Planet Eclipse Threads

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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To begin, there are over a dozen different brand paintball manufacturers, each seemingly a unique barrel thread. As for our question, Planet Eclipse equips their paintball guns with an auto-cocker threaded barrel.

The auto-cocker paintball marker was developed in the later eighties to improve pump action models. Eclipse has the Quack 11″ barrel, the S63 Pro Barrel 3-piece kit, Shaft FR Barrel Back – kit Flecktarn, which allows for .677, .681, .685, .689, .693, and more inserts.

These markers allow a player to paint with customized equipment, giving the game and players an outlet for their individuality and creativity.

A paintball gun - Planet Eclipse Threads

Is the Barrel Thread for Planet Eclipse a Common Type?

The Auto-Cocker threading pattern is a popular thread type found on over a dozen models of paintball markers, which makes the thought of purchasing a Planet Eclipse product even more inviting.

As mentioned, the adaptors and custom pieces offered have the inserts to accommodate the paint caliber and tank pressure settings on multiple companies’ markers.

Over a dozen Paintball equipment manufacturers use Auto-Cocker threading, the same as Plant Eclipse products. Other brands that use this type of threading include, but are not limited to:


  • Azodin
  • D3fy
  • Empire
  • Extreme Rage
  • Proto


How to Pick the Right One?

Picking the right one will take a moment and time to think about the type of equipment one has. For instance, if you have a smaller caliber, say a .677 grain paint, you will need a smaller barrel to insert to go with the Back-kit offered by Eclipse.

If you have a long-range shot, you will want to consider a longer barrel to accommodate the distance you will be shooting across.

Similarly, the short-range player will want to fit their Marker with a shorter barrel to maximize agility and maneuverability. Once you find out this information, the fun part begins.


Where Should You Buy it?

There are enough different options to purchase Planet Eclipse equipment, Markers, and gear. Large department stores, like Walmart or Dicks Sporting Goods, will have the items in-store or online, giving the customer the flexibility desired when shopping.

Many online stores also offer Planet Eclipse products; eBay and Amazon are the two biggest that directly sell Markers and barrels to paintball enthusiasts.

In addition, professional Paintball websites provide more than just Planet Eclipse gear; if the customer chooses to, they can purchase the desired items directly from Planet Eclipse on their webpage.


How Much Does it Cost?

Let us start by examining how much it would cost to get started; It will usually cost a player around $300 to $600 to get the paintball marker, facemask, hopper, air tanks, and clothing.

From there, you must purchase the ammunition at $30 for 2000 rounds, and then you start looking at the barrel adaptors and inserts.

After playing a while, a player will learn their strengths and want to capitalize on them, such as a quick or fast person who excels at shorter range combat will want a shorter barrel and the ability to shoot rounds faster.

This contrasts with the long-range shooter who will want to utilize a marker barrel longer than standard.


What Does Auto-cocker / Cocker Mean?

Paintball marker barrels are all designed with a particular thread type, to which pieces and equipment are built to accommodate and attach.

Auto-cocker is an upgraded thread type and barrel that helped usher in the age of semi-auto and automatic markers and is used by many paintball equipment manufacturers, including Planet Eclipse.

The Coliseum would never be the same, nor would the combat sport of Paintball.

Now, a player can lay down suppressing fire to cover the movements of their teammates but also can launch paint at hyper speeds at higher accuracy than before when hitting an opponent becomes even more clutch.


Final thought On Planet Eclipse Threads 

Planet Eclipse is a Paintball manufacturer that produces various pieces, custom parts, and paint equipment to make your Marker uniquely your own.

Not to mention the same products that will help a player capitalize on their best physical and real-world attributes when competing in the Coliseum or on the field.

Again, remember that the most important thing is to have fun with it. Paintball is a combat sport but also a game designed for a good time.

So get your friends together and if you have some spending money, keep in mind that Planet Eclipse offers creative and custom options to fit a player’s needs.