How To Remove Paintball Paint From Your House Without Ruining It

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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Playing paintball near your house is great! It’s convenient and fun, and you can do all sorts of different course setups for more challenges. However, everyone knows paintball can get messy, and this isn’t so great when it’s your house. 

So, how dangerous is it to play paintball at your house, and how hard is it to get paint stains off the walls? Let’s read on and find out! 


Will the Paintball Paint Come off from the House by Itself?

Paintball paint is designed to be special, and unlike regular paint in that, it is very environmentally friendly, water-soluble as well as biodegradable. However, this does not imply that it will magically come off the house walls on its own. 

Unfortunately, if you get stains on your walls, doors, or other parts of the house, you will have to remove them yourself. 

But don’t let this bring you down since these paints are designed to come off things easily because it’s generally a messy game. So let’s continue into how exactly you should get paintball paint off from the house. 

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Is it Easy to Wash Paintball Paint Off the House?

If you are using the right chemicals and tools, getting paintball paint off anything is easy. The manufacturers of this paint create it to be easy to wash off since no one wants paintball stains on their clothes or walls. 

In fact, it’s designed, so you only really need simple things you can find at a local store or pharmacy to get the stains out.

Since it’s biodegradable as well, it doesn’t require a lot of rubbing or scrubbing to get the paint off. With the right chemicals, it’s super simple and fast. 


What Should You Use for Washing Off Paintball Paint off the House?

Removing paintball paint from your house walls requires one simple ingredient, hydrogen peroxide. Start off by washing the wall area with liquid dish detergent and water, and make sure to rinse off the soap well. 

If the stains are on the outside of the house, you can use a high-power hose to try to remove as much of the stain with pressure as possible. 

Paintball paint is oil-based, which means it will break down when in contact with hydrogen peroxide once you have washed some of the paint off. Dab cotton balls in hydrogen peroxide and rub the stain off. 

Rinse the wall with water, and it should be good as new. You can also do this same process with stain remover instead of hydrogen peroxide and scrubbing with a nonabrasive sponge.


How Long Does it Take for Paintball Paint to Wash Off from the House?

There really isn’t a set time on how long it takes for paintball paint to wash off from the house. Instead, it depends on multiple factors, including how much paint got on the wall, what specific type of paint you are using, your wall material, and so on. 

But in general, it shouldn’t take too long. Only about a few minutes of light scrubbing with hydrogen peroxide should do the trick. 

Make sure you aren’t pushing too hard when you are scrubbing; otherwise, your arm may tire out, and you won’t have the strength to get all the paint off the wall.


What Should I Avoid Doing While Removing the Paintball Paint of the House?

One thing to avoid is using too many chemicals or cleaners on the stain. Aside from all-purpose stain remover or hydrogen peroxide, you shouldn’t be using anything else. 

The paint consists of chemicals that could clash with other cleaning material chemicals and cause reactions that will lead to a permanent stain. 

Avoid scrubbing too hard as you might damage the house walls, and remove the paintball paint stain. Also, don’t try to scrape off the paint since it won’t harden that much, and you will instead damage your walls. 

The rule of thumb is if you are using stain-remover or hydrogen peroxide, there won’t be any need for a lot of effort otherwise, so don’t use too much force on the walls.


Final Thoughts on Removing Paintball Paint off the House

Paintball is fun; if you get paint on your walls, you shouldn’t panic. There is always a solution. If you have hydrogen peroxide on your cabinet shelves, you are in luck and can get the paint off immediately. 

If not, just pop by a pharmacy to get some, or you can use all-purpose stain remover as well. So now you know what to have at the house next time you decide to invite your friends over to play some paintball!