Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Vs. Empire Mini-Gs

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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Paintball has become one of the most exciting new sports to catch public attention; Planet Eclipse and Empire Mini, a pair of paint Marker manufacturers right in the mix of it all. 

In Manchester, England, a small retail store in 1991 named Paintball Planet started it all. Over the next eleven years, Planet Eclipse became an industry leader.

Empire Paintball is a worldwide leader in manufacturing and distribution, as a trademark of G.I. Sportz Paintball which a group of pro-Paintball Players founded.


Which One Has Better Features?

The Planet Eclipse Etha 2 has a gamma core bolt system that delivers high-performance firing even in the harshest weather and features a two-piece barrel of exceptional quality. 

This Marker also has an ergonomic design with space between the front grip and trigger guard, which is handy for high-volume shooters and folks with bigger paws.

The Empire mini-GS has one of the lightest markers in the game. In addition, their aluminum construction gives durability to sporting equipment. Couple that with the larger front grip, trigger guard area, and popper engine firing system, and you have a quality Empire Marker.

Which Model is More Popular?

Both Paintball manufacturers have been around since the beginning of the sport, and the popularity of these brands is amongst the highest in the industry. The Etha 2 is a quality choice for both a beginner and a professional.

Still, the Empire Mini-GS marker takes the prize in popularity. Even as of 2021, the Mini-GS was taking out the competition and not looking back; the combination of top-quality Markers and reasonable pricing gave for a deadly sales strategy.

Taking care of the barrel, the firing systems, and general maintenance is the easiest in the business.


Pros & Cons: Planet Eclipse Etha 2 vs. Empire Mini-GS 

To examine these two excellent markers, each will get a pro and con; the Etha 2 can shoot even while caked in mud or rain, which is a definite pro. One con would be the bulky backend design, which can cause vision and line of sight issues.

The Mini-GS utilizes the electro-pneumatic paintball marker system with a pneumatic solenoid that delivers efficient shooting and maximizes the firing rate. 

However, there is an issue with larger players, especially those with big hands, who may find the space between the front mount and the trigger guard unforgiving.


Price Range: Planet Eclipse Etha 2 vs. Empire Mini-GS 

The Mini-GS by Empire has an excellent combination of quality markers, all for a reasonable price. Most Marker kits on the market will run anywhere between three hundred and fifty dollars to upwards of six-seven hundred dollars.

Now, Planet Eclipse’s Etha 2 will have an even more extensive range of prices because of the variety of options available and other features factored in. 

Depending on the Model and kit accessories, this intermediate-level Marker will cost a buyer around four hundred dollars and over one thousand dollars.


Final Verdict: Planet Eclipse Etha 2 vs. Empire Mini-GS 

These two Markers are fine examples of what the industry has evolved into; the Etha 2 is robust construction and can take a beating from any battlefield, weather pattern, or whatever can be thrown at it. In addition, it delivers accurate shooting and smooth semi-auto firing.

The Mini-GS delivers a quality product for a smaller price tag than many other top manufacturers, including the Etha 2, which is known to have models that cost in the range of a thousand dollars or so. 

In the end, the Etha 2 is of better readiness for professional battlefields with its durability.


Final Thoughts on Planet Eclipse Etha 2 vs. Empire Mini-GS

Two legendary Paintballing companies, a pair that has been there since the beginning of the sport, when a Survivor game took place in the northeastern United States. The game spread to the U.K. and across the U.S.

When Planet Eclipse released the Etha 2, there was little doubt that it would be one of the best paintball Markers ever made but then found a pleasant surprise in the durability department.

Then comes Empire with their affordable Mini-GS that fire efficiently even in the coldest weather, all in a compact package. Ultimately, doing a little personal investigation and research will go a long way in making a well-informed purchase.