Cheap Paintball Vests

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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When you are looking to kit up for paintball one of the largest considerations is safety. Especially since those paint projectiles that will be flung through the air by your buddies’ paintball marker can leave a mark. To keep yourself safe there are a few key pieces of equipment – a mask, knee pads, and a vest. The vest can often be the one piece that you are tempted to overlook that is until you get hot for the first time with a paintball then it will be forefront in your thoughts. So, save yourself some time and a little bit of pain and make a paintball vest a high priority.

Now that you have made it a must buy the big question becomes which one should you buy? With a wide range of choices and styles, this could be a very stressful decision. In this article, we will break down some of the best cheap paintball vests on the market for you. Let’s get started.

Breakdown of Each Paintball Vest

Each of the selections on this list of cheap paintball vests is designated for a specific style or feature though they truly can be interchangeable depending on what your specific needs are. So carefully read through this curated list and hopefully, within its choices, you will find yourself the perfect paintball vest for you.

Maddog Lightweight Paintball Vest

Cheap for Speedball


When thinking about vests you are often not only thinking about safety but the ability to increase your carrying capacity. After all, how lame is it when you have to pause the game to run and reload. The Maddog Lightweight Paintball vest not on is one on the cheapest paintball vests but also allows you to carry just what you need. It can increase your ammo carry capacity to 560 rounds which will greatly enhance your speedball game, but you also get all this as well:

  • Ergonomically crafted lightweight design
  • Attachments for pods w/ ripcord
  • Buckle closed, adjustable sides that allow enhanced air flow
  • Multiple pockets for extra accessories or personal items
  • Tank storage slot w/ heavy duty Velcro
  • Seams that reinforced with extra strength nylon


The Maddog Lightweight Paintball vest is a well-crafted durable lightweight alternative to some of the more expensive vests on the market. With enhanced heavy duty stitching this vest is ready for whatever you throw at it on the battlefield. Though many have reported it runs a little big, so you may want to pay close attention to the size chart and err on the side of caution. Though that is not the only drawback as many paintballer reviews have lamented about the fact that the paintball pods pocket is designed faced down making it a possibility to lose some paintballs when you are trying to reload while running and gunning. If you are more of a stealth player even this little drawback will not be enough to overshadow the amazing deal you get on this piece of kit from Maddog.

Pro: Lightweight

Pro: Durable

Con: Fits big

Con: Pod holders face down


Invenko Tactical Airsoft Vest

Cheap for Tactical


The Invenko tactical vest will give the paintballer everything that they should expect from a tactical vest. Durable and constructed of high-quality material this vest also has these features that you can use to enhance your milsim performance:

  • Height and waist adjustable
  • Multiple pouches and pockets for expanded storage capacity
  • Constructed with MOLLE and Velcro for attachments
  • Flexible and wear resistant design


On a list of cheap paintball vests, you would hope that one of the best things about each of these entries is the price tag and it is, but some outshine others even on this list. The Invenko tactical vest is one of those. For the quality and game-enhancing features, this tactical vest brings to the paintballer this vest is definitely the best option for someone looking for a long-lasting piece of kit that also offers a decent level of protection. The front padding on this vest minimizes impact and that is never a bad thing. If you’re considering this as your go-to vest you may want to consider the many suggest this vest run on the snug side which may not be a bad thing. However, one thing that is definitely an issue is the consistent report by customers of a very strong odor that just doesn’t go away even after several washes. If this is a deal breaker never fret, we have more selections for good cheap paintball vests for you.

Pro: Price

Pro: Front padding

Con: Odor

Con: Runs small


Hero Egg Tactical Vest

Cheap Lightweight


The lightweight tactical vest from Hero Egg is chock full of great features for a low-price tag. When looking to expand your kit that could be the only thing you are concerned with, but this vest will check that box and so much more. Some of the amazing advantages you will get from this vest include:

  • Multiple pouches and pockets for increased storage capacity of accessories and personal items
  • Padded should region
  • Sidearm holster that is a cross draw style
  • Waist and shoulder straps for adjustment
  • Pouches attached to a pistol belt
  • Storage space for a hydration bag
  • Handle for rescue drag
  • Heavy-duty zipper


For the best lightweight cheap paintball vest, the Hero Egg Tactical vest s so much more than just that. Allowing for an above average enhanced storage capacity and a long-lasting durable construction this vest is one of the most flexible and budget-friendly of the vests covered in this article. You will be hard pressed to find many negative reviews though there are some customers that complain about the pistol holder not holding the guns as well as it should. If that is the only negative to this vest, then get your money’s worth and check out the Hero Egg Tactical Vest.

Pro: Storage capacity

Pro: Durability

Con: Frequent complaints about the pistol holder


GZ Xingxing Tactical Airsoft Vest

Cheap Breathable Mesh


For over two decades the company from across the pond has been crafting high-quality outdoor accessories. GZ Xingxing’s tactical airsoft vest keeps the company’s dedication to providing quality for quantity alive and well. With a level of durability and customization that outshine most of the competitors, you would imagine this vest cold never make it on a list of the best cheap paintball vests. But you would be wrong! Check out what that low-price tag gets you:

  • Enhanced air ventilation due to its high-quality nylon mesh design
  • Multiple straps to adjust it for your perfect fit
  • Available up to size 2X
  • Internal map/document pockets
  • Ample storage capacity


The GZ Xingxing Tactical Vest gives the paintballer an enhanced level of durability while also having a storage capacity that allows for an increased ammo supply. That tied in with the fact that the ventilation of this vest allows for better airflow from the mesh used in its construction this vest is a contender for whatever your needs are on the battlefield. The fact that you can customize the pockets to meet your desires is great and a great benefit. However, it is sort of one side as the removable pouches are only on the left side and therefore not great for the left-handed player. Also, if you are on the taller end of the spectrum this vest will fit short and therefore will not give you enough coverage. If you are a milsim player though this may be a small thing and the storage capacity will let you overlook the few faults this vest comes with.

Pro: Durable

Pro: Storage capacity

Con: Runs short

Con: Lack of right-side detachable pockets


Gwendolyn Airsoft Tactical Vest

Cheap for Milsim


This tactical vest is amazing for use in any of your milsim scenarios. With its perfect color selection of both sandy tan and camo, you can camouflage yourself to ensure success in your milsim campaign while still benefiting from comfortable wear. This tactical vest also enhances your gameplay with the following attributes:

  • Constructed of durable wear resistant material
  • Size is adjustable both in the waist and shoulder
  • Multiple pouches and pockets for increased storage capacity


When looking for a vest the usual first thing you think of is the padding this vest, however, is sorely lacking in this category. So instead the biggest takeaway from this vest should be if you are looking at for a good cheap vest for milsim then the Gwendolyn Airsoft tactical vest may just be what you are looking for. It is a durably crafted piece with a few reviews that complain about an inconsistent fit. To make sure that you do not suffer from this con make sure to utilize the companies size chart or if this is something you just can’t risk many of the other entrants on this list could be used as a milsim vest as well.

Pro: Storage capacity

Pro: Durable

Con: No padding

Con: Inconsistent fit


Maddog Padded Chest Protector

Cheap Bundle


The team at Maddog make another appearance on the list of the best cheap paintball vest available to the paintballers of the world. Crafted to be lightweight and padded for maximum protection the Maddog chest protector also is kind to the paintballers bottom line which doesn’t only make it great for what we have already mentioned but also a great entry level [ice of git for the new paintballer. The chest protector also offers:

  • Rear and front protection
  • Customizable detachable pockets for your equipment
  • Fitted to your frame for comfort and ease of use with elastic straps at the shoulders and side
  • Available in 2 colors (black or woodland camo)
  • Constructed with a lightweight, durable material


For new recruits on the milsim field, this entrant is a perfect choice. The cost fits the needs of someone just looking to get into the sport and the padding is a good thickness to protect them from the highspeed projectiles flying across the field. The effective padding tied together with Velcro that is of the highest quality will ensure that the rookie will remain safe and have comfortable gameplay. All though there are many players that state that it does run a little short and small so if you are a heavier player or above 5’8 you might want to consider one of the other options on our list.

Pro: Padding

Pro: Secure Straps

Con: Fits short and small


Final Word

This list of cheap paintball vests was carefully crafted to help you narrow down your choices to the most effective piece for your unique needs. Hopefully by the time you reached the bottom you had a hassle-free decision process and are now ready to crawl, kneel and jump your way onto the battlefield with no regrets ready to make it known that you aren’t just another newbie. You came to leave a mark or 50 in bright fluoresce colors. That’s right there will be no prisoners or bruises taken by this milsim soldier!