How Fast Does A Tippmann 98 Custom Shoot?

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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The Tippmann 98 Custom may well be one of the most iconic paintball guns out there. It is very popular amongst paintballers because it is reliable and durable. Along with that, though, comes its semi-automatic design that allows for its firing rate of 8 BPS.

Knowing how fast the Tippmann 98 Custom shoots is just one aspect of understanding why this gun is so very popular. So let’s dive deep into everything you want to know about the Tippmann 98 Custom, as well as a few things about the speed of your paintball gun.

Blonde person wearing camouflage shooting with a paintball - How Fast Does A Tippmann 98 Custom Shoot?

What Type of Gun is This?

This paintball gun is an upgraded version with extra accessories from the standard Tippmann 98 marker. The upgrades and accessories that have been added to the already amazing design give it extra reliability and durability.

Not only is this gun perfect for beginners, but it is something seasoned veterans of the paintball field love to invest in as well.

When it comes to the overall design of the gun itself, it is a semi-automatic paintball gun that uses a compressed air cartridge to optimize the speed of the bullet.


Can You Speed Up Your Gun?

Like with any paintball gun, an adjuster built into the Tippmann can allow you to change the bullet’s velocity. This model is just below and closes to the last ‘N’ in the Tippmann branding.

To change the velocity, you’ll need a chronograph and a hex wrench.

Be careful when doing this. You’re going to want to screw the adjuster counterclockwise and out a bit. Because you move this piece, more gas will be expelled when the trigger is pulled, and that will increase the velocity.


How Can You Reduce Velocity?

Maybe you’re someone who is not looking for a high-firing paintball gun. Instead, you are a paintballer who likes the more slow and methodical style of play. That may mean you want to reduce the velocity.

Maybe you’re also just starting, and you’re not able to handle the high speed yet. In order to reduce the velocity on this paintball gun and any other, it is the complete opposite of what you would do to speed it up.

In other words, you’re going to find the velocity adjuster, and then you’re going to turn it clockwise. This will reduce the amount of gas that is released when the trigger is pulled, and that will slow down the paintball.


Is This Gun Worth the Money?

The key to deciding whether a paintball gun is worth the money or not is to not only look at the performance but the ability for it to be customized.

The great thing about this model is that it offers a ton of customization options and is designed with high-quality materials for better durability.

It’s also easy to use, and in regards to the speed, it has great velocity capability. So when asked, most paintballer experts are going to tell you that this gun is more than worth the money.

No matter how much you put it through, it lasts a long time, and as long as you keep the maintenance up, the performance will also stay at its peak.


How Fast Does a Paintball Go in MPH?

When looking at the velocity, it’s important to understand how fast the paintball is actually going. This is not only so that you understand the distance it can go but also the impact it will have. Most average paintball guns go about 280 FPS.

When looking at the average FPS, that equates to 190 mph. But that doesn’t mean it’s the fastest a paintball gun can go. Some models go all the way up to over 200 mph.

Some of the guns will have a range of velocity and be able to be adjusted with the velocity adjuster we talked about above. This will give them a wider range of impact capability on the field.


Final Thoughts on How Fast Does A Tippmann 98 Custom Shoot

With a semi-automatic design, the Tippmann 98 Custom has a firing rate of 8 BPS, giving it a shooting distance of 150 feet.

But, of course, that firing rate can be adjusted, making this model a great option for just about anybody. That, coupled with the customization and durability, means that this is a good investment.