Can you use HPA at MILSIM?

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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Just for those that do not know what HPA stands for, it refers to High-Pressure Air tanks, which will produce higher velocity shooting effects than lower-pressure tanks. Again, for those not privy to Paintball culture, MILSIM stands for military simulation.

To be straightforward, a player can use HPA tanks when running a MILSIM situation. But, of course, to be confident, each pit and paintball field will have its own set of rules; check in with the front desk and ask questions.

The easiest way to know if you can use your equipment is to call ahead and confirm with the facility managers.

Two person wearing paintball gears in a jungle - Can you use HPA at MILSIM?

What are the Advantages?

The beginning models of markers had propulsion systems that would launch paintballs with enough velocity to leave marks on trees that needed to be cut or on livestock for identification purposes. 

The advantage of having High Pressured Air systems and tanks would be the velocity of the paint being shot, the accuracy that comes with that, and the increased firing rate.

Higher powered equipment like the HPA tank Marker have higher accuracies than lower pressure markers and will, in addition to the benefits mentioned above, increase the range of the Marker as well. So, all in all, if you intend to be competitive, then the HPA is for you.


Is HPA good for Paintball?

In effect, the High-Pressure Air tanks have made the Markers better. The mechanisms operate smoother and at faster trigger speeds, and automatic versions do not lose pressure as quickly, all of which adds to the quality of the game.

In each match, with quality HPA technology, a combat athlete will have consistent pressure and quality of fire. In addition, the paint will be launched with consistent velocity, with higher accuracy, and at a more extended range when necessary.

To say it clearly, yes, HPA has been a fantastic innovation for the sport of Paintball. As a result, there is a noticeable improvement in the quality of matches and the enjoyment levels of the participants of the sport.


What Do You Need to Know Before You Use HPA?

The first thing you must know is that the higher-pressure air tank will launch the paint at an increased velocity, which in plain terms, means when it hits its target, it will more than likely leave a mark. 

Therefore, First-timers or veterans of the sport, the user of the HPA, must be aware of specific responsibilities that come with firing a projectile with that much velocity.

Make sure everyone has an eye and facial protection helmet or mask, advise against bare skin attire and promote thicker clothing options to avoid bursitis, and be aware that an HPA marker is capable of hurting someone if misused.


Does Accuracy Deteriorate with HPA?

Quite the opposite is true; replacing an older setup with a High-Pressure Air system will increase the accuracy of the Marker and improve the players’ quality of play. 

However, if an air tank gets low over time, as with all Paintball tanks, the paint’s velocity and accuracy will slow and lower, respectively.

To increase the accuracy of a Paintball Marker, a combatant must maintain the pressure levels of the tanks used during competition. Otherwise, risking potential accuracy, performance, and range reduction in the heat of battle.

Develop strategies that involve swapping tanks to avoid any pressure loss performance issues.


What are the flaws of HPA?

When comparing an HPA system with a standard system, it is hard to see any flaws outside of a casual situation. 

A flaw, in this situation, would be scaring off a child or partner because of a painful experience to which participants would want lower-pressured equipment geared towards enjoyment and not realism.

Other flaws might include shorter longevity compared to the lower-powered tanks or the increased spending on paintballs because of the automatic abilities made possible by HPA systems. 

But, straight to the point, there is not much to complain about when shooting paint with one of these higher-pressure air tank markers.  


Final Thoughts on Can you use HPA at MILSIM?

As a paintball enthusiast, High-Pressure Air tank systems make for some fun out in the fields of combat. 

The accuracy, range, and speed at which a player can fire are all increased with an HPA system marker, which generally translates into a better overall experience and matches quality.  

Advice, have a different setup for different situations, such as when playing with children; consider using a low-powered, non-HPA marker to avoid unnecessary injuries. 

However, when in MILSIM situation type play, be sure to have the best Marker possible, and HPA tanks will go a long way to improving your chances of success.