Do Paintball Jerseys Have Padding?

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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When you’re out on the paintball field, you want to enjoy your time and not have to worry about being in pain. However, there will always be bumps and bruises, some pieces of gear you can utilize to minimize the pain and battle wounds.

These pieces of paintball clothing are crafted to help protect you from just that. There are many different materials, but most of them use a thick layer of padding to increase protection.

So if you’re someone that is looking for more comfortable gameplay investing in a padded jersey might be a great option.

Before you decide to use your hard money on another piece of paintball gear, we thought we could look at discussing some other pertinent information regarding padded paintball jerseys.

Person wearing a paintball jersey holding the helmet on head - do these jerseys have padding?

Why Is Padding Used for?

Padding, like any sport that is more extreme or physical, is used to reduce the risk of injury and protect your skin from the paintball impact itself. These shirts are designed with multiple layers of padding to do just that.

The padding may help with protection, but it also adds weight and layers, which may make you hotter.

But if you’re looking to save your skin a little damage and be able to walk away without feeling like you really have gone through a battle, being in a padded paintball jersey is a smart choice.


Are Padded Jerseys Harder to Put on?

When it comes to putting on your padded paintball jersey, it may cross your mind that it could be more challenging than just slipping on that lightweight, moisture-wicking one that you’ve been using.

Though it might take a little adjustment once you put the jersey on, wearing a pad of jersey is no more different than wearing any other type of shirt.

As we said, you will have to maybe adjust the padding if it slips or moves out of place, but other than that, it’s as simple as putting your arms in the holes and your neck through the big hole and pulling it over the top of your base garment.


What is the Difference Between Jerseys With and Without Padding?

The basic difference between a jersey with and without padding is simply that. A jersey with padding will have a thicker layer of protection in specific areas. Particularly in places like the arms and the chest.

Oftentimes it is crafted with moisture-wicking materials and maybe a little bulkier than a standard jersey. The jersey without padding will be just a jersey with a thin layer of moisture-wicking material.

The jersey without padding would be better for those looking for a more flexible and lightweight option. However, it does offer less protection, so the decision on what to choose is up to you.


How Much Do Padded Jerseys Cost?

One of the biggest things about investing in paintball gear is that it can get quite pricey. So understanding where your money is going is vital, and that includes when you’re looking to invest in a padded jersey.

Like anything else, the cost depends on not only the brand but the material used in crafting the jersey. You can find jerseys with a price tag as low as $15 just as easily as you can find jerseys with a price tag of $90.00.

Often the ones that are higher priced offer more protection and better materials, so they last longer. So it might be an investment that you look to spend a little extra on for extended use.


Where Can You Buy Padded Jerseys?

If you’ve decided that it’s time to buy a padded jersey for your paintball excursions, there are several places to purchase them. Of course, you can always head online and check out sites like Amazon and other online stores.

You can also check out brick-and-mortar shops that sell sports gear. There are many different types of jerseys, so you need to make sure that what you’re looking at is a padded paintball jersey and not one for another sport.


Final Thoughts on Do Paintball Jerseys Have Padding

Having the right gear when you head out onto the field is essential. Everything from the marker you use to the clothes you put on can change the experience you have.

If you are looking for more protection in one year in the midst of battle, then a padded jersey could be a good idea. This will protect your skin from any unwanted damage and potentially extend your game because you won’t be bruised and battered halfway through.