How Far Will A Paintball Gun Shoot?

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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Understanding how far your paintball gun will shoot can be vitally important to your success on the paintball field. This can be for many different reasons.

For instance, maybe you’re actually not playing on a field but close to your house, and you want to make sure that no paint is going to find its way onto the walls of your home.

Or maybe you just want to know how far away you can be when it comes to taking out your enemies on that field.

Most average guns will give you a range of 100 feet. Further than that and your paintball won’t break when it hits, but even with that being said, there are ways that you can adjust the distance capability of your paintball gun.

Even still, it’s good to understand how far a paintball gun will shoot. So we’re going to take a look at that now.

Woman wearing a blue helmet shooting with a paintball gun - How Far Will A Paintball Gun Shoot?

Which Paintball Gun Shoots Farthest?

From the paintball itself to the pressure of air in the model of paintball gun you’re working with, all play a factor in how far they go.

That being said, overall, when looking at finding the paintball gun that shoots the farthest, you really pay attention to the caliber of the gun you are utilizing.

For a paintball gun that shoots the farthest, you should check out any model with a .68 caliber. This caliber paintball tends to give you better distance and velocity than smaller calibers.

So if you want the furthest reach, you should pay attention to the caliber of the paintball.


Does Being Hit with a Gel Blaster Hurt More?

There are many different types of projectiles you can use in paintball. One of those that you may be looking at is gel blasters.

It is a different form of gun that uses a pellet that has been soaked in water. They’re similar to a paintball gun but are more user-friendly and less painful.

Of course, they may sting a little bit upon impact, but most liken the feeling to that of being snapped with a rubber band. Unlike a paintball, the pain that comes with a gel blaster is very light and very quick.


Can You Make it Go Even Further?

Though you don’t want to make the paintball gun range capability too far as too far could mean that the paintball will not break upon impact.

You still may want to get a little more range out of your weapon. There are a couple of ways that you can take the stock distance capability and enhance it:

  • One way to do this is to use a backspin barrel. This can be done through customization or simply by buying a paintball gun that already has one in stock.


Basically, this pushes air downwards and lifts the ball upwards, creating a backspin that improves distance.


  • The second way to give your paintball a little boost when it comes to the distance capability is to increase velocity. Most paintball guns are outfitted with a velocity adjuster somewhere on the model.


This is a system that adjusts the hammer spring tension that controls the airflow. With more air, you will get a boost in your velocity, and this will allow the paintball to go further.


Do Smaller Gels Go Faster?

When looking at utilizing your paintball gun, there are two main options when it comes to the projectile shot from them- paintballs or gels. Paintballs are typically the most common choice, but some choose gels and may wonder about their speed and capabilities.

Smaller gels may be propelled faster and further because of their size. The less weight behind them, the further and faster the air is going to push the gels out. So yes, smaller gels will go faster.


What is the Most Powerful Paintball Gun?

There are a lot of great models out there that have a nice powerful shot when it comes to paintball. However, to determine the power level of those paintball guns, you have to look at a few things. Here are the things that are going to affect the power of your pain:


  • Loading mechanism- Most paintball guns will either be fed by a hopper or a magazine. The hopper is going to give you access to more paintballs and may well have more power behind the feeding process into the gun.
  • Materials – One way to get a little more power out of your weather is like higher quality materials. These may increase the weight and feel of the gun, but in the And, it will help.
  • Mounting Accessories – Lastly, you want to look at the mounting rail. Also, considering adding in things like scopes can improve many assets your paintball gun has.


All of this is to be said that though a gun may have a good power level upon immediate purchase, you can always customize it to make that power more.


Final Thoughts on How Far Will a Paintball Gun Shoot

When considering how far a paintball gun will shoot, you have to pay attention to two considerations: the distance capability of the gun itself and the velocity. Typically most standard paintball guns can range in the distance from 100 feet up to 300 feet.

But as the distance goes further, you’ll need more velocity for the paintball to explode upon impact.

Being able to shoot long distances allows for different types of paintball gameplay to be available to you. In addition, knowing the distance capability will allow you to find the paintball gun that matches your playing style.