Best Paintball Vests

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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Safety first! That’s what all our moms screamed at us as we ran out the door to play with the neighbor kids, right? Well as big kids it’s just as important especially when you are running around with fast moving projectiles being shot at you. A paintball vest is just what you need and on top of keeping you safe, it looks cool too. So, when you are embarking on your Paintball journey this is one piece of kit that you should not overlook.

But which one should you buy? There is so many choices out there that this question could be very nerve-wracking, but don’t fear. This guide will walk you through what you should look for, answer some of your burning questions and breakdown a few of the best paintball vests on the market today. So, what are we waiting for let’s get to it!

Best Paintball Vests Buyer’s Guide

Just what are you looking for? What is going to give you the best return on your investment while still making you feel like you know what you are doing out there on that milsim field? There are some key factors to consider when choosing the best paintball vest for you, but why are these factors so important. The main importance is that you want to make an informed decision so that you do not waste your money and end up not only bruise riddled but regret as well. So, let’s look at the factors that could help you keep from that tragic ending.


When making your decision of which paintball vest is the right one for you the overall weight of the piece is an important factor to consider. Depending on your style of play you may want a lighter vest to keep from sweating. Also, the climate you are playing on. For instance, if you’re playing woodsball in a humid climate you may want a lighter weight to keep you from sweating so much and thereby keeping your chances of dehydration down.


Size in this category does not only mean ft but bulkiness as well. This is most often a consideration when playing in tight quarter scenarios as a vest that is to buy could hinder your movability and therefore the game. It is also important to think about when you consider the kit you need to carry. If you are playing an extended scenario milsim you may want to carry several mags for reloading as well as other important gear so more pockets could be important. That is why when considering which vest is the right one size plays a key role.


Getting the most from the vest you choose is important. The factor that has the most impact on the durability and life span of this piece of paintball equipment is the material it is constructed of after all you are going t be jumping, crawling and combat rolling through some tough stuff. So, the material is one of the most important aspects on this list.

Type of Game Play

How are you intending to use your vest? Are you a woodsball player? Or are you a scenario kind of paintball soldier? Whatever your style of play you will have different needs in your marker and your equipment. So, making sure the vest meets the needs of that gameplay is important to ensure your safety and victory.

What You Need to Carry

The style of play has a lot to do with what you need to carry to be successful o the paintball battlefield. So really diving into what you will need to carry is key. Will you want extra mags or Co2 canisters? Are you playing a long game scenario where you may need a map or even a compass? Having a vest that will comfortably fit all your extra gear will ensure that you can thoroughly enjoy the game and not have to leave the field to refill or even recharge.

Paintball Vest Frequently Asked Questions

Whenever you are looking to make any type of purchase whether big or small, important or trivial there are always questions that pop into your mind. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions when trying to decide which paintball vest is the right one for you and your paintball needs.

How to clean a paintball vest?

The very first answer to this is to ensure that you read the washing instructions that come with the vest and follow them to the letter. Most of them will suggest hosing the vest off or give you the exact instructions for utilizing a washing machine. But the one thing that you should know about cleaning your vest is to allow ample time as you should let it air dry rather than throwing it in the dryer.

Do I really need a paintball vest?

Hey, it’s up to you in the end, but the vest affords you a level of safety hat you may want to consider important. Not only for tactical reasons like the ability to have everything you need accessible and ready to use, but those paintballs don’t feel good when they hit you. So once again it’s up to your preference but it is a highly suggested piece of gear only second to a paintball mask.

How to know if the vest will fit?

The best advice on this question is to like with all pieces of clothing try it on. If, however, you are unable to do that because you are ordering online hen you simply need to read some reviews, or most companies will have some sort of size chart that may be helpful.

Are paintball vests worth it?

Just like the question above about if you need a paintball vest, whether it is worth it is up to your discretion. The tactical ability it gives you to be ready for whatever the battlefield throws at you alone should make the idea of a vest worth it. But if that’s not enough then consider the safety and protection aspect. The last thing you want is to be so sore from the last game that you must miss the next one. The choice is yours.

Breakdown of Each Paintball Vest

Okay now that you have some idea what you are looking for let’s talk about some of the best paintball vests on the market today. Each one is designated to a specific category, but most can be used for any style of play. Take your time and check out the entire list we have compiled of the best paintball vests and see if one of them is the perfect fit for you and your needs.

Yakeda Tactical CS Field Vest

Best Breathable Mesh


This tactical vest from Yakeda is one of the best paintball vests especially when you consider the breathability of this durable and highly functional piece of kit. Crafted with a nylon mesh that works well in any climate and designed to give optimal coverage he Yakeda Tactical CS Field Vest also affords the player a plethora of other cool features and benefits. Things like:

  • Multiple adjustable accessory pouches
  • Right shoulder padded for rifle kickback
  • Draw holster that is detachable
  • Size adjustable up to 4X
  • Straps at the shoulder and side that can be modified for the wearer for the perfect fit
  • Crafted of light and durable polyester
  • Able to be used for multiple activities
  • Efficient organization through a system of pouches, hooks, and straps.


The Yakeda Tactical CS Filed Vest has a lot of great tactical advantages, but the enhanced level of breathability is the one that stands out above all the others. Sure, the ability to personalize with the multiple pockets that are available, and the durability is important. However, when paying for long hours the vests ability to allow a good air flow may save you a lot of problems. Though about personalization the one downside is that it is currently only available in black and so if you are looking for a vest that melds into your surroundings you need to keep reading.

Pro: Storage capability

Pro: Breathability

Con: No color selection

Con: Padding only on the right shoulder


GZ Xinxing Tactical Vest

Best for Milsim


Coming from across the seas from a company that has been crafting quality outdoor accessories for over two decades the GZ Xingxing Tactical vest brings a lot to the game. This entry on the list is by far one of the best paintball vests especially if you are more of the milsim style player. The level of customization and the durable construction of this vest makes it a perfect fit for the majority of your milsim needs. This vest also gifts the player with these advantages as well:

  • Enhanced air ventilation due to its high-quality nylon mesh design
  • Multiple straps to adjust it for your perfect fit
  • Available up to size 2X
  • Internal map/document pockets
  • Ample storage capacity


The GZ Xingxing Tactical Vest gives the player a high level of durability while also having a nice capacity to store all your extra equipment. The fact that you can customize the pockets to meet your desires is great and a great benefit. However, it is sort of one side as the removable pouches are only on the left side and therefore not great for the left-handed player. Also, if you are on the taller end of the spectrum this vest will fit short and therefore will not give you enough coverage. If you are a milsim player though this may be a small thing and the storage capacity will let you overlook the few faults this vest comes with.

Pro: Durable

Pro: Plenty of movable pockets

Con: Runs short

Con: No detachable right-side pouches


Maddog Tactical Vest

Best for Speedball


The Maddog Tactical vest is one of the best paintball vests out there. Built to be able t hold over 600 rounds and carry a high capacity paintball tank the folks at Maddog were not playing when they designed this military-style vest. The vest also includes all these game enhancing benefits:

  • Mesh and webbing integrated into the design for breathability
  • Fortified system for attachments
  • Enhanced adjustability with Velcro straps that are designed to be super durable
  • Fits sizes youth up to XL


This tactical vest from Maddog is one of the best paintball vests on the market right now. No matter what style of play you have in mind the breathability and high capacity storage will make your battlefield excursion so much easier and more comfortable. Though the lack of color selection, it only comes in black and one style of camo, is a little disappointing and some have complained about the pod pouches opening from the top instead of the bottom which could save some time. Though if you are looking for high capacity storage for your speedball game you may overlook these few minor infractions.

Pro: Breathable

Pro: Size availability

Con: Color selection

Con: Pods are pulled up instead of dropped down


Maddog Padded Chest Protector

Best for Beginners


Lightweight and padded for maximum protection the team at Maddog have given the paintball community a great chest protector. In fact, the best paintball vest in our opinion for beginners is the Maddog Padded Chest Protector. The chest protector also offers:

  • Rear and front protection
  • Customizable detachable pockets for your equipment
  • Fitted to your frame for comfort and ease of use with elastic straps at the shoulders and side
  • Available in 2 colors (black or woodland camo)
  • Constructed with a lightweight, durable material


For a beginner this entrant on the list of the best paintball vests in the perfect choice. The cost fits the needs of someone just looking t get into the sport and the padding is a good thickness to protect them from the foreign feeling of having paintballs splattering against their bodies. The effective padding tied together with the super high-quality Velcro that stays put even during the most vigorous game will ensure that the rookie will remain safe and have comfortable gameplay. No, it does run a little short and small so if you are a heavier player or above 5’8 you might want to consider one of the other options on our list.

Pro: Well Padded

Pro: Secure Straps

Con: Fits short and small


Yakeda Tactical Chest Rig

Best for Mag-fed Game Play


Yakeda delivers another entry on the best paintball vests list with the tactical chest rig. Adjustable in height as well as waist this vest will give you a custom fit that is comfortable as well. This vest is good for any player that is involved in any style of play, but especially for those that enjoy utilizing a mag-fed marker. The vest comes with all the bells and whistles including:

  • Manufactured for durability and comfort with a high-grade nylon
  • Water resistant
  • Fits sizes small up to 2X
  • Adjustable in the shoulders and waist
  • Easy adjustment with straps and buckles
  • Shoulder strap that is padded
  • Mesh spacer that allows enhancing air flow
  • Enhanced storage capacity


The chest rig from Yakeda gives the player plenty of room to store the magazines and that means those with a mag-fed marker may find this durable budget friendly vest one of the best paintball vests for their needs. Though some users have complained that some of the pockets are too tight and that adjusting the vests while on is difficult the fact that there are multiple adjustable pockets able to carry your magazines could offset those few negatives.

Pro: Durability

Pro: Price

Con: Hard to retighten while on

Con: Tight pockets


MG Flash force Tactical Vest

Most Durable


The MG Flash force vest fuses the durable constriction of high-grade nylon with a lining made of PVC to create a tough to tear piece if paintball equipment. The tactical vest with its rough and tough design also brings some other great features to the player like:

  • Adjustable waist and shoulder for the perfect fit
  • Sizes range from M – 2X
  • Good for multiple outdoor activities
  • Customizable pocket layout
  • Money back guarantee

The team at MG Flash force strive to make their customers happy and with all these great attributes and backed by a money back guarantee they are making that obvious.


The MG Flash force Tactical vest brings a level of durability that rivals any other vest on this list of the best paintball vests. Though with the durability you sometimes must take a little extra heft. In fact, this vest has been reported by some customers to not function well in the ventilation realm during excessively hot weather. If you can overlook a little sweat and stay hydrated this is a small negative when you think about the durability and fit of this tactical vest.

Pro: Universal fit

Pro: Personalization

Con: Heavyweight


Tippmann Padded Chest Protector

Best Chest Protector


Paintball players will feel protected and ready for battle with the Tippmann chest protector. Like all Tippmann products, this padded chest protector offers high-quality performance at a reasonable price. This best paintball vest also brings more of those great features the Tippmann devout are accustomed to such as:

  • Good with close range protection
  • Double stitched durable construction
  • Easily adjusted to fit your body for the most protection and comfortability
  • Padded straps for fit adjustment
  • Easy to store


Tippmann is a name that if you are researching the world of paintball you will run into quite a bit. The Tippmann markers and accessories are designed to be durable and cost friendly for the paintball player and this padded vest is another example of them living up to their mission statement. The vest is more flexible than most giving the player better mobility as well as a durably constructed easy to adjust use. There is no storage vest but because it is so flexible and the thing you may be able to combine it with another vest for a storage upgrade. The only other thing is that the padding is thinner than most other chest protectors it still offers great protection.

Pro: Flexibility

Pro: Durable

Con: No storage capacity

Con: Slightly thinner padding than normal


Action Union Tactical Military Vest

Best Adjustable


The awesomely cool tactical vest from Action Union brings a durably constructed vest of sponge cloth and EVA plates for protective cover. With adjustability that ensures a perfect fit and a comfortable one as well this vest also offers its wearer the following features:

  • Waist and shoulder adjustable straps
  • Supplementary pouches can be attached with a MOLLE system
  • Great for any outdoor activity
  • Water resistant
  • Reinforced zipper


When you think of protection you don’t always consider the cool factor but this vest from Action Union will make you. The design offers a stylish but comfortable way to protect yourself from the flying projectiles on the paintball field. With a comfortable fit, you will be able to look cool while maintaining a good level of mobility. There is only one drawback to this vest. The storage capacity is good, but the ease of pouch placement is not the best. That is a small thing to overlook to look like a Rockstar and be able to play like a pro.

Pro: Comfortable to wear

Pro: Cool design

Con: Ease of pouch placement


Modern Warrior Junior Tactical Vest

Best for Youth Players


Looking to spend some quality time with your child dodging speeding projectiles on the field then you will want them protected for sure. This tactical vest from Modern Warrior will guarantee your kid is protected, so check out all its features:

  • Suggested for 13 and up
  • Adjustable in the chest and shoulder for a tight fit
  • Storage capacity with multiple pockets
  • Zippers that are durable and strong

The design team at Modern Warrior have really stripped this junior tactical vest down to the very basics, but sometimes that is the way to craft a vest that lands on a list of the best paintball vests.


When looking for the best paintball vest for your youth the biggest thing you are looking for is the ability to grow with them. This vest is so adjustable that you will get your money’s worth when you purchase this for your child. Not to mention the fact that is built to withstand whatever your kid throws at it. It is a very basic vest with no extra frills, but when you are looking to get your kid into paintball you may not feel the necessity to have all the extras.

Pro: Adjustability

Pro: Durable

Con: No extra frills


Final Word

Like with so many things in this world there are so many options available to choose from and the time you spend searching for that perfect one for you could be better served on the field. So, hopefully, this guide has given you everything you need to make a quick and regret-free decision on the best paintball vest for you. We broke down what you should consider, answered some of those burning questions you had and gave you some great choices to choose from. So, kit up and make your entrance onto that milsim field with confidence knowing you are going to show those squads on the field who is the man…or woman!