Luxe X vs. CS2

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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Here we find ourselves with a pair of top-quality state-of-the-art paintball markers, and the question is, what about these paint launchers that make them unique?

The Luxe X (tenth edition) has set a new standard for the sport of Paintball with easy-to-maintain parts like the Pro-Lock Frame and the EZ-axis Trigger System.

The CS2 is a Planet Eclipse product with their new third-gen Soft Touch bolt that can shoot even the most fragile of tournament-grade paint.

Along with HK Army, the standard of electronics set by the CS2, and Planet Eclipse, with the GP Core, continue the tradition of high-quality markers and paintball equipment.

Which One is More Popular?

Regarding knowledge of the two markers, they are both on the top of the water cooler charts for paintball enthusiasts’ chatter.

However, there is one definitive piece of evidence that will sway this in favor of HK Army’s Luxe X: the product is sold out on the DLX website, but so isn’t the CS2 on the Planet Eclipse web page.

Even the accent kits have sold out the Luxe X, but to be fair, the CS2 has been replaced by Planet Eclipses’ newer CS3 model and the LV2. Unfortunately, they are making it more challenging for the CS2 to be as popular as the Luxe X.


Which One has Better Features?

There are going to be quality features from both markers, and the Luxe X will have the exclusive Pro-Lock Frame system, which can be removed without the need for tools.

The Freak XL barrel kit comes standard along with the X-Core bolt system and EZ-Axis trigger system.

The CS2 features the GP core and the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) module that allows for connectivity possibilities and boasts a rake-blade trigger and toolless grip removal.

They both come with a good variety of features; in this case, this writer is going with the Luxe X to answer the question.


Pros and Cons: Luxe X vs CS2

There will be more pros than cons to these two markers, but there will be a difference between them in this section. The Hk Army Luxe X paintball marker has some of the best high-tech gadgets that come at a price.

Still, one troubling feature is that the small holding screws and magnetic eye covers are easily lost if not cautiously taken care of.

Planet Eclipse CS2 is a professional-grade marker with a lightweight design capped off with an aluminum barrel to allow quicker reaction times in a pinch.

One blaring issue is the nearly two thousand dollar price tag for a Marker no longer being produced by the manufacturer.


Price Range: Luxe X vs. CS2

The two professional quality markers are going to cost a combat athlete between a thousand and two thousand dollars for either the Luxe X or the CS2.

On average, the HK-Army Luxe X kit will have a price tag of close to fifteen hundred dollars, but some special editions will run a little higher on the price scale.

That is almost affordable when it comes to the average price tag on the Planet Eclipse CS2 pro, which rounds out to around two thousand dollars. In comparison, the more generic CS2 equals the Luxe X base model, which costs approximately thousand five hundred dollars.


Final Verdict: Luxe X vs CS2

You can hardly do wrong by selecting either of these two fine paintball markers; both have the capability to take your game to the next level.

In addition, the Luxe X will have featured a set of easy maintenance attachments that come off without tools, making this a solid choice for the combatant that goes every weekend.

The CS2 pro is more for those looking to become the next professional paintball star, cleaning and maintenance of this marker will take more than it would for the Luxe X; they will be the critical difference between these two markers.

If you have the tools, CS2 is an option, but for those players looking for an amateur-level marker, the Luxe X will fit the bill.

Rarely have there been two markers that are so similar to each other that selecting one or the other is difficult. So the Planet Eclipse team has put together a professional-grade marker that can handle the rigors of a season with cutting-edge technology.

The HK-Army team has put together a marker that was created for every weekend, everyday combatant. The reason is the easy-to-remove and clean components that make up the marker, such as the exclusive Pro-Lock Frame system and the EZ-Axis trigger system.

The choice of which to purchase comes down to the individual and the preferences they desire.