Shocker RSX Upgrades

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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The Shocker RSX is one of the most customizable Markers on the market, and there are accessories for the RSX Marker.

That being said, the Shocker marker will have parts that will help a player adjust feeder systems, grip frame and trigger mechanisms, bolt systems, regulator parts, and solenoid/bolt speed adjusters, and these are to name a half dozen for you.

Take a look online, via catalog, in-store, or however you shop. There will be parts or upgraded accessories available. Not even mentioned would be the sight upgrades, customizable stock options, pressure regulators, barrels, and inserts; the list goes on.

Person aiming with a paintball gun - Shocker RSX Upgrades.

What Types of Upgrades are There?

As mentioned in the section before, about a dozen more accessory upgrades can be made to the stock Shocker RSX. The more common changes and alterations will be to the caliber of paint, which will need pressurized systems and barrel modifications to make it work.

The types of upgrades will be as follows:


  • Feed Tube: From Hopper to Pressurized systems
  • Grip Frame: This includes a trigger mechanism; in some cases, the pressure systems also
  • Bolt System: Where most of the pressurized systems will be.
  • Regulator: This system will help with the adjustments in the firing rate
  • Barrel System: it will be here that inserts for caliber adjustments, mobility, and range adjustments.


Which Ones are the Most Popular?

Out of the box, the Shocker RSX will provide one of the best marker experiences available for purchase. When using the base model, there is little to complain about – the most popular upgrades will be ergonomically inclined accessories and modifications.

This will include stock modifications, grips changes or refitting, and hopper designs.

And through that, if a player wants to change between three thousand PSI and forty-five hundred PSI, the tanks acting like stock butt in some setups will need to have bolt system changes along with a new regulator set up.


Which Ones Cost the Most?

If you are a savvy shopper, you have gone through and done your research, or you have arrived here amid doing so. The costliest modifications, to start, for the RSX markers will be via the accent pieces for style, which can range into the mid to upper one hundred range.

Other more significant changes, such as a new trigger mechanism system, pressurized changes, or caliber adjustments, can cost up to hundreds of dollars depending on the scale of the upgrade to the marker.


Barrel upgrades for Shocker RSX

There will be about half a dozen reasons why a player would want to do anything to the barrel of their Shocker RSX, including accuracy, agility, balance, caliber change, and design accents.

All these upgrades can be found online or at the local Paintballing facility, which will provide materials and helpful information on acquiring the latest tech. In some cases, a player will find a good deal if they locate the right people within the paintball community.

In addition, longer barrels will provide a better range for the marker. In comparison, on the same point, shorter barrels can help with close-quarter combat situations providing mobility upgrades.


Upgrades that Aren’t so Good

There are, with anything, items or products that just do not cut it, and this is true with the Shocker brand marker. To be honest, there are not many accessories to mention, but a prominent warning about purchasing knock-off products.

The systems that are in place to maintain the pressure of the tank and firing mechanisms are under high levels of PSI, and we are talking three thousand to forty-five hundred pounds per square inch.

Suppose even one O-ring is out of place. In that case, the entire system could explode and, in effect, injure the player and possibly others within the vicinity of the blast.


Final thoughts on Shocker RSX Upgrades

The Shocker RSX is one of the most accessorial-friendly markers a player could ask for in allowing for customizations and modifications to every system within the RSX marker.

From the software to the firing mechanisms, to the pressure adapters, and out the insert within the barrel of the marker, this model of the marker allows it all.

It fires out of the box with a solid and smooth recoilless action and can efficiently unload down the field. You get the classic, tat-tat-tat sound from the stock market, but do it in style with the plethora of accents that can be attached for style.