GOG eNMEy Upgrades

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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Good choice! You have made your selection and the GOG eNMEy is a great one to start with. The stock model has many benefits and is out of box capable to get you out there on that milsim battlefield, but there is so much more you could do to amplify your marker. Upgrades are the way to make your marker your own and show the rest of the squad that you are not just another half-baked weekend soldier. So, take your GOG eNMEy out of its box and put some time into crafting your perfect marker. Maybe some of these upgrades will be helpful.

GOG eNMEy Upgrades

GOG has set out to take the paintball gun to new heights and the GOG eNMEy is not an exception. This marker’s stock model is magnificent and will offer the paintballer:

  • A spool designed valve with a reformatted solenoid. With this new design, there is no batteries or internal mechanisms needed which means a lighter gun and easier upkeep.
  • Lessened recoil and more rapid firing capability while maintaining accuracy.
  • Easy disassembly for maintenance because of the bolt-out-the back design.
  • The vertical regulator that stabilizes the marker through low pressure which allows for a paintball friendly paintball gun.
  • Hard wearing construction comprised of robust nylon and the highest caliber of aluminum available. With this material, it makes for an easier to carry and a battle-ready paintball gun.
  • Dual sourced operation with either Co2 or compressed air.
  • Designed to be completely pneumatic.
  • The barrel on the stock model is 10/12”
  • Adaptable .50 to .68 caliber
  • Holds at 160 PSI consistently
  • The short trigger that is easily modifiable
  • Secured from Co2 spikes by the addition of a relief valve
  • Comes with a warranty good for life

The stock model sounds awesome, right? The GIG eNMEy straight out the box is a great marker, but the fun starts there. Think about how confident you will feel stepping onto that battlefield the first time with an upgraded marker that could make the difference between you and the rest of the field very evident. Besides who doesn’t want to wield a marker that is more efficient and accurate than the standard one. So, look at some of the upgrades that could do just that to your GOG eNMEy.

Silicone Paintball Lubricant Grease

One upgrade and just a great rule of maintenance for any marker that you may get are to make sure all the mechanism is well oiled or lubricated in this case. The best way to make sure that your GOG eNMEy stays performing at its peak abilities is to use the GOG Gr33se. Some of the benefits of this lubricant are:

  • Unwaveringly reliable
  • O-rings will not bloat
  • Safe for use on the aluminum body
  • Non-flammable components

As a regular part of your upkeep utilizing this industry leader in paintball, lubrication will ensure a much longer life for your marker and for your legend building milsim career. But what about an upgrade that can improve your overall play on the field? One of the fastest ways to make a difference in your marker’s functionality is to look at upgrading your ASA.

GOG eNMEy ASA Upgrade

The Asa is a vital part of the markers firing process as it is where the power source of either the Co2 or compressed air that propels your paintballs across the field. With the upgrade of your ASA or for the new guys in the crowd the Air Source Adapter your gun will be on a whole new level than its stock model. For the GOG eNMEy, the best way to go is to stay in the house with the eNMEy Pro Bottom Line Kit which features:

  • Turn your ASA off and on with the ease of motion with the handy lever.
  • Quick and alterable rail
  • Fittings and macro-line included

The upgrades on the GOG eNMEy like the ASA and the HE valve that we will talk about next are all intended to allow for the internal workings of the marker to be heightened to the highest level of effectiveness possible. With adjusted valves and adapters, you will be able to execute those combat maneuvers with confidence knowing that your marker is performing at its the peak. So, what about the HE valves?

GOG eNMEy HE Valve

The valve system of the GOG eNMEy is a proficient piece of hardware but like with all mechanical parts there is always a way to increase the output of its use. The valve system in this marker is easy to adjust and remove so finding the time and expending the effort to install the GOG HE valves replacement is a no brainer for the new milsim player.

GOG eNMEy Valve Replacement

With this addition to your marker, you will inherit some great new benefits that will enable your marker to reach its full potential. Things like:

  • QEV (Quick Exhaust Valve) included in valve adjustment kit. The QEV allows the paintballer to have a rapid firing capability that far surpasses the original valve. In other words, the marker can cycle through shots quicker. This means that your marker will enhance its air use and decrease any short stroke you would otherwise experience.
  • Standard adapter included as well.
  • The overall increase in proficiency by up to 30%

GOG eNMEy Barrel Thread

The barrel thread for this model uses the GOG standard Ion thread. This may seem like it means that you are limited in upgrading your barrel. Though there is a little truth to that if the barrel you are looking at using as your upgrade has Ion as a compatible barrel thread then you will be just fine. But sometimes it is best to stay inhouse especially when the house offers such amazing choices to upgrade like the GOG Freak Inline one-piece barrel.

GOG eNMEy barrel

Now the 10/12” barrel that comes in the box with the marker is just fine and will be perfectly fine to meet your combat needs, but why not take the opportunity afforded you. Upgrade that barrel!

Best barrel for the GOG eNMEy

The barrel is one of the best upgrades you can make to your marker. By switching out the stock barrel with a more precision crafted piece you can increase range, accuracy and overall performance of your marker. The barrel that is the best to do that for your GOG eNMEy is the Freak Inline One-piece. With this barrel upgrade you get:

  • Crafted with high-grade aluminum that is compatible with all Freak inserts.
  • Machined to precision
  • The single piece barrel negates any cross threading
  • High accuracy rate and noise reduction from straight porting.
  • .689 insert included

Final Words

With these upgrades, your GOG eNMEy will be changed from a great stock marker to a fantastic one with minimal expenditure needed from your bank account. Your marker is now a tool to be used t conquer your enemies and to raise your filed cred out there with all the seasoned vets and newbies alike. Victory is yours!