Do Paintball CO2 Tanks Expire?

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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In general, there are two types of Paintball tanks; there are the HPA (High-Pressure Air) tanks and the CO2 tanks. Generally, a CO2 tank will only last three to five years after the manufacturing date. In some circles, this is termed the re-hydro date.

There is also a termination period, which like all things, comes with age. Seals and the bottle’s integrity will come into question after a period of time; the only sure way to know if a CO2 tank is functional is to get it tested regularly after the three-year mark.

Man wearing green holding a paintball gun in hands - Do Paintball CO2 Tanks Expire?

How do I Know if my Paintball Tank is Expired?

This will be simple; as mentioned before, the best way to be sure is to get your air tanks tested regularly after the three-to-five-year mark. A re-hydro process is meant to help players avoid any explosions or injuries caused by a faulty paintball tank.

Also, some self-checks that are quaint would be to listen for leaks and be super observant of how the Marker is operating and how the rounds are being shot. Little tells will help you, as the combat athlete, be sure your Marker is at one hundred percent.


Where is the Date on a CO2 Tank?

There will be different locations on different brands of air tanks, but usually, a person will find the dates just below the crown of the bottle.

Within the first three lines, there will be a printed month and year, in which a player will want to project out three to five years to maintain the tank properly.

Of course, some brands will put the number on the bottom of the bottle. Either on the lip or all the way on the bottom, and if you are still looking for a date, wait to buy that tank.


For How Long Does the Tank Last?

How long a tank will last depends on the brand, how much it is used in combat, and how well it is taken care of.

On average, most experts concur that a player should check their tank seals at the three-year mark because the majority of paintball HPA tanks will only hold up for three to five years.

Remember to check the manufacturer’s date, then add the three to five years. That is the ‘expected’ life expectancy of paintball air tanks, but a well-kept bottle that has had its seals properly checked and replaced when necessary could last longer than that.


What is a Bad Level of CO2?

From a scientific perspective, the dangerous levels of CO2 exposure will cause headaches, dizziness, and nausea, to name a few symptoms.

This occurs when the human body is exposed to about five thousand five hundred particles per minute; when this number reaches concentration levels close to forty thousand PPM, it’s fatal.

Therefore, maintaining an eye on the integrity of the air tank ensures the seals are intact and not spewing gas into your face. Though the levels in the tanks are predetermined to be safe, it is always a good idea to be safe and not sorry.


What Happens if CO2 gets Too Low?

As with any pressurized gas, it will not rush out of its container if the levels get too low. However, in the case of a Paintball tank, this will cause a lack of propulsion for the paint to fly.

In other words, a combatant with a Marker with low-pressurized tanks will notice distance loss, lack of velocity, paint breaking in the barrel, and possibly a weapons malfunction.

Then what will need to happen is a refill or replacement of the air tank. It is as simple as that when it comes to fixing the issue of low CO2.


Final Thoughts on Do Paintball CO2 Tanks Expire

One of the most important things to remember when playing Paintball is to maintain your Marker, which includes taking care of its components, cleaning them regularly, and keeping tabs on the status of the air tank.

If the tanks reach the three-to-five-year mark, get them Hydro tested to check for breakage, cracks, or leaking seals.

These air tanks will be essential to keep them filled and ready for play. If not, there are always the experts at the paintball facility that will have an air compressor that will fill any empty tanks.

To be a professional, or appear so, a combat athlete must be on top of the Paintball tanks they use.