Dye M2 Vs. M3

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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When passion meets drive, you find people like Dave Youngblood, who in 1994 founded the DYE Precision paintball company.

Over the twenty-five-plus years of existence, DYE has grown into one of the manufacturing leaders in the Paintball industry, with facilities spanning the globe in six countries on four continents.

This brings us to the comparison of two fine Paintball markers, the DYE M2 and the DYE M3+. The M2 was released in 2015 to an anxious audience and received rave reviews, but then came the new M3+ Marker, which got its initial release to the public in 2018.

Which Model is More Popular?

At this point in the market and with all the innovations that went into the DYE M3+, the M2 has been effectively replaced by the M3. In addition, there are significant upgrades to the ASA, the recoil mitigation system, the solenoid housing, and the spooling system.

With all that being said, a combatant or player can see all the improvements when firing the M3+ Marker in the accuracy and increased firing rate capabilities.

As a player pushes the Marker to shoot faster, it responds with a smooth launch and reloads processes without issue.


Which one Has Better Features?

To begin, let us review the specifications of the M2, which has a Billy Wing Fuse bolt system, an electronic control system network including Method Operating Systems, and eVOKE system. All of these combined create a quality paint Marker.

The M3+ has an improved bolt system, the FL-21 bolt system, a MOSAir board, wireless charging, and a newly designed BWing21 Mag-Reach Trigger, to name a few.

The DYE M3+ was intended to build off the successes of the first models, improve and implement the best features of the other marker types, and then add newer age technologies.


Pros vs. Cons: DYE M2 vs. M3

Let us break this down into a feature each, and the M2 pro is that Marker is lightweight, which makes it easy to maneuver around the battlefield. A major con would be the limited capabilities of the board and custom programming.

A pro of the M3+ Model would be the high performance via Hyper 3 regulators, which helps deliver seamless semi-auto and fully automatic firing capabilities.

A con would be the incredibly expensive price tag for replacement parts, which is bad news considering the recent recall because of defective USB ports.


Price Range: DYE M2 vs. M3

There is something extraordinary about these paintball markers; the DYE M2, even after being off the production line for years, can still be found brand-new at a price of eight hundred and seventy-five dollars.

But unfortunately, some stores, like Amazon, report the Marker being out of stock. The M3+, however, is nearly double that, with some models having an MSRP of above fifteen hundred dollars and two thousand dollars.

In addition, some second-hand markers have been seen to have similar pricing to the M2 in the eight hundred dollars range.


Final Verdict: DYE M2 vs. M3+

There is a clear distinction between the two models of Markers; the DYE M2 was the best Marker in 2015 and can still be an effective tool in the sport. If your play type meshes with the older firing matrix of the M2, there are still parts and tuning guides for you.

The M3+ is the better Marker of the two and delivers accuracy and smooth firing rates.

There are over a dozen program settings on the board to fine-tune this Marker to its user’s unique preferences and not to mention an easy clip tank attachment which adds a nice cherry on top.


Final Thoughts on DYE M2 vs. M3

DYE Precision brings it to the paintball battlefield and delivers a quality product when we refer to the M3+ Marker. The M2 could be utilized as a fantastic beginner marker for children or the newbie trying out the sport for the first time.

To be forward, the M3+ is the top-of-the-line Marker out there, and if you can afford the steep price tag, it will not disappoint.

Unfortunately, though, as I watched a review by an associate of DYE, he hinted at the company working on something which could be an M4 that might be coming out soon; who knows, we will have to wait and see.