Spyder Mr100 Upgrades

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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Spyder has one of those Markers models that is different from any of the others out on the market. This is, of course, the MR 100 series of Markers from Spyder.

This model comes with a minimum of four different customizable upgrade kits, including an M4 Carbine and CQB Kit.

Of course, smaller upgrade kits are designed for the MR 100 series Marker, including barrel upgrades, higher-pressure air systems, and upgraded sights. There is, without a doubt, a bunch of customizable features when it comes to the MR 100 Marker.

Man holding a paintball gun in hand - Spyder Mr100 Upgrades.

What Type of Upgrades are There?

A plethora of different upgrades can be added to the Spyder MR 100 series Marker; as mentioned above, around four military-style markers have kits to make the marker look and feel like the real thing.

These are, of course, used in military training situations and can be practical tools in teaching the tactics and strategies of today’s military.

More minor upgrades can be made to improve accuracy and firing efficiency and provide benefits that include more oversized clip (hopper) sizes. Then you will have the stock, which can be interchanged for various needs on the battlefield.


Which Ones are the Most Popular?

The answer to this one might surprise you, the most popular accessory purchased online would be an O-ring replacement and upgrade kit. Surprisingly, we know, but the truth is that O-rings provide the seal needed to maintain pressure from one attachment to another.

There are two more conventional attachments to speak of, and many Paintball Players will have the need for barrel upgrades and different styles of sights, including red dots, holographic, and classic scopes.

Again, these can be seen online, on auction sites, and in-store at most of the larger retailers.


Which Ones Cost the Most?

As mentioned above, there are going to be a few surprises, this one might not be so much this time, but the answer to this question will be the O-ring replacements and upgrades.

A newly purchased barrel or trigger system will require the purchase of O-rings that fit both model and accessory.

There are some speedball triggers that will run you a few hundred dollars, along with specialized kit fittings that turn the weapon into a replica of M4s, M16s, and Sniper rifles.

Some of the more expensive Paintball equipment will be outside the Marker accessory realm. However, Night vision isn’t cheap by any means.


Barrel Upgrades for Spyder Mr100

This end of the Paintball Marker has a multitude of different options when it comes to the barrel, and one can use an upgraded barrel to fix a paint caliber issue or any miss alignments that come along.

There will also be pressure-adjusting accessories that can switch between High and low settings to accommodate any changes made to the marker.

There are barrels that will extend one’s range and others that will be made of carbon fiber to make the marker lighter, helping improve agility and mobility. Other shorter barrels will allow more efficient shooting and reaction times in close-quarter situations.


Upgrades That Aren’t So Good

Beware of imitator products that will not fit as well as partnership companies’ equipment. There will be, of course, a more considerable price difference between the generic and brand-name products, especially the associated Paintball manufacturing companies.

There will be some misfit or misaligned products that you will want to research before purchasing, and this will ensure that the paint caliber plus the barrel size will be in sync with one another.

Nothing is more frustrating than buying a fancy new part, and the paint does not fit through it if a person takes at least a moment to ensure this situation can be avoided.


Final Thoughts on Spyder Mr100 Upgrades

The Spyder MR100 marker is a military replica type product, which has an interesting set of accessories and customizations that can be made. There are kits that look like changing the body into an M4 or M16 or even a carbine Sniper, but the customization does not stop there.

Then you will find other changeable parts to which paint caliber changes can be made, and trigger mechanisms can make the marker more efficient and speedball ready.

Then, on top of that, there will be different sight upgrades possible, including thermal vision and night vision, for those willing to spend some extra cash on the hobby.