How Much Does It Cost to Refill A Paintball CO2 Tank?

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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A paintball is expelled through the barrel thanks to Co2 gas or air release. That means that one of your paintball kit’s key aspects must be a good supply of Co2 or compressed air tanks.

But you don’t want to buy a new one every time you use it, which is great because these tanks can be refilled quite easily.

Just like with everything else, you want to ensure that you understand the cost behind that. Most of the time, you’re going to look at about $3 to $6 for every thousand PSI when it comes to Co2. But that’s not a hard and fast rule, so let’s dive deeper into this question.

Person with a paintball gun wearing a helmet with stormtrooper print on it - How Much Does It Cost to Refill A Paintball CO2 Tank?

Does the Price Vary?

In the end, the price to fill a tank up completely depends on the size of the tank as well as the location you’re filling it up at. So the prices will vary from place to place. So you may want to shop around for the best deal.

There are a ton of places where you can do this. So taking the time to do your research and find the price that fits your budget is key.

After all, if you’re going to be serious about getting out on the field, you’re going to want to make sure that you save as much as possible in the places you can. Unfortunately, some paintball gear can be quite pricey!


What is the Average Price?

The average price, of course, will depend on where you’re getting your tanks filled. But on average, you’re looking at around $5 to refill your Co2 tank in the US.

Maybe one of the best places to look to fill your tank is the paintball field or a designated store selling paintball gear. Of course, there are plenty of other places you can find fill-up stations, but these may be the ones that have the most friendly prices.


Which Paintball Guns Cost the Most to Refill?

Any paintball gun that utilizes a Co2 tank will be more costly to fill than something that uses an HPA fill. This is because HPA uses compressed air instead of compressed gas. So it makes sense that the compressed air would be cheaper.

Also, look at paintball guns, and then you have to look at the size of the tank itself. It’s naturally not surprising that a gun with a larger tank will take more money to fill.


Which Store is the Cheapest to Refill a Gun?

Most sports stores or places that have sporting goods sections will have some way to fill up your tank. But just because the service is available doesn’t mean it’s the right place to get it done.

Most seasoned paintballers will suggest you fill up at a designated paintball store or the paintball field itself. There, you’re going to get the lowest prices, particularly at the paintball field itself.

So if you have the capability of waiting until you get to the paintball field, we highly suggest that. If not, shop around to the many different sporting goods stores and even check out your local home improvement stores because you may find you can get them filled there as well.


Paintball Guns That Are the Cheapest to Refill

If you’re trying to move the money around in your paintball budget and want to ensure you have more money for things like accessories and customizations of the gun itself, you will want to find the cheapest place to refill.

But you can also look at the gun itself to ensure you’re choosing one that has the lowest refill cost. Oftentimes these are the ones with the smaller Co2 tanks and those with features that optimize the airflow.

Most likely, you’re going to want to look at mechanical or electronic options as this addresses airflow features better than the pump action models.


Final Thoughts on How Much Does It Cost to Refill a Paintball Co2 Tank

You’re always going to have more fun on the field if you are relaxed and worry-free. So understanding the costs that go into your new hobby can help you out and improve your game.

That means understanding everything from the gear cost to the upkeep and maintenance that goes along with the sport.

One of the aspects of this is refilling your air source. So we hope that by looking at the cost of refilling your paintball gun’s Co2 tank, we’ve helped with that.