball excursions.

Pro: Comfortable

Pro: Breathability

Con: Runs small


Virtue Breakout Knee Pads

Best for High Impact Protection


Another entry on our list from Virtue these knee pads have enhanced coverage abilities that ensure protection from high impact play. The team at virtue crafted these knee pads with padding made of 3D molded foam with a unique lightweight design. So, for the rough and tough world of paintball, these knee pads are an amazing choice. They also include these features to heighten the performance:

  • Moisture-wicking liner that is quick drying
  • Crafted with high-performance tear resistant fabric
  • Extra flexibility with stretch panels in key areas
  • Lightweight construction
  • Comfortable neoprene sleeve
  • Elastic cuff for enhanced ability to hold knee pads in place


When you are thinking about protecting your knees from high impact situations the most important this is the padding and fit. These Virtue Breakout kneepads excel in their overall design in just these areas. With a lightweight design, the enhanced stretch zones and increased focus on superior padding mean that with these pads you do not have to worry about your knees being protected. Now with their s one overall constant complaint and that is the fact this knee pad is only designed with one tension strap giving it less stability when talking about the knee pad staying in place.

The one drawback does not have any impact on its overall protection for the most part but if you are having to worry about your knee pads staying where it should be you may decide that you need another option.

Pro: Padding

Pro: Lightweight

Con: Only one tension strap


Exalt FreeFlex

Best Slide Resistant (no moving, no twisting)


When you are on the field you need to be able to devote your whole attention to making those shots. You do not have time to play with your knee pads every time you move. So, ensuring that you have the best slide resistant pads should be high on your list of musts. The Exalt FreeFlex is designed to not only be comfortability and offer you maximized flexibility but also to move with your body. Designed with retention straps that pass through the specially molded pad, the FreeFlex is the best slide/twist resistant knee pad. Along with the non slippage features of this knee pad, you will also get:

  • Memory foam crafted knee cup
  • Exterior padding that is contoured to absorb high impact play
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Removable and adjustable retention strap w/ Velcro
  • Lightweight design


The best thing about the Exalt FreeFlex knee ads s the attention to crafting a knee ad that will not slide and twist as you are in the field. With its enhanced retention strap system, there is no more worry about making sure your knee pads stay where they are supposed to be. You know protecting your knees from high impact play. This means increased levels of protection and that is exactly what you need these ads to do. Though this knee pad is an amazing option for the slide resistance there are a few issues that some players have complained about. Firstly, like many knee pads on this list, it seems that the sizing is slightly off, so you may want to go one size bigger than you typically use to ensure comfortable wear. Other than that, because of the restrictive strap and the enhanced padding some players have complained about a lack of mobility.

The Exalt FreeFlex may not be perfect but if you have ever spent a game constantly adjusting your pads then you know how much of a pain in the neck that is. That is why having a knee pad specifically designed to combat that issue is amazing.

Pro: Protection

Pro: Adjustability

Con: Runs small

Con: Lack of mobility


HK Army Crash Knee Pads

Best with Upper Leg Support


The team at HK Army has brought another piece of it designed to help you feel safer o the field that is comfortable and supportive with their crash knee pads. These knee pads have been crafted to not only protect your knees but also to give outstanding upper leg support with an extended neoprene sleeve. On top of really looking to offer their customers the most support possible the HK Army team also made sure to include these amazing features to enhance the wear and functionality:

  • Constructed with dual-layered padding that is contoured to the knee
  • An inner lining that brings a 4-way stretch capability with it.
  • Adjustable with a durable Velcro strap
  • Crafted in a lightweight, durable material


When most companies design their knee pads, they are solely focused on making sure they do the best job to protect that part of your body. Not K+HK Army they had the forethought to think about also giving their customers a bit of upper leg support as well. Along with the comfortable and durable design, these knee pads would make anyone a great addition to their paintball kit. These knee pads do suffer from some sizing issues but if you purchase one size larger that drawback will be negated. Now there is one drawback that many customers have complained about and that it that these knee pads seem to suffer from weak stitching.

Even though there are some minor issues the effectiveness of this knee pad will not suffer and if you can overlook the weak stitching but are looking for additional leg support then the HK Army Crash Knee pads are a great choice for you.

Pro: Durable

Pro: Comfort

Con: Runs small

Con: Weak stitching


Empire Paintball Grind THT

Best with Memory Foam


Memory foam is amazing. Whether it is in your shoes or in your paintball knee pads this material is a life saver. With the Empire Paintball Grind THT, you get the benefits of a thick layer of memory foam that is contoured perfectly to your knee for the most protection available while participating in a high impact sport. Now, these knee pads offer way more than that. Features like:

  • Increased mobility trough hinge points designed into pads
  • Enhanced air flow with multiple ventilation points
  • Lining crafted of terry cloth for comfort
  • Ability to be combined with THT Slide Shorts for a full protection system
  • Adjustable straps above and below the knee for better security
  • Decreased binding with a stretch mesh fabric at the back of the knee


Let’s start with the drawbacks first because frankly, these drawbacks are easy to fix or overlook. There have been some reviews that the knee pad wears out rather quickly and so the durability of this piece of equipment has been called into question. Though it is not a consistent issue reported this should still be something discussed. Other than that, the knee pads seem to run small which means you simply need to go up one size. Now for all the good stuff…

With increased mobility and the addition of memory foam padding, these knee pads are perfect for someone looking for ultra-support on the field. With the addition of the ventilation system, the Empire Grind THT knee pads are one of the best paintball knee pads out there.

Pro: Mobility

Pro: Breathability

Con: Durability

Con: Runs small


Planet Eclipse Overload Knee Pads

Best with Changeable Secondary Padding


Extra padding is never bad when talking about your knee protection and the team at Planet Eclipse clearly knows this. With their Overload Knee pads, they have opted to include in the design removable secondary padding. This gives these knee pads an ability to customize the padding to your specific needs. Created with the HD core which is a material that is designed of foam that increases the mobility of these pads, Planet Eclipse has designed a knee pad that is by far the best with changeable secondary padding. The overload knee pads also bring all of this to your game:

  • Multiple adjustable straps both above and below the knee that is fastened with Velcro.
  • Lightweight neoprene sleeve with enhanced ventilation
  • Knee designed crafted with high-quality EVA


This entry on the list shines when it comes to the padding and the changeability of said padding. For extra comfort, protection, and breathability these knee pads are a great choice. Now there have been some reviews that complained about a lack of detailed contour and where that may be a valid concern the impact absorbing padding seems to be a point that could erase this concern easily. The one constant concern that could be something you can not overlook is the foam that is exposed on the inside. This may rub and irritate your skin. Of course, you could always fix this issue by wearing something underneath your pads.

Pro: Breathability

Pro: Good padding

Con: Lack of contour

Con: Foam exposed on the inside


Body pro Protective Knee Pads

Best for Tight Budgets


Paintball can be an expensive sport/hobby to get into and so finding a quality high-performance piece of kit that is a budget-friendly option is awesome. Often you do not want to cut corners on your equipment when it comes to your protective gear, but with the Bodyproxy knee pads, you won’t have to worry one bit. Along with the great quality for a low-price tag you also get:

  • Lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Enhanced impact absorbing padding
  • Increased flexibility
  • Designed with a breathable fabric for better air flow


The best thing about these knee pads is the level of performance you get for the money you sound. With a low-price tag, this is definitely the best choice for someone working with a limited budget.  Being able to move freely is priceless and will feel like it with these knee pads. Though there is a limited size availability due to the use of the high stretch fabric, these two sizes are not compatible with everybody type. With the lack of size variation and the fact that many users have complained about the breathability despite the company claiming that these knee pads have an enhanced airflow, the simple price advantage may not be enough to make this the perfect paintball knee pad for you.

Pro: Mobility

Pro: Price

Con: Limited size choice

Con: Breathability


Vuino Professional Tactical Knee Pads

Best for Milsim


When you are out on the milsim field for many one of the most important things is how realistic you can make your military simulation. So, the more your kit fits the bill the better. If you can add realism in with a highly functional high impact security so much the better. With the Vuino Professional tactical knee pads, you get all of that and so much more. Check out what other features these knee pads have:

  • Designed with durable materials like thermoplastic urethane and EVA foam
  • Buckle adjusted straps (x2)
  • Easy to clean
  • Pads crafted with hinged knee joint
  • Strengthened button for durability
  • Money back guarantee


When you out there on the battlefield mid milsim game you need the most durable and protective knee pad possible. With the hard-shaped shell combined with the high-grade padding, these knee pads are perfect for all your milsim needs. Now there have been some reports of the straps loosening with prolonged use, but this is a minor issue when you look at the coverage and protection these knee pads afford you.

Pro: Durable

Pro: Good cushioning

Con: Straps loosen easily


Dye Precision Performance Knee Pads

Best for Sensitive Knees


After years of wear and tear, some of us end up with sensitive knees. But that doesn’t mean that we must give up all our hobbies, right? Paintball is not the easiest on your knees and so if you have sensitive knees you may think help that is it for me! That is not necessarily true there are many knee pads available that are good for those who suffer from knee problems and Dye has perhaps the best of the bunch. Here is what these knee pads offer:

  • Foam padding that wraps around your knee for a secure fit
  • Padding made of open-cell foam added to the sides as well as the cap itself for enhanced protection
  • Lightweight body with a pre-shaped cup
  • Multiple adjustable straps


For the player with sensitive knees, the biggest concern is coverage. With these Dye knee pads, you will not have to worry about that. Designed with full coverage and with materials that are constructed to be super shock absorbing you will be able to slide, crawl and kneel your way to utter dominance on the field without any serious concern for your knees. Now if you do not have knees issues you may find the padding too thick and a hindrance to your mobility. Other than little disclaimer the only other issue is that once again these knee pads seem to run small so just adjust the size you purchase, and you should be all set.

Pro: Good coverage

Pro: Durable

Con: Runs small

Con: Padding is too thick


Carbon CC Paintball Knee Pads

Best for Compression Fit


These knee pads from Carbon act almost like a combination between knee pad and a brace which means that it allows for better balance and protection than others on this list. Crafted to be lightweight and slip resistant the knee pads also offer these features:

  • Foam that is double layered and high impact absorbing
  • Straps that are adjustable for a perfect fit
  • Lightweight, compression fit with an open back for enhanced airflow
  • Low profile design
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Contoured knee pad for perfect alignment


Once again let’s start with the only drawback that some =have complained about and that is that the padding may be to thick for some. Though this is an issue when you think about the enhanced support this knee pad offers without sacrificing any mobility the fact that the padding is thicker than most normal roads should be something you can overlook.

Pro: Mobility

Pro: Support

Con: Padding slightly thicker than normal


Final Words

Hopefully after these breakdowns of some of the best paintball knee pads available you feel better equipped to make the right decision for your paintballing needs. Proper protection is a must and with as much impact as your knees are going to take this piece of often overlooked kit could save you a lot of pain in the end. So, strap on these knee pads, grab that marker and get out there to be the conquering hero of the paintball battlefield knowing you won’t be hobbling home from knee pain.