How Many Bullets Are In A Paintball Game?

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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For those that are new to paintball, one of the questions that might be asked is exactly how many paintball bullets can a paintball gun hold. When it comes to this, you have to look at the hopper size.


On top of dealing with the hopper size, you also have to consider the type of paintball gun you’re utilizing. So for those that are using paintball pistols, you may find that you have only a capacity of 10 paintballs. For larger guns, it can go all the way up to 200 rounds.


Now that we’ve answered that question! Let’s take a look at some other questions that you may have about paintball bullets.

Man peaking with a paintball gun in hand - How Many Bullets Are In A Paintball Game?


How Many Bullets Can You Shoot at Once?

Just like with a real gun, paintball guns can only shoot one bullet at a time. The difference is that they shoot them at such a rapid pace that it seems like they are shooting more than one bullet at a time.


So when it comes to this question, we need to look at the bullets per second ratio. This metric really depends on the gun you’re using. It can range anywhere from five shots all the way up to 30 or more shots per second.


The bullet per second is not the only factor that plays into how many bullets you can shoot at once. The paintballer’s finger capabilities also are important.


Oftentimes, if a gun can shoot 30-plus bullets per second, the paintballer can only handle 10-12 bullets per second because of their finger strength.


Do Better Paintball Guns Fit More Bullets?

Paintballing can be quite expensive, so when looking for more firepower, you might think it is best to go for the most expensive option. But, unfortunately, this would be a mistake!


Just because a gun is more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to hold more bullets. Once again, the number of bullets a gun can hold really depends on the hopper or pod that is attached to the weapon.


All you will get with a more expensive paintball gun is more features and perhaps better durability due to the higher quality material used. The price tag will not affect the number of bullets you will have at your disposal.


Which Paintball Gun Shoots the Most Bullets per Minute?

There are a lot of great paintball guns out there that have high FPS. To understand this, you must first know the different paintball guns available. Here are the three main types of paintball guns:


  • Pump
  • Mechanically operated
  • Electropneumatic


The pump is activated by a pump action done by the paintballer, mechanical ones are operated through mechanical means, and electro-pneumatic utilizes electric and a pneumatic system for firing.


When it comes to these three options, the electro-pneumatic has a quicker firing rate. However, it is also the more expensive option. But if you’re looking to play speedball, this is the best choice for you. Just be prepared to have a lot of maintenance.


Do all Paintball Guns Use the Same Ammo?

No! Like with real guns, paintball guns have a range of different types of ammo that are used, depending on the size and type of gun you have opted to purchase.


When it comes to the most common calibers, you’re looking at between .43 and .71. However, a wide range of calibers available may be the most common is the .68 caliber variation.


How Can You Know What Kind of Paintball Gun You Have?

As we said above, there are three types of paintball guns available. You have the pump action, the mechanical, or the electro-pneumatic.


Understanding which one you have is vital to know what type of paintballer you can be and your experience. Here’s how you can tell which model you have:


  • For the pump action style, it will, of course, have a pump feature somewhere in the gun design.
  • If you’re wondering whether you have a mechanical option, the best way to determine that is to pull the trigger (when not loaded). It is most likely a mechanical paintball gun if it has a strong pull.
  • If your gun is very light and you hear a little click when you pull the trigger, then you are working with an electric option.


Final Thoughts on How Many Bullets Are In A Paintball Game

So the answer to how many paintball bullets a paintball gun can hold is not about the gun itself. Rather when looking at this question, you have to look at the size of the hopper or pod attached to it.


What is affected by the paintball gun itself is how fast those paintball rounds can be fired.

Understanding this and the fact that the price tag attached to it has nothing to do with the quality of the firing capability of the gun is important.


We hope that we have answered all your questions so that you can get out on that field and enjoy a little fun.