How Much is a Tippmann Paintball Gun?

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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Tippmann Paintball markers are difficult to locate outside of the manufacturer’s website; the prices will range between one hundred and twenty-five dollars. The more expensive models will be the replica-looking styles that TiPX Deluxe Pistol Kit three hundred fifty dollars.

There will also be a large variety of accessories and modifications that can be made to the Tippmann brand paintball markers, this being one of the more desirable traits of this company’s combat sport weapons.

They will have a bit of a price, but take a look and have fun with it.

Few tippmann paintball guns on ground - How Much are they??

What is the Average Price?

There is going to be a wide range of prices when it comes to ordering a marker from the Tippmann factory directly. The lowest marked price on the site was about one hundred dollars, and the highest priced attributes were in the three hundred dollars range.

The average priced markers would be the Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker at around one hundred and forty dollars and then the Tippmann Stormer Tactical Marker – black, which will ring up at about one hundred and fifty dollars in total.


Which is the Most Expensive?

The most expensive Tippmann gun on the market would be the Tippmann A-5 Marker W/SS Response Trigger at three hundred and thirty dollars or the TiPX Deluxe pistol kit, which will cost around three hundred and forty-nine dollars plus ninety-nine cents.

Then there will be the accessories, like Tippmann Reloader – Mag filler that costs about eighty-five dollars and ninety-five cents.

Some other higher priced models include the Tippmann TMC Elite Black, which will cost about three hundred and thirty dollars, and the Tippmann TMC Magfeed Black / Tan Marker combo at three hundred and sixty-five dollars or more.


How Can You Upgrade it?

There are going to be upgrades that can be made to multiple aspects of the Tippmann brand marker. We start with the sights, which come in red dot and holographic styles, along with scopes to fit the LMG or the sniper depending on the player’s preference.

There will also be upgrades possible for the hoppers and feeding systems within the firing chamber. Then you can upgrade the pressure to be speedball ready, including a new triggering mechanism and new feeding systems.

Lastly will be the barrel, which may require an insert depending on the caliber of paint being used, and these will be primarily for range and accuracy.


Is Tippmann Considered Cheap?

In relation to the top-of-the-market markers that will be going at prices in the thousands of dollars range, yes, Tippmann would be considered cheap.

The products are aimed for beginners, youth, and casual players, with prices of the weapons rarely getting over the three-hundred-dollar amount.

Will they perform at a high level and shoot straight? Yes, and hit a target once or twice.

These paintball markers will be fun to use in the survivor game or indoor CQB scenarios and be considered a budget-friendly option for learning the sport.


What is the Cheapest Tippmann Paintball marker?

There are going to be affordable paintball markers in the lower hundreds range.

For example, the Tippmann Stormer Basic Marker will cost one hundred and thirty dollars, while the Tippmann Brigade Menace 50 cal Semi-Auto Paintball Pistol is about one hundred dollars.

There was the before-mentioned Tippmann Cronus and Tippman Stormer Tactical. To sum it all up, the Tippmann Cronus Tactical bundle and the Tippmann Stormer Basic Marker will be in the one-hundred to the one-hundred-and-fifty-dollar range.

The majority of the other markers will be within fifty or so dollars making these a quality but affordable choice to paint with.


Final Thoughts on How much is a Tippmann Paintball Gun

Out of the majority of the Tippmann products, the markers will be the best; otherwise, there must be mention of the affordability of these combat sporting weapons.

There is hardly a marker that costs more than four hundred dollars, and then there are attachments that will not get over the one-hundred-dollar price tag.

You could do worse with either quality and get something ridiculously cheap or go with the professional grade markers that will break the bank at a few thousand dollars plus.

In the end, the best course of action is to do some personal research and get some of the opinions of the local experts and Paintball field ops.