Spyder Imagine e-Marker review

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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Spyder is a well-known extreme sport and outdoor gear provider with a reputation for selling quality items. To add additional context, the combat sport of Paintball has only just begun to get national attention along with professional competition.

Introducing the Spyder Imagine e-Marker, which comes in semi-auto and automatic settings, and the reviews are almost unanimous in their praise for this Marker. One reviewer boldly said it would be a perfect marker for the beginning and advanced players.

All agree that the Imagine is a solid product from Spyder and would be a quality marker for your next outing.

Paintball gun in a person's hand - Spyder Imagine e-Marker review.

What is the Quality of the Spyder Imagine Marker?

When it comes to significant manufacturers and providers of extreme sports and outdoor gear, you can hardly do better than doing business with Spyder. This has translated into the Paintball Markers they design and produce.

The Imagine Marker is an older model that has been out on the market since the early 2000s and continues to be a quality product. 

Though this line has since been replaced by the brands Fenix, Mr. Series, and others, Imagine can still be seen on the Paintball field. If a savvy player gets their hands on it, one can customize it to their liking.


How Much Does it Cost?

According to the Spyder website, the company no longer produces the Imagine line of Paintball Markers. Therefore, there is no longer an MSRP to start the conversation. 

However, when looking around the internet, poking around in the stores around town, and even outside of town, there is a relatively steady market for these Markers.

On eBay, the average price for a Spyder Imagine Marker is steady at between fifty and one hundred dollars. Comparatively, the complete setups with hoppers and tanks will run closer to two hundred dollars. 

When looking around at the other sites and stores, the prices are reasonably close to one another.


What are its Best Features?

The Spyder Imagine is one of those Markers that prides itself on customization and quality rapid-fire capabilities. The best feature of this line of Paintball Marker might be the ability to switch from semi-automatic firing to automatic settings in mid-match.

This will aid a strategically inclined combatant, such as when the match has lasted longer than usual, and the player’s ammunition is low. Switching to semi-auto will help conserve paint and hopefully lead to a team victory instead of an empty clip defeat.

There are other quality features that Spyder engineered for this Marker, but switching between firing speeds sure comes in handy.


Where Can You Buy it?

There will be many different places and ways to obtain a Spyder Imagine e-Marker; the simplest way is to go to a Paintball store or field and ask the professionals working there about any available in-store or on the local market. 

Usually, these guys will have the correct information and know how to point a newer player in the right direction.

Otherwise, there are online marketplaces that will have these Markers available for purchase. The most prevalent place to find these Markers would be to search the giants Amazon and eBay, and there have been multiple results when the research was conducted.


What are Its Flaws?

There are not many flaws – the only reason for the stop in manufacturing was the advent of better technology. 

First, however, a few comments on the O-rings going out on their Markers; these heavy-use combat athletes state they play ‘all the time,’ and it is to be expected that after a duration of time, the seals will need maintenance done to them.

Beyond that, the Fenix and Mr. Series have taken over with advanced technology and realistic designs to give the newer generation of players the gear they want. 

The unique and futuristic technology of the newer Paintball launchers has just blown away the older engineered Markers.


Final thoughts on Spyder Imagine e-Marker

The combat sport of Paintball has changed the way co-workers, friends, gaming teams, and others interact and play. Today, most younger people have played, or still play, video games like the Call of Duty series, of which many Paintball matches are similarly set up.

The Spyder Imagine e-Marker is a quality beginners and amateurs Marker, why those looking for the newer age professional standard gear will want to look elsewhere. 

This Paintball Marker, when you step back to look, is an inexpensive quality piece of paintball equipment for those just getting into the sport. As with every purchase, an informed and well-researched buyer is empowered.