How far can a Sniper Gel Blaster shoot?

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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There is more than just one brand of Gel blaster currently on the market; each will make various versions of long-range sniper-like blasters, and each would be a different maximum range on their product. 

On average, though, a Sniper Gel Blaster will have the ability to shoot upwards of twenty-five meters in the distance.

Mind you, and this is an additional five meters further than the standard twenty meters at which most models of gel blasters are maxed out in range. Five meters is a long way if you want an edge in your next game.

Woman aiming with a paintball gun in hands - How far can a Sniper Gel Blaster shoot?

What Gel blaster Gun Shoots the Farthest?

While digging around, looking at various products, and listening to reviews, there was this one model of Sniper rifle gel blaster with a range of seventy meters suppressed. 

I am speaking, of course, of the Nerf Sniper blaster, more specifically, the M20 Construct by Sabre.  

While being tested, this gel blaster could launch a projectile further than seventy meters with velocity. As the expert pointed out, companies and individuals are making many versions of gel blasters.

This is one Sniper Rifle Gel blaster model capable of accurately shooting over seventy-plus meters.


Does Being hit with a Gel Blaster Hurt More?

Gel Blaster is a game designed to eliminate the fear of injury and to have family-friendly options in which all can have combat sport fun. In addition, these balls are designed to evaporate, unlike airsoft or paintball, which are known to leave players with injuries.

The developers of these toys had it in mind to create a projectile shooting toy, like that of nerf, but also with the ability to satisfy an adult’s passion for combat sports. 

In contrast to the previous combat sport options, there are hardly any reports of severe injury connected to the Gel blaster.


Can you Make it go Even Further?

Unlike in the Call of Duty games, no products available in the Gel blaster market allow upgrades and customizations. With this, players can increase certain aspects of their weapons, such as accuracy, firing rate, and range.

When increasing the range on your Gel blaster Sniper rifle, it would need to increase shot velocity with pressurization and/or use longer barrel attachments to help with accuracy.

Otherwise, specific brands will have specialized branches that will have effects such as the desired increased range for your Sniper Rifle gel blaster.


Do Smaller Gels Go Faster?

When thinking about gun types, gel blasters are designed similarly to authentic military-style weapons, meaning real-world physics applies to these toys. 

Therefore, the shorter barrel blasters, along with the smaller caliber gels, will be designed for more agile play and require a lesser FPS rate because of the shorter-range needs.

This means that over the shorter distance, yes, the smaller gels will go faster. 

Still, a larger gel will be launched at a higher velocity in a Sniper shot situation. Therefore, SMG-styled gel blasters are designed for the faster player needing to move quickly and aim just as quickly.


What is the Most Potent Gel Gun?

There are a couple of different ways to look at this question. Therefore we will focus on the specific aspects that would make a Gel blaster considered a powerful one. 

The first aspect to consider is how many rounds the blaster can hold and fire without jamming.

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For this example, we have the Automatic Gel Ball Blaster M4 Splatter Ball Toy, which houses more than fifty thousand rounds and is capable of firing fifteen rounds per second with a maximum burst of one thousand and two hundred rounds at once.

Therefore, making this one of, if not these, the most powerful blaster in the game.


Final Thoughts on How far can a Sniper Gel Blaster Shoot

Many adaptations have been developed since the invention of the Survival Game in the 1980s, to which Paintballing swept the world. Gel Blaster is an adaptation of the paintball combat sport, delivering a different type of gameplay with hydro-based rounds.

There are many different brands of Gel blasters, many of which have customizable or authentic military-style designing and come in Sniper rifles, heavy machine guns, SMG varieties, and more. 

This relatively new sport is gaining popularity, but as with any purchase or venture, be sure to do a fair bit of research to become an informed buyer.