Empire Axe Upgrades

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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You never want to hit the field looking like you don’t have a clue what you are doing, do you? Then after you have gone through the rigorous selection of what marker you think will do the job you should start thinking about how to make that marker your own. Upgrades are the name f the game in the paintball world if you want to make that stock piece even more accurate and efficient. With a freshly individualized paintball gun, there is no way those seasoned milsim players on the field will look at you like just another newbie. So, take your newly unboxed Empire Axe and start looking into some of the following upgrades.

Empire Axe Upgrades

The team at Empire knew that they needed to address some of the issues with the Invert Mini and voila! The Empire Axe was born. The new and improved marker addressed most of the issues and is a great choice straight from the box. The Empire Axe is a marker that will let others know you mean business and how could it not with all these cool features:

  • Air Source Adapter (ASA) with an easy to get to and use on/off flip switch for air regulation.
  • Quick strip and rebuild with the new bolt removal system that is operated with a button, so no need for all those cumbersome tools.
  • Newly designed grip frame and foregrip that allows comfortable and smooth use for whatever hand grabs it for the battlefield.
  • Trigger with a magnet that creates a smooth and easy pull.
  • The solenoid that is a custom slipstream design.
  • Able to fire in various modes.
  • Constructed with high-quality light aluminum.
  • No chop break beam.
  • Capable of operating at the highest levels with low pressure.
  • Hoses removed from outside and inside the marker for a less cumbersome and lighter operation.

So, as you see the stock model is more than capable of getting you out there successfully o the field, but with just a few upgrades you could be the hero of your squad. Upgrades like the ones below.

Best Empire Axe Upgrades

There is always a slew of upgrade options to consider when thinking about how you want your marker to be most effective with your on-field style. Anything from internal mechanisms like the O-rings and the air tank to more obvious upgrades like the barrel, foregrip or even the loader can change the functionality of your Empire Axe. Upgrades like the ones just mentioned are some of the best to implement and some of the best options for each will be detailed below. So, let’s get to breaking down some of the best upgrades for your Empire Axe.

Empire Axe Barrel

The barrel mounted to your stock model could be all you need but what f you could expand your range and ability to be super precise when shooting. The barrel itself uses the pretty standard Autococker barrel thread so upgrading this part of your marker is super simple.

Empire Axe Barrel Upgrades

The fact that the Empire Axe does use the Autococker barrel thread means you have a lot of options out there to look at and the choice is up to you. Check out the barrel upgrade that is one of the best options on the market today and one that can affect and enhance your entire gameplay on the battlefield.

Best barrel for Empire Axe

The Deadlywind Fibur – X, a 14-inch barrel that is designed to fit your Empire Axe like a glove, will be the one upgrade you will be thankful that you purchased without a doubt.  Just look at what you get:

  • Includes: thread adapter for paintball model barrel an insert from Freak to set the bore
  • Constructed of carbon fiber so it is light to carry, has better accuracy and keeps you stealthy on the field.
  • Saves money by using Freak inserts.
  • 3-layer construction that is unique to the Fibur-X
  • Due to its intricate construction, it is easily swabbed
  • The insert area is CNC aligned and ported

Now your marker is set to be the deciding factor in your squad’s victory because you chose to upgrade that barrel let’s look at making your air system just that much better too.

High-Pressure Carbon Fiber Compressed Air Tank Upgrade

Though the stock Empire Axe is built to function at low pressure it never hurts for your marker to be able to perform well under high pressure as well. So, when looking to make some upgrades one of the best ways to enhance your marker is to make one to the air system. The Empire Basic Air Systems is the way to go. Especially since you get all these great enhancements and advantages:

  • Low price point
  • Industry-leading high-grade aluminum regulator used to stabilize the output of pressure.
  • American made carbon cylinders that don’t add much weight to the heft of the marker.
  • Multiple levels of pressure rupture disks to ensure the safest use possible.

With all those added enhancements this is one of those upgrades that is a necessary one to execute, but another great upgrade to consider has to do with your rate of fire and capacity of ammo your marker can handle.

Electronic Paintball Loader Upgrade

Installing an electric paintball loader or hopper is a great way to increase your rate of fire. The loader that just might fit the bill for you is the Dye LT-R Electronic Paintball Loader. This loader was crafted with competition in mind while still being kind to your wallet. This durable hopper gives you all of this:

  • Operates on everyday batteries (x3 AA) and can shoot 80,000+ off one installment.
  • Holds up to 200 paintball rounds.
  • Easy to strip and rebuild without any tools.
  • Upgraded feed rate (30+ bps).
  • Trigger that does not jam.

The ability to rapid fire your rounds when on the field is one of those abilities that could be extremely effective in earning that big win and ingraining your field prowess in the mind of all your compatriots and enemies alike.

Foregrip Upgrade

Next up on the suggested upgrade list is the Empire Redline Pro Grip. Great for any speedball field you choose to step on this upgrade brings all this to the game:

  • Modifiable board and foregrip
  • Redline screen with OLED
  • Compatible with multiple models of markers
  • Interfaces through a comfortable joystick.
  • Millions of functions per second.
  • Gauges for both power level and trigger.
  • Meters for game time and shot count.
  • Many modes of fire (8)
  • Energy supervision at a minimal rate.
  • And so much more…

The external pieces are important but so are the inner workings of your marker and so the last of the suggested upgrades is going to be one of the most important internal accessories the O-rings.

Empire Axe Accessories

The only accessory you really need to consider upgrading is the O-rings. Your Empire Axe will shoot so many rounds that eventually if not taken care of you will begin to see a decline in your marker’s performance. To keep from having this happen to you should investigate the Captain O-Ring Rebuild Kit.

Captain O-Ring Rebuild Kit

With the kit you get:

  • x5 rebuilds
  • organizational compartment divided by size
  • High quality constructed industry standard O-rings
  • O-rings for multiple mechanisms within the marker

The final piece to the puzzle upgraded your marker is now truly your own.

Final Words

Now you are ready to hit the field and make your name known. Even the seasoned vets of the milsim games will have to acknowledge your skills and that you just aren’t any newbie out there. You came to play, and you mean a business that’s what the upgrades to your Empire Axe mean. Now get out there and leave your mark!