How Do You Charge Dye M2?

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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The Dye M2 is a very popular option amongst paintballers. This is because it has different amazing features. Amongst these are a better air management system, an improved electronic control system, and a rechargeable battery.

All of this helps improve their performance, but the rechargeable battery may be one of the best things. This is because it allows for a highly efficient and more budget-friendly operation.

Charging the battery is quite simple. It only takes a few steps, and then you can be up and running on the field. The complete process is laid out in the manual but we’re going to take a look at some other information that could be helpful as well as how you charge your Dye M2.

What are Modifying Gel Blasters Good for?

There are a lot of things and reasons that could cause you to want to modify your paintball gun. Though the Dye M2 is pretty amazing performance-wise and look-wise straight from the box, you may still want to adjust things.

The one thing that most will probably overlook modifying is the rechargeable battery system. This system is optimal and works perfectly fine.

The only thing that may be modified when looking at the rechargeable battery system is perhaps using a different battery. The trick is to make sure that it is compatible with the system before investing in it.

Many will want to modify the gun to ensure better control and enhanced performance. Changing things out can do anything from increasing the distance and velocity to more overall durability.


What Do You Need Before You Start?

All you need before you get started when it comes to charging your Dye M2 is the USB cord, a power source, and a little time. The best thing is that the USB cord actually comes with the model, which means there’s no extra money expenditure necessary.

After you’ve gotten all that put together all this is left just to understand the LED light color index when it comes to charging. Here’s a quick look at what the breakdown is:


  • Blue blinking = up to 95% charged
  • Green blinking = between 95% and 99% charged
  • Non-blinking green = fully charged


What is the Best Way to Do it?

Like anything with a technological device, the best way to do it is to follow the battery charging instructions.

Because the M2 uses a rechargeable battery, it will be much easier and last time-consuming than purchasing a new battery. Here are the steps to charging your battery:

  1. You need to access the charging port of the M2. This is under the desk cover labeled USB on the left side of the grip. You want to lift and rotate the cover, so it’s not in your way.
  2. Now you will want to insert your micro USB cable and find a power supply. (The micro USB cable comes with the gun.)
  3. Once that is then, all you have to do is plug the cable into a power supply adapter and then wait.


The battery can also be charged wirelessly if you have the Dye wireless charging base. If you have this, you will have to place the battery with the logo on the right side of the grip and then let it begin charging.


How Long Does it Take?

The good news is that no matter how long it takes, you will have battery power for roughly 100,000 shots. This means that you don’t really have to charge it that often. So you may get multiple plays out of one charge easily.

How long it takes the actual battery to charge depends on how much of the battery has been depleted. If it is almost dead, then you’re probably hours of charge time.


Common Issues that May Happen

Though the system is well crafted, some users have had issues with charging their Dye M2. Many find that it will sit on the charger blinking at about 95% full and never really reach fully charged.

This is not a universal issue, but it is a very common one and can be addressed by trying different chargers. If this doesn’t work, then perhaps it will be time to take it into the shop and see if they can figure out what was going wrong.


Final Thoughts on How Do You Charge Dye M2

The last thing anyone wants is to be out on the field and have their gonna be unable to work. So making sure you have it fully charged when you hit the field is a vital part of the process. So now you understand how to charge you, and we hope you enjoy your time on the field.