Do Paintball Stains Come Out of Your Clothes? Or Are They Stained Forever?

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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Paintball is an entertaining activity that is as fun as it is messy. But, of course, the paint splatters everywhere, into your hair, clothes, and the walls around you when you get shot.

But the minds behind paintball paint know that stains aren’t what we hope to get out of a round of paintball. So, this paint is specifically designed to be oil-based, biodegradable, and somewhat easy to wash off. 

So, let’s dive in and discover how to get rid of those pesky stains.

Guy reloading paintball rifle - Do Paintball Stains Come Out of Your Clothes? Or Are They Stained Forever?

Does Paintball Stain Come Out Easily?

Paintball stains are designed to come out easily, but only if you are using the right tools and techniques. The manufacturers of this paint have created a formula that is as easy to get out and won’t require too much effort. 

This may be one of the reasons why paintball is so popular since it’s not a sport that will leave a stain (literally). 

Since it’s also biodegradable, with the right chemicals, you won’t have to do a lot of rubbing or scrubbing to get the paint out, and it’s super simple and fast. 

Of course, it would be better if you played with the right equipment in an arena so you won’t have to worry about stains, but getting them out isn’t so difficult if they are already there.


How Should You Clean Paintball Stains?

To clean paintball stains from walls and house surfaces, all you need is a few cotton balls and hydrogen peroxide.

Just wash the area with dish soap and water before going in with hydrogen peroxide. Rub until no remains of the stain are visible, and you are good to go!

If you are cleaning paintball stains from clothes, the most important thing is to get them in the wash as soon as possible. Then, just throw the clothes in the washer and wash them as you usually would. 

If the stains still haven’t come out after washing, you can add some stain remover or a mix of white vinegar with water and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Then, just wash the clothes for another cycle, and there should be no more stains!


How Long Can You Wait Before Removing Paintball Paint?

When it comes to clothing, your best bet is to get to work immediately. Especially if your clothing is made of cotton, which is a very absorbent material, the longer you leave the paintball stains on it, the more they will melt into the clothing. 

Once you get home from playing paintball, you should immediately put your clothes into the washer.

If the stains have been sitting on the clothing for a long time, then you should let it sit in a stain remover before putting it into the laundry machine. 

Stains on walls and other surfaces aren’t so crucial when it comes to time since they aren’t absorbent materials. However, the faster you get to remove the stains, the easier it will be. 


What Should You Use to Remove Paintball Stains?

Paintball paint is oil-based, which means it will disintegrate when it comes into contact with hydrogen peroxide. Therefore, if you remove paintball stains from walls, you should use hydrogen peroxide. 

Start by washing the area of the wall with preferably a high-powered hose that will force some of the paint off. 

Once you are done washing with water and dish soap detergent, dab cotton balls into some hydrogen peroxide and gently rub until the stain is out. Then just rinse with water, and you are good to go!


Is There a Chance Paintball Stains Won’t Come Off?

Since paintball paint isn’t actually made from regular paint, it’s designed to wash off clothing and other surfaces easily. However, a few factors may lead to the paint staining your clothes permanently. 

Dark pink or red dyes are very aggressive, and paints made with these dyes are likely to permanently stain light-colored clothing. 

Poor quality or cheap paintballs are also very likely to leave permanent stains since they are made with cheap materials that are less water-soluble, so they are harder to wash out.

So, if you are going to a special facility to play, make sure to check out reviews and ask what type of paints they offer. If you are buying your equipment yourself, always invest in better-quality balls to avoid permanent stains. 


Final Thoughts on Removing Paintball Stains

Don’t worry too much if you notice stains on your clothes or walls after playing paintball. These paints are designed to wash off easily. But, it’s important to get to work immediately and start cleaning the stains as soon as you notice them. 

If you leave paintball paint on your clothes too long, these stains might stay forever. Paintball is fun, but make sure you have stain remover and hydrogen peroxide at home before you start playing!