How Many Shots Does a 20 oz CO2 Tank Shoot?

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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In general, there is going to be a standard set of expectations from paintballing products; for instance, there is expected to be two hundred to four hundred shots in a 9 oz CO2 tank, and then there will be 12 oz CO2 tanks that will have around five to six hundred shots per tank.

As for the 20oz CO2 tank, there is going to be an expected eight hundred to one thousand and two hundred shots. Otherwise, if that is still not enough for your needs, there are 24 oz tanks that offer up to one thousand three hundred shots.

Man with a paintball gun in hands - How Many Shots Does a 20 oz CO2 Tank Shoot?

Why Does the Number Vary?

The number varies depending on the speed at which a player shoots and the setting the Marker is on. There are speedballing setups that will spit paint at incredible speeds but require more gas pressure to be released, which in effect, will lower the shot count.

Then you will have those players that will be more selective with their shooting skills, preferring to sit back and pick their shots instead of diving in guns blazing. These strategies will give a player a load more shots per bottle than with a speed-balling player.


Does it Depend on the Weather?

The weather can influence specific models, setups, paint types, and markers by freezing up the mechanism or loosening the seals around the compressed air.

The differences will be with the features that are incorporated into the markers and specific design styles that incorporate the cold or warm weather, but yes, the weather plays a factor.

Colder weather will keep the tanks at a lower temperature, which then can slow the firing efficiency and rate enough to make it worthwhile to play indoors. There are going to be facilities that keep the atmosphere at the right temperature for optimal marker performance.


How to Get the Most Out of it?

The best thing to do with the air tanks is to keep them stored at room temperature, away from the elements, and to play in good weather or indoors.

The player will also need to keep an eye on the O-rings and pressure systems to maintain the vacuum required for the paint to fire correctly.

The research will also need to fit the right products together to provide a secure system without leaks and compare the products to get parts that will work together correctly.

Finally, show your equipment some tender loving care; that will be the best practice to get the most out of your air tanks.


Which Tank Size fits the Most Shots?

There is going to be a size air tank that must work with a selective game-type accessory; I’m speaking about the ‘free tanks’ or mini tanks that will be placed on the map in more extensive game styles.

These little vehicles are going to need at least a seventy-seven to ninety oz tank to fire correctly.

These tanks will fit the most shots per canister; keep in mind that the most common tank size will be a sixty-eight oz tank.

The critical factor will be the pressure setting, most tanks with three thousand PSI will offer ten shots per cubic inch. Tanks at forty-five hundred PSI will provide fifteen shots per cubic inch.


Final Thoughts on How Many Shots Does a 20 oz CO2 Tank Shoot

There are going to be more air tanks on the market than you can shake a stick at. So the important thing is going to be understanding what you are looking for when purchasing a paintball piece of equipment.

There are PSI settings that will be the difference of five shots per cubic inch, which adds up without the need for explanation. The most commonly sized tank found on the pitch will be the sixty-eight oz tank at four thousand five hundred PSI.

If you are looking for Tanks sized air tanks, they are available in ninety ounces, or if you need a smaller one for pistols, there are twenty-ounce solutions.