Spyder Victor 2 Upgrades

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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The Spyder Victor is considered, if not actually, the cheapest base model marker for sale. A significant upgrade made by the newer Victor 2 model can be felt in the colder weather; an upgraded second-generation Venturi bolt is in the firing mechanisms.

From there, the base model of the Spyder Victor 2 will be a fully customizable marker that can replace and upgrade almost every aspect of the Marker.

From the air tank support accessories to the foregrip and sighting capabilities, there will surely be a fun marker to possess.

Person crawling with a paintball gun in hand - Spyder Victor 2 Upgrades.

What Type of Upgrades are There?

There are going to be many changes that can be made to the Spyder Victor II, which has almost full customization. The Marker has the capability to fix the sights, the firing mechanisms, the foregrips, and the barrel.

Most markers will also allow for these fundamental changes, but the Victor II goes further with the ability to change the accents and add ergonomically friendly attachments to make the Marker easier on the player.

There are also going to be pressure tank changes that will require new pressure coils and tubing to make the systems adjust correctly.


Which ones are the Most Popular?

The most popular purchase, besides the O-rings, would be barrel customizations and inserts to adapt to caliber changes. There are going to be many tweaks that can be made to increase range and accuracy.

Along those lines would be the players that would be purchasing red dot holographic scopes, which on Amazon alone have over six thousand reviews.

Additionally, if you increase or decrease the range using a new barrel, a new sight along the lines of the previously mentioned customizations will help dial in the Marker and make a combatant more effective.


Which Ones Cost the Most?

There will be items that will cost over a hundred dollars, including a nice Red-Dot attachment or a top-of-the-line hopper/loader, and then you will see the best air tanks will range within the hundred thirty and hundred ninety-five.

Kingman Spyder does offer circuit repair and upgrades that will cost a player above one hundred dollars, but then you will have to incorporate the specific needs for the Marker being updated.

Kingman Spyder will have its own products, but other products will be worth a look over. Take the time to be sure that the pieces fit correctly.


Barrel Upgrades for Spyder Victor 2

As with most Paintball markers models, there will be various reasons to change a barrel on the Kingman Spyder Victor 2. The most popular reason for barrel replacement is to increase the range on the Marker or to incorporate a change in paint caliber.

Besides that, most changes to a barrel will accompany a package kit that incorporates the new accent colors and design along with any pressure, firing rates, or paint caliber changes. Suppose a player shows interest in changing or upgrading their barrel.

In that case, a quick shopping investigation will reveal major brands like an empire in which to find an upgrade.


Upgrades That Aren’t so Good

Let us take a step back and look at this from a different perspective. If you are a long-range shooter, any short barrels will not be what you are looking for; a sniper will require a longer barrel to increase the accuracy and range of the paint.

Then you will have the vice versa being true; paint players that are looking to have increased firing rates or a spray-type effect from each shot will want to look for something that is shorter in length and potentially wider in diameter.

Be careful of air tank sizes – on a side note, there are going to be weight shifts depending on the size of the compressed tank.


Final Thoughts on Spyder Victor 2 Upgrades

The Kingman Spyder Victor II is a versatile Marker that can be customized or used immediately. Can you find it better or cheaper?

Yes, there will be options with more accessories, markers that are more expensive, and others that work similarly for or less than the same price as the Victor II.

In addition, there will be upgraded choices that include accents, barrel changes, sight changes, air tank changes, and much more when it comes to the customization abilities of this marker type.

There are going to be newer models, and the OG Victor I model is still available on the market; Do your research and look around to find the suitable Marker for you.