Tippmann Cronus Upgrades

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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Going with the Tippmann Cronus as your marker of choice is a good selection. It is a great paintball gun with a lot of great features and minimal impact on your bank account, but even the best marker in the world can be made that much better by a few simple upgrades. So, let’s take a look at the marker you selected as your go to marker and some cool upgrades to enhance its performance on the battlefield.

Tippmann Cronus Upgrades

For the low-price tag, the Tippmann Cronus is quite the stock model to start with or add to your milsim arsenal. With its military style tactical design your marker will make the statement that you want to be part of the winning squad and that you are not just some new kid on the block. The Cronus offers the paintballer so much including:

  • In the box: Manual (also available in a downloadable PDF from Tippmann site)
  • Cable for cleaning
  • Multiple propulsion methods (Co2 or compressed air)
  • Composite body that is built for battlefield readiness.
  • A5 standard thread barrel (9”) with a barrel sleeve included.
  • 200 round capacity with bps of 8
  • Ergonomically crafted with grips made of malleable rubber for comfort.
  • Replication of military look is complete with the 3 mods that come with the marker. (faux silencer, handle for carrying it and a stock with variable positions)
  • Safety that switches on with a simple push of a button.

For such a low cost this marker is an amazing and affords you the cashflow to make some adjustments that will elevate its already battle-ready effectiveness.

Tippmann Cronus Barrel

Like most Tippmann models the Tippmann Cronus utilizes the A5 thread for its barrel. This means that the options available t you are many and should be looked at carefully before selecting which barrel upgrade will best suit your needs.

Barrels for Tippmann Cronus

Two of the options available to you are the Trinity 16” Accurate barrel and the Cronus Accurate Sniper Barrel. Let’s take a closer look at both.

Trinity Accurate barrel (16”)

This barrel brings your Cronus a sleek and strategic look along with a supersized dose of accuracy. It also brings with it:

  • First strike compatible
  • Precision machined and finished (anodized)
  • Manufactured from long lasting, lightweight aluminum
  • Porting in the style of Vortex that enables the marker a quieter shot and elevated operation.
Cronus Accurate Sniper Barrel (20”)

The sniper barrel gives your marker just a touch more of an aggressive look and with a lifetime warranty this upgrade is a great choice. It also offers the milsim player all of the following features and benefits:

  • Compatible with any paintball brand
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Increased functionality and quieter report from the Vortex styled porting
  • Accuracy elevated from micro-polish honing
  • Finished with anodization

Either of these barrel selections would take your marker to the next level which in turn will raise your effectiveness on the battlefield. Now that you have taken a swing at creating amore accurate weapon with an extended range by upgrading the barrel let’s take a look at some possible additions in the accessory category that could step your marker up even more.

Tippmann Cronus Accessories

The main accessory to your Tippmann Cronus that could have the most bang for its buck is an enhancement of the sights. Cronus paintball gun accessories are a little more limited than the barrel selection, but the sights discussed below will be well worth the time it takes t research which one will lend itself the best to your milsim style. Either of the three, the two Trinity sights or the Feyachi one will improve your chance of hitting your mark.

Trinity Tippmann Cronus Sight

Any player wants to be more precise when firing on the field and this green laser sight will help you do that. It has great features and benefits like:

  • High durability for a long life of use.
  • Laser enabled with a remote switch that is mountable anywhere on your paintball gun.
  • Manufactured from aluminum of airplane grade quality
  • Lithium battery powered
  • Resistant to wear from anodization process.
  • Adjustable wind and elevation
  • Laser beam that is good at long range while maintaining its strength.
Feyachi Reflex Sight

This 4-in-1 sight is a great piece to consider when thinking of upgrading your sights. Check out what you get when you upgrade with this sight:

  • x4 reticle styles in multiple color selection
  • Acquisition of target with rapid precision by its 33mm lens.
  • Ability to keep field awareness with its open design
  • 3V battery powered
  • Rail mounting system that offers amazing durability that will make this sight a fixture on your marker for long time to come.
  • Water and shock resistant while maintaining a limited weight profile.
  • Parallax free and infinite relief for the paintballers eyes.
Trinity Weaver Mounted Red Sight

This sight is probably the most adaptable one on this list as it is usable on both compact and subcompact pistols as well as rifles that have the appropriate rail, the Weaver Accessory Rail. With all that adaptability this sight also offers:

  • Batteries are included in the box
  • Made of incredibly durable aluminum
  • Able to connect to any rail crafted by Weaver
  • Off/on in a flash with the cap switch located in the rear.
  • Installation is as super quick and easy
  • Windage and Elevation are full adjustable

The sights listed above are just some of the choices you have. With the right sight you could make your milsim career that much greater and create a tournament ready marker that will build your potential legendary status.

Final Word

With all the money you saved choosing the Tippmann Cronus as your marker these upgrades should all make there way onto that field. For minimal stress on your bank account you now have a marker that says to the world “I am here to win!” Now all you have to do is get out there onto that milsim field and show them you are not just any newbie; you have come to play!