Can Gel Blasters Be Modified?

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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Paintball and other combat sports have many different types of weapons available, and one of those is the gel blaster. Just like with any other marker, you might want to modify your gel blaster for more customizable gameplay and better performance.

Modifying gel blasters is quite simple. You can customize everything from the overall build and look to rail attachments and scopes.

However, no matter which modification you go with, it needs to be geared toward your style of play and what you’re looking to get from your gel blaster.

But that’s the simple answer, so we’re gonna go into a more in-depth one below. So if you’re looking to modify your gel blaster, keep reading; it will help you determine what works for you.

How Should You Do it?

Modifying your gel blaster is the process in which you take the internal parts and elevate them with new, improved versions. This is intended to help improve some aspects of your performance and impact your overall experience on the field.

If you are looking to do this, you’ll need to ensure that you know the model you’re working with very well and then determine which pieces need to be modified to give you the accuracy or performance improvement you’re looking for.

Then all that’s left is for you to purchase the pieces and begin the modification process. But, depending on the type of modification, most of them will not take too long, and you should be up and ready to get out there on the field sooner rather than later.


What are Modifying Gel Blasters Good For?

Modifying your blaster is good for a wealth of different things. This, of course, depends on the modification you choose, but ideally, most people that are looking to customize their gel blasters do it for the following reasons:


  • Reliability – The last thing you want is to be out on the field and have your blaster not work properly. So many of the upgrades and modifications available to gel blasters are intended to help improve reliability.
  • Distance – If you are looking to play the long game, the standard 66-foot distance capability of gel blasters may not be enough.
  • Accuracy – When it comes to combat sports that utilize markers or blasters like we’re talking about, one wants to be as accurate as possible. So it’s not surprising that many of the modifications available
  • Durability – No one wants to have to replace their job plastered over and over again. So sometimes, taking the time to replace parts straight from the box can extend the life of the blaster.


The Top Mods for Gel Blasters

Now that you know why, let’s take a look at some of the top mods for gel blasters and what those modifications did for your job last year.


  • Hop up – This device is the thing in the gel blaster that applies backspin to the projectile. Modifying this aspect of your job last will help improve your accuracy.
  • Spring – Investing in a thicker spring which is used to protect the gel ball, can help increase the power of the shot.
  • O-ring – If you want to reduce the noise and have a better seal, then you would want to replace the O-ring. This will help improve air tightness as well
  • Motor – Looking for more efficiencies in the entire blaster? In other words, to improve reliability, replacing the motor might be a good idea. However, this is one of those modifications you must be super careful with.
  • Tappet – For those who want a little extra range when shooting, installing a stronger tappet could be the right modification for you.
  • Piston – Depending on the gel blaster model, you may find that the pistons within are not composed of durable material. Therefore replacing them with the metal piston could help extend the life of your blaster.
  • Gear set – You want to be able to shoot more rounds per minute. Then you need to modify the gear set.
  • Barrel – Accuracy is the game’s name, so if you want that, you need a smoother surface on the interior of your barrel. That’s why modifying your job last year with a metal barrel might be optimal.


Can You Shoot Ball Bearings Out of a Gel Blaster?

There are many people out there who, when they take on this hobby, look to see if they can utilize this gun in a multitude of different ways. But if you’re wondering if you can shoot ball bearings from your gel blaster, the simple answer is no.

Most user manuals suggest you use nothing other than the gel balls that are intended for the gun. After all, if you try to shoot anything other than that, you could inadvertently damage your blaster.


What Gel Blaster Shoots the Hardest?

The speed of the gel plaster has a lot to do with the power behind the impact. There are a lot of options out there that have a wide range of velocity.

Maybe one of the highest in the models that shoot 11 gel balls a second. These tend to shoot at about 200 feet per second period. This is by far One of the fastest ever.


Final Thoughts on Can Gel Blasters Be Modified?

So yes, you can modify your gel blaster. The trick is determining how you want to do and what you’re looking to do for yourself before you choose your customization. We hope our look at a few modifications has helped you determine just that!