Best Paintball Pants

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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Paintball can be a fun but potentially dangerous sport to take up and so the proper safety gear is a must. After all, no one wants to spend their entire game worrying about all that. So, on top of trying to figure out what marker you want to hit the field with you now must think about masks and knee pad and pants! Ugh, there are so many things to figure out!

Don’t worry we have you covered. In this guide, we are going to focus on one of the most important of those three…the paintball pants. With the wide variety to choose from we are going to help you narrow them down to the perfect fit for you. We will give you some things to consider, answer a few of your lingering questions and then breakdown a few of the best paintball pants on the market. So what should you be looking for, let’s take a look?

Best Paintball Pants Buyer’s Guide

Protecting yourself when on the battlefield is important and often required by the field and one of the most important pieces of safety equipment is your paintball pants. These pants are designed specifically to be durable and flexible to make your time o the field more fun. Not having to worry about the wear and tear on your own clothes as you crawl, knell and jump your way into victory will increase the fun factor.

The only question left is which paintball pant should you buy, right? Well, that question can only be answered by evaluating a few factors especially since there is such a large selection of paintball pants to choose from. So here are a few things to consider as you weigh your options.


Some pants have padding in both the knees and crotch. Some have it in one place and not the other. Padding can be an important consideration as it adds weight and bulk you may not want. This is a decision that can only be made by your …the decision to forgo safety for mobility. Your choice!


Teaming with the padding question is the consideration of weight or bulkiness. You want a pair of paintball pants that offers enough thickness to ensure your safety but so much that it hinders your movement. Also, just like when you consider the padding issue when thinking about what weight you want in your paintball pants you need to think about where and how you intend to hit that battlefield. If you are playing speedball you may want a lighter weight to allow more movement. Whereas if you are playing woodsball you may want a thicker weight to keep you safe from tree branches and rocks as well as the paint that will be flying your way.


Flexibility in this instance may mean your ability to move but often this consideration is more about the durability of the fabric as well. You need to be able to comfortably execute some strenuous physical activity like running and jumping so having a pair of paintball pants that flexible enough to do all that and more is a necessary consideration. On top of that while, you are running across whatever battlefield you choose you don’t want to have to worry about ripping your pants. So, think about the flexibility the pants afford you as well as the flexibility of the actual material.


You are going to sweat! That is a definite and so when thinking about which paintball pant is the perfect one for you, you need to think about how well the fabric breathes as well as the ventilation that the designers have installed in the pants. By making sure your pants are breathable you will have a more comfortable game as well as helping to keep you from overheating and getting sick on a hot and humid summer day.

Type of Paintball Game Play

The style of play is a key consideration as it will dictate all the previous considerations to a certain degree. Not only where you will be playing but also the style of play. You will need a different level of thickness, padding, and flexibility depending on these factors. For example, if you are playing on an actual field and not a back yard you may need more thickness and padding for more protection. If you are playing woodsball or speedball could change the level of flexibility you want. So, knowing how and where you are going to play can really narrow down your selection of paintball pants.


So now you know what to be thinking about when scrolling through the mountains of choices but lie with everything else there are always questions that pop into your head. So here are a few of the most commonly used questions. Hopefully, these will help you choose the perfect pair of paintball pants for you and ensure you know how they should fit.

Are paintball pants worth it?

Many fields require you to wear them and so for that reason alone, they seem to be worth it. There is one reason that is more important than that and that is your safety. Ensuring that you stay injury free and ready for the net attach will mean a more exciting and entertaining time on the field and in the long run will keep you from looking like the rest of the newbies on the field. After all, the last thing you want to do is miss out on any paintball fun because you have been laid up after a rough day of combat.

Can you wash paintball pants?

Like with all clothes your paintball pants will come with washing instructions. Make sure you follow them to the letter, and you should be fine. Most paintball pants are machine washable. Although many seasoned players suggest not throwing them in the dryer instead opting for the air-dry method.

What size paintball pants should I get?

Many companies will have a sizing chart on their site so making sure to check that is a definite step n the process of choosing the right size. Bear in mind, there are companies that utilize international sizing and that could mean a slight tweaking of your normal sizing. As for what size the rule of thumb is going one size up from your everyday sizes. Once again though you need to think about the sizing that the company uses and adjust to that as well.

What to wear under paintball pants?

This is up to you, but many players suggest wearing a second layer of clothes underneath just in case you tear through your top layer of clothing. Some of these players suggest an extra layer of baggy elastic pants or some other loose-fitting durable pants. By using the layering method, you are making sure to add an extra level of safety ensuring you can prevent any injuries to your legs.

How should paintball pants fit?

Paintball pants should be a little larger to allow for mobility and layering underneath them. They should not, however, be so loose that they fall or sag below the waistline. This could be just as dangerous as having them to fit your body.

Why are paintball pants so baggy?

There are many reasons why your paintball pants should be baggy.

  • Baggy paintball pants mean that you have more bounce when hit by a paintball which lessens the impact to your body.
  • Baggy paintball pants will allow enough room to add a layer of protective padding under your clothes.

Breakdown of Each Paintball Pant

With the above guidelines and knowledge, you should now be set to begin the hunt for the best paintball and for you. So, here are a few of the best for your consideration broken down into specific categories for further assistance. Check them out!

HK Army Hardline

Best for Speedball


Speedball can be a physical form of gameplay, so you want a good breathable and flexible pair of paintball pants. The HK Army Hardline Pro paintball pants have all that and so much more than they are by far the best paintball pants for the world of Speedball. These pants are designed to offer a rough and tough pant that can easily withstand all the diving, slides and crawl you will need to execute to find yourself in the winner circle come to the end of the game. The HK Army Hardline paintball pants are designed with all these great features and benefits:

  • Two buttons, Velcro-close fly
  • Water resistant front pockets
  • Ventilation and stretch in the crotch
  • Belt adjustment and loops that have an elastic strap
  • Good stretch built-in to the knee region
  • Light padding in the knee region
  • Ankle straps that are Velcro fastened
  • Double stitching to give more durability
  • Lined with mesh to improve airflow
  • Logo also acts to secure the pod pack
  • Removable hip pads

These features are amazing but let’s boil this down to the final word on the HK Army Hardline Pro paintball pants.


These pro designed paintball pants combine everything you need for a great speedball outing. The ventilation and durability of the paintball pants will guarantee a comfortable game while still looking cool. Built for combat the HK Army Hardline Pro still has a few drawbacks like the fact they run small so make sure you either try them on or go up one size to ensure the perfect fit and the thigh pocket does run a little small, not sure what can fit in it but hey it’s an extra pocket. Even with those two-minute problems, the HK Army Hardline paintball pants are one of the best paintball pants especially if you are headed out to the speedball field.

Pro: Breathability

Pro: Durability

Con: Runs small

Con: Thigh pocket size


Exalt Thrasher T4

Best Adjustable


Adjustability is key when in the field and the Exalt Thrasher T4 has a high performing adjustability that makes it the best paintball pant for this category. Tactical and budget-friendly these paintball pants offer great padding that means that you can forgo purchasing extra knee pads if you are looking to lessen the bill for your kit just a bit. The Exalt Thrasher T4 also has:

  • Plenty of belt loops
  • Coated with a coating made of silicone to keep pack slippage to a minimum
  • Elastic panels in the crotch and inseam of pants
  • Pockets lined with mesh
  • Knee area is reinforced with a stretch material
  • Multiple pockets (x2 water resistant/x2 Velcro closed/ x2 swab pockets)
  • Microfiber lining in one pocket

The Exalt Thrasher T4 is a great choice when looking for a highly adjustable pair of paintball pants. Why?


Not only is the Exalt Thrasher T4 a durable and lightweight choice but with the multiple pockets it offers plenty f storage for the paintball player. Though if you are on the shorter side you may want to consider the fact that they have been reported to run long. This is not a deal breaker all you need is to tailor them or cuff them and then you can benefit from the benefits and features of the best paintball pant for adjustability.

Pro: Lightweight

Pro: Knee pads give good coverage

Con: Run long



Best for Beginners


As a beginner, you need not only the protection but often are looking for the lowest cost of entry into this new sport. The HK Army HSTL gives the player just that as well as being incredibly breathable and flexible. Designed with quality in mind this pant also offers the player these features:

  • Two-button, padded snap fly
  • Lined with mesh
  • Belt loops for use of belt
  • Waist straps to tighten fit that is closed using Velcro
  • Multiple pockets made with easily cleanable material
  • Easy to clean
  • Designed with stretch material in the crotch and inner thigh area
  • Lightly padded
  • Velcro ankle straps at the bottom of the legs
  • Padded hip

For a beginner the HK Army HSTL is a great way to start and here is the overall summation on this entry on the best paintball pants list.


The HK Army HSTL is best for beginners because they are a quality product for a reasonable budget. This is key especial when starting out as you do not want to spend a lot of money, purchase the wrong thing and then wind up with regret while looking like the newbie you are. These pants though offering limited padding which means you will need to purchase some elevate their spot on the list of the best paintball pants because they are durable and offer amazing breathability.

Pro: Easy to clean

Pro: Hip padding

Con: Limited padding


Bunker Kings V2 Supreme

Best Lightweight


One of the things that you should consider when picking the best paintball pant for you is the weight and the best lightweight paintball pant is the Bunker Kings V2 Supreme. The athletic fit of these paintball pants is a different fit then usually suggested as it sits closer to the body than the traditional paintball pant. Designed in a more athletic fit without decreasing breathability the V2 Supreme paintball pant also offers these features:

  • Fly that is Velcro closed
  • Protective padding (crotch) that is removable
  • Lined with mesh
  • Waist adjustment done with a Velcro strap
  • Pockets with zippered closure
  • Material made with elasticity in the crotch area
  • Padding for protection from ankle to knee
  • Constructed with high-grade nylon, double stitched for strength
  • Vital areas fortified with quad stitching
  • Built-in knee pads

With all these great features here is the final word on the Bunker Kings V2 Supreme paintball pants.


The Bunker Kings design team has crafted a strong and comfortable paintball pant that will allow the player to focus on the game. Though the fit does leave something to be desired unless of course you a tall and slim guy the benefits far outweigh having to adjust the size you are wearing by a few numbers.

Pro: Waist and ankle straps that are adjustable

Pro: Pads in problematic areas (groin & knees)

Con: Slim fit

Con: Runs long


IDOGEAR G3 Combat Pants

Best Tactical


IDOGEAR strives to bring a quality product to the market that elevates its customers experience in whatever outdoor activity they are in to. The G3 Combat pants with their new design do that with an edge on the more tactical aspects of the activity. This entrant on the best paintball pants list brings to your tactical game all the following:

  • Coated in Teflon for durability
  • Ripstop accents that offer a 4-way stretch woven panel
  • Elastic of the highest military grade
  • High level of elasticity around vital areas like the groin and hips
  • Detachable knee and elbow pads
  • Adjustable Waist
  • Adjustable size straps at waist, knee, and ankle
  • Multiple pockets (x10)

With all these amazing features it is no wonder that the IDOGEAR G3 combat pant made it into the guide.


These pants are good not only for paintball but hunting and any strenuous outdoor activity which is what they are the best paintball for tactical purposes. Made to be durable and comfortable the only downside is that they are sized according to European sizes and they do run on the smaller size. But having to figure out a new sizing system (there is a size chart available) or having to go up a size seems a low price to pay for the quality you will be getting with the IDOGEAR G3 combat pant.

Pro: Water & stain resistant

Pro: Knee pads are adjustable for height

Con: European sizing

Con: Sizing is off


Kyhao Military Tactical Combat Trousers

Best for Woodsball


Woodsball can be grueling and highly tactical so when you are starting into that style of the game lay you want a paintball pant that gives the best of both worlds. A pant that is durable and offers some of the tactical goodies like plenty of storage and great flexibility. The Kyhao Military Tactical combat pant is by far the best paintball pant for these purposes. This pant brings the following features and benefits to your game:

  • Two-snap padded fly made of Velcro
  • Lined with mesh for better air flow
  • Water resistant zippered pockets (x2) w/ microfiber lining
  • Waist and ankle adjustable straps
  • Built-in knee pads
  • Designed with composite fabric coated in Teflon

These paintball pants are certainly built for tactical operations, but what is the final takeaway.


The Kyhao Military tactical combat trouser is well ventilated and gives great protection with their adjustable knee pads. These durable and highly effective tactical pants are great for woodsball because of the storage capacity as well as the ventilation. However, they are sized in Asian sizes (there is a size chart available on the company’s website) and the stretch ability in the vital areas leave something to be desired. If you can overlook the few drawbacks these combat pants are easily the best paintball pants for your woodsball needs.

Pro: Detachable knee pads

Pro: Ventilation

Con: Asian sizing

Con: Lack of elasticity in vital areas (groin and knee)


Final Word

It can be daunting to jump into a new sport or hobby. With the information in this guide hopefully, the choice of the best paintball pant for you was made just a little easier for you. We broke down what you should look for when purchasing your paintball paint and a few of the best choices on the markets as well as answered a couple of those nagging questions you may have been thinking about. That way there is not a chance that you will feel like you have wasted your money and end up with a boatload of regret. Now you are in the know and all that is left is to, one leg at a time like we all do put your pants on and hit the field ready to be safe and victorious!