Can you drink alcohol at paintball?

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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You cannot drink alcohol at a paintball facility. This is standard for all paintballing facilities. Therefore, before and during paintballing, there is no consumption of alcohol.


Why Should You Avoid Drinking at Paintball?

It’s all about safety. Therefore, drinking needs to be avoided. An individual’s reflexes will be slower, and their judgment may be altered.

When participating in a game where you are handling a paintball gun, you need to be focused and aware of the safety of yourself and the safety of others.


Can You Buy Alcohol at Paintball Centers?

It depends on the facility, and there are some facilities that do serve alcohol once the game has been completed, and the individual will not be playing any more paintball games.

So research the paintball venue you’re attending and see if they do serve alcohol because this will vary from location to location.

Person standing near a wall with a paintball gun in one hand - Can You Drink Alcohol At Paintball?

Will You Be Removed from a Paintball Centre if You Bring Alcohol?

Yes. The facility will ask you to leave. Under no circumstances can an individual bring alcohol to a paintball facility. An individual will be removed. Please don’t bring any alcohol and end the good time before it even begins.


Does Drinking before Paintball Slow Your Reflexes?

Drinking prior to paintball will slow your reflexes. Therefore, it is highly recommended not to drink prior to paintballing.


Should You Drink Alcohol After a Paintball Match?

Afterward, absolutely have fun. Paintball is such a fun time, especially when played with a huge group. Make sure you have a safe way of getting home. It is completely up to you if you would like to drink.


Final Thoughts on Drinking Alcohol at Paintball

Drinking and physical activity are never a good combination, so you should avoid drinking before or during paintball matches.

Even drinking alcohol right after the match isn’t recommended either since your body will need some rest, especially considering dehydration.