Best Paintball Tanks

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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Accessories and kit are just as important as the marker you choose when you are venturing into the world of paintball. One of those pieces of kit that could mean the difference between being a hero on the field and ending upside lined with your head in your hands is the paintball tank. A good tank will mean a higher level of performance. Now the performance you are looking for depends on the type of play you are looking to jump into.

Like with everything else in the paintball world there are many options to chose from so in this guide we are going to breakdown some of the best paintball tank choices on the market for you. Let’s get started.

Breakdown of Each Paintball Tank

Before we jump into the best paintball tanks list lets talk about how important the tank you choose is and a quick idea of what you need to look for when dissecting our selections below. The wrong tank can mean less power and therefore less range as well as accuracy. So, you can see why choosing the wrong tank could leave you full of regrets for wasting not only your time but also your money.

When looking at the sections below and any of the hundreds of others online you should always consider:

  • Type – Co2 or HPA
  • Size – for instance a 68ci/4500psi or 50ci/4500psi
  • Material – steel, carbon fiber or aluminum
  • Durability
  • Weight
  • Features

Now that you have an idea what to look at when you are making this important paintball kit decision lets et to the best paintball tanks.


GI Sportz 68/4500 Compressed Air Tank

Best for Woodsball


G.I. Sportz is one of the big names in the paintball world and they excel not only at the markers themselves but the accessories too. This carbon fiber air tank is a low-cost air system that brings a level of performance that far exceeds the price tag. Along with being kind to your wallet this tank offers you:

  • 68ci/4500psi HPA
  • Variety of colors available
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Highly efficient regulator
  • Rupture disks that are low and high pressure safe


If you are looking for a high performing and durable carbon fiber paintball tank for your woodsball play, then the G.I. Sportz 68/4500 compressed air tank could be the right selection for you. With its efficiency driven design and cool look this air tank will make you stand out from the crown. Though you take the good with the bad and there have been some reports of issues with leakage from the regulator straight from the box. This could be a deciding factor but is also something that can be easily fixed, so if the rest of the features sound perfect for you maybe overlook that and get out on that field quicker.

Pro: Price

Pro: Performance

Con: Issues with regulators out of box


Ninja Paintball Compressed HPA Air Tank w/ Adjustable Regulator Size

Best Overall


The best paintball tank for its overall versatility on the field has to be the Ninja Compressed HPA 68/4500. This impressive tank is a good size meaning longer play while still remaining lightweight. The tank also brings these benefits and features to the paintball battlefield:

  • Recharge tech that uses sound
  • Easy to change SPA (shim pressure adjustment) by adding/removing shims
  • Able to be rebuilt easily
  • Designed to be low profile
  • Regulator has been tested and crafted by hand
  • Response curve (0-51 PSI)
  • Rupture disk built for low-pressure
  • Groove’s designed for safety, bleed and restrictor
  • Up to 1200 shots per tank


This Ninja paintball tank is a lightweight, durable carbon fiber paintball tank.   The features that this tank has built into it means that you will be able to play on any style of field and in any scenario with the knowledge that you will be able to last longer and be more accurate while doing so. The fact that it is lightweight means that you will not be burdened by much added weight to your kit leading to more ability to stay stealthy as well. The only downside is that in a rough and tough sport like paintball this tank is easily dented and though that is not a major problem some paintballers may still shrug at this choice because of that.

Pro: Lightweight & durable

Pro: Long life/ less refills

Con: Easily dented

Con: Thread protector not included


Tippmann Empire Basics 48ci 3K Paintball Tank

Best for Beginners


Empire is a name you will definitely hear if you spend any time in the paintball world. Though now you may hear it called Tippmann Empire as the other big name in paintball acquired it some years ago. That being said the Tippmann Empire Basics 48/300 tank is a great way to enter the sport. This HPA tank is made of durable aluminum and has a great pressure of 300psi. It also offers:

  • Output pressure (800psi)
  • Certified by the DOT and TC
  • Upgradeable bonnet
  • American made
  • Has a flat bottom design
  • 5 year tested (hydro)


Often times the best product for beginners is one that is super budget friendly and this entry on the best paintball tanks definitely fits the bill. In fact, it is the best thing about the tank. This model because of this is often the one used in rental gear set ups. Though it is cheap you get what you pay for. It is a heavier tank than most on this list and less capacity to shoot. But when you are in the market to start the paintball game you want to think more about what if? Like what if you don’t like it and that usually leads to looking for something that does not cost an arm and leg. That is why this is the best paintball tank for beginners.

Pro: Price

Pro: Upgradeable bonnet

Con: Low shot capacity

Con: Weight


Tippmann Aluminum Co2 Tank

Best for Low Budgets


Like with all their products the team at Tippmann paintball tries to bring you the best performing paintball markers and accessories at an affordable price. This tank comes ready for battle straight from the package which means that you will be able to get out on the field and begin your milsim campaign quicker. The Tippmann Aluminum Co2 tank meets these requirements and that is why it finds itself listed as the best paintball tank for the budget minded. This tank’s benefits are:

  • Constructed of durable aluminum
  • Made in the USA
  • Industry standards exceeded on every level
  • Heavy-duty pin valve system
  • Hydro-tested (5 years)
  • Purge valve for safety
  • Multiple sizes available


So, all in all this paintball tank offers the typical Tippmann reliability and performance for a fraction of the price of many of its competitors. Not only that by Tippmann offering multiple sizes to choose from this tank truly is the best paintball tank for anyone ballin’ on a budget. One slight drawback of this tank though is that it does add a bit of heft to your overall kit and that could be bad for some style of play. Though for the most part the good far outweighs the bad so if you want to get started but don’t have a lot of money this tank could suit your needs perfectly.

Pro: Durable construction

Pro: Multiple sizes available

Con: Weight


HK Army Aluminum HPA Tank

Best for Scenarios

The HK Army Aluminum HPA tank is a great tank for any play but I particular because of its versatility and performance scenario play. The HPA tank offers the player a great refill rate and is a reliable piece of paintball kit. T also brings these features to the table:

  • Standard psi output (800psi)
  • Low profile design
  • Tank is designed in the non-SLP style
  • HPA 300PSI tank
  • Tank is manufactured with lightweight aluminum with a flat bottom for vertical storage
  • Brass threads that rotate 360-degrees
  • Rupture disks (x2) and fill nipples that are low profile
  • Nipple cover included
  • Gauge for pressure that is compact


The best thing about this paintball tank is the price. Though it is not the only great thing about it. The fact that it is rebuildable and compatible with all regulators gives it some versatility and durability that could lend itself well to the scenario style of play. Though the fact that there is no adjustability to the output does detract from the overall performance it still not enough o disqualify this tank from being on a list of the best paintball tanks.

Pro: Price

Pro: Compatible with all regulators

Con: Nonadjustable output


Ninja Aluminum Air Tank w/ Adjustable Regulator 13/3000

Best for Milsim


This tank though primarily made with the newbie in mind serves the milsim paintball soldier very well. It’s availability in multiple sizes means you are able to pick the one that will last you the length of time you need. This tank also includes the following advantages:

  • Aluminum plated piston for recharge tech
  • Valve cap constructed with durable aluminum
  • Ability to insert or remove shims to change output
  • Designed to be low profile
  • Regulator tested and crafted with the highest precision


When on the milsim field you want quick recharge and easy read gauges to ensure you are still in a good place air wise. The Ninja aluminum is perfect for that and that is why it made it on this list of the best paintball tanks. Great for a beginner or seasoned veteran alike this tank is cheap and offers multiple sizes. The multiple sizes are great for the milsim player as you can judge which one to choose per however long and how many shots you look to meet. Though it does add a little heft to your kit that could hinder your stealth ability the ability to have a choice when it comes to size erases that negative from the board.

Pro: Affordable

Pro: Multiple sizes offered

Con: Low shot capacity

Con: Weight


HK Army Aerolite Carbon Fiber HPA Paintball Tank 68/4500

Best for Speedball


The next entry on the best paintball tanks list is another from the team over at HK Army. The Aerolite Carbon Fiber HPA 68/4500 tank is designed like most HK Army products to be as performance focused as possible. This air system offers the player all of these features:

  • Constructed to be lightweight and durable with carbon fiber
  • Steadfast regulator made of aluminum
  • 4500psi fill
  • Safety certified by the TC & DOT
  • Hydro cycle of five years


Performance and durability are always something that you think about when you look at a paintball tank especially when hitting the field for speedball. Now this tank is bot highly efficient and offers standard psi output, but for a low-price tag. On top of that wallet friendly price it is also rebuildable which means it=f for any reason something goes wrong you can fix it yourself. Though straight out of box there have been a couple of negative reviews that complained of loose setscrews and air leaks. There are not enough of these to make it a consistent issue so be aware but don’t let that deter you from picking up this HK Army Aerolite tank.

Pro: Rebuildable

Pro: Price

Con: Allen Key set screw needs to be tightened

Con: Air leaks


Empire Carbon HPA Ultra Tank 80/4500

Best High Capacity


Last up on our breakdown of the best paintball tanks is another Empire tank. This one was an easy choice especially for the best capacity tank. With a high level of performance attached to a tank constructed to take a beating. The Ultra Tank also has these amazing features:

  • Lightweight design (30% lighter)
  • Made in the USA
  • Safety certified
  • Large cubic inch tank (80)


The best thing about this tank is easily the capacity. For long play without having to recharge the Empire Carbon HPA Ultra tank is the best paintball tank. With an 80 cubic inch tank and teamed with ha high performing regulator you definitely get an efficient and accurate piece of paintball equipment. But with all of that comes the one very expensive drawback and that is the price tag. If you are just getting into the sport and don’t want to spend your grocery money for the month then maybe look at one of the more budget friendly options on the list. If, however you are okay shelling out a little more you will definitely not have any regrets.

 Pro: Lightweight design

Pro: Capacity

Con: Price


Final Words

This list of best paintball tanks, hopefully, helped you narrow down your pool of choices. We broke down the best paintball tanks and even gave you a few ideas of what you need to be thinking about when making this decision. Now you are armed with knowledge and all that is left for you to do is to pick the perfect tank and get out on that field. It’s time to take no prisoners and show those guys on the field that you are more than just another new recruit!