Does Angel Still Make Paintball Guns?

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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Angel was one of the first paintball gun manufacturers to use electro-pneumatic paintball markers. Angel paintball guns were some of the industry leaders until filing for bankruptcy in 2011. So, does Angel still make paintball guns? The short answer is no.


Angel started life at WDP, a paintball company that focused on creating paintball fields and hosting tournaments. Their focus on the paintball game increased interest in it and helped it thrive.


After the development of the Angel paintball marker, the company changed directions and focused more on tech development than tournaments and the industry as a whole. Today, the company has been bought out by Tippmann after going bankrupt almost ten years prior.

Person in green jacket standing near a wall with a paintball gun in hand - Does Angel Still Make Paintball Guns?

Did They Make a First Paintball Gun?

Angel was one of the first paintball marker companies to use electro-pneumatic technology in their guns. This advancement changed the paintball industry by making it possible to shoot up to fifteen balls per minute.


The original Angel paintball marker was developed in 1994. However, it was not released until three years later. The new Angel paintball gun was the start of a whole new game of paintball due to the incredible firing speed of the new technology.


Angel Paintball Sports is arguably the reason that “arena” paintball or “Hyperball” became so popular. Today, many paintball tournaments take place in Hyperball arenas because it is easier to spectate, and the speed of the game makes it more fun to watch.


When was the Company Founded?

Angel Paintball Sports, which started as WDP, was founded in 1987. The company opened the National Paintball Fields site and began hosting tournaments, which led to an increased demand for paintball equipment.


For years, Angel was synonymous with high-quality paintball equipment.


After the success of the Angel paintball marker, the company adopted the name Angel Paintball Sports (APS) in 2007 and restructured the business model to focus more on tech and development.


The entire company shifted to paintball equipment instead of hosting tournaments and continuing to increase the demand for paintball equipment through innovative game types as they did with the introduction of “Hyperball” or “arena” paintball.


Why Did the Company Run Out of Business?

Ultimately, the fall of Angel Paintball Sports is due to their unwillingness to adapt to a changing market and a changing demand for markers. Additionally, the entire restructuring of their company was not a lucrative move for the brand as a whole.


Angel’s unwillingness to retire the three-chambered design on their markers is the primary reason that the company went under just years after restructuring. The three-chamber design was more expensive to make and made their guns too expensive for the market.


Unfortunately, a company that started out as a huge innovative influence in paintball could not keep up with the changing game. Angel Paintball Sports clung to the three-chamber design, resulting in less demand for their guns and the company’s eventual bankruptcy.


Should You Still Buy Their Products?

Angel paintball guns are still on the market today, and their cost has dropped over the years. The Angel A1 Fly is still considered a good paintball gun. There is still demand for mint condition Angel products in the paintball communities.


However, the company did go out of business for clinging to a design that was outdated. So ultimately, it comes down to preference. You will need to test some guns and design which feels the best for your gameplay in order to decide if an Angel gun is worth it for you.


Can You Still Get Paintball Parts?

Angel Paintball Sports was purchased in 2021 by Tippmann after almost a decade. Although it is unclear if Angel brand paintball guns will be rereleased under the Tippmann name, there does appear to be some chance that Angel paintball parts will be returning to the market.


Plenty of paintball supply stores also have Angel parts and equipment still available. Additionally, you can join online buy-sell-trade groups to find guns, parts, and merchandise from other paintballers.


Final Thoughts on Does Angel Still Make Paintball Guns

For a company that started out as innovative and made a name for itself by changing the game of paintball, Angel Paintball Sports made the fatal mistake of being unwilling to continue to change as paintball evolved.


Although Angel paintball guns are still considered a high-quality, reliable paintball marker, they are still fairly expensive and over ten years outdated for the industry. However, if you know Angel markers and like the feel, they are still available for purchase.


For any Angel fans, there is hope that new products featuring Angel designs may be released in the future since Tippmann bought out the company. However, where this buyout will take the paintball industry remains to be seen.