Tippmann Gryphon Upgrades

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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If you are w the world of paintball and unsure of if you actually want to head out onto that battlefield then choosing the Tippmann Gryphon as your first marker is smart. With a low price point this marker is a great beginner’s weapon and magnificent straight from the box. However, if you really want to make a mark on the field then the money is in upgrading your marker and seeing as how you saved a bunch of money by making this your maker of choice you are now free to hit that upgrade check off list. The good thing is that it will not cost that much to heighten the performance of this marker so let’s see what we can do to make your first foray onto that field as successful as possible.

Tippmann Gryphon Upgrades

The Tippmann Gryphon does not suffer from the team at Tippmann pulling back to make a lower price pointed marker. Intended to make a new player not break his bank on a sport they are not even sure they will stick with Tippmann put a lot of thought in what this marker could bring to a new recruit’s game. The Tippmann Gryphon brings many benefits and advantages to the milsim field and some of those are:

  • A more streamlined design with an internal gas line
  • Performance proven inline bolt system
  • Front grip built for comfort
  • Feeder situated centrally to allow for better mobility
  • Congruent with A5 and X7 threads
  • Rough and ready construction
  • Effortless pull of trigger with its blade trigger design
  • Porting in the barrel that acts to lessen noise and increase accuracy

The Tippmann Gryphon definitely offers the new player a great starting marker but to make it your own you have to dive into the world of upgrades. So, let’s dive right in with some must do upgrades.

Best Tippmann Gryphon Upgrades

Though of all the markers available from Tippmann the Gryphon may not have the most selection of upgrades there are still a few that will take your stock model and make it reach its fullest potential.

Tippmann Gryphon Barrel

The use of the Tippmann standard A5 barrel thread means that there are may barrels that could be used to upgrade your marker. The stock barrel comes in at almost 10” and of course has the standard bare of .068. With the addition of a barrel to your upgrade list you can not only increase your shot rage but the precision of that shot.

Tippmann Gryphon Barrel Upgrades

Barrel upgrade’s like the ones below can aid you in making your debut a successful one.

Trinity Accurate Barrel (16”)

This barrel brings your Gryphon a streamlined and strategic look along with an amplified dose of accuracy. It also brings with it:

  • Compatible with First Strike rounds
  • Precision finished (anodized) and machined
  • Manufactured from long lasting, lightweight aluminum
  • Vortex style porting that enables the marker a quieter shot and elevated operation.
Tippman Sniper Barrel (14”)

The Tippmann Sniper gives you all the same benefits as most barrels and allows for a great log range or sniper game. It also brings with it all of these features and benefits:

  • American Made
  • Extended length in barrel which multiplies range
  • Augmented accuracy from precision processes while honing and polishing

With an enhanced range and ability to make precision shots the barrel upgrade to your Tippmann Gryphon is a no brainer, but so are some of these other upgrades that we are about to breakdown for you.

Tippmann Gryphon Accessories

Two simple accessory upgrades to your Gryphon will take your marker to all new heights and ensure that you are making the right impression your first time on that battlefield. Taking a look at your air source and the hopper on your marker will increase your efficiency, lengthen your game play and allow you to make sure you have your squads back.

Tippmann Gryphon Air Tank Upgrade

Empire Basic 3K Tank

The Empire Basic 3K tank is an inexpensive upgrade that will enhance the stock model Gryphon’s air system. The tank gives you all these cool benefits and features:

  • Takes your Gryphon from stock to an air system that can run smoothly under high pressure.
  • Made with aluminum that is lightweight and government certified
  • Crafted in the U.S.A
  • Larger PSI fill than pressure output
  • Bonnet is changeable

Adding the Empire Basic 3K tank to your marker’s customization will serve you very well during your milsim gameplay. Now for the last of the suggested upgrades to your Gryphon let’s run over the benefits of switching up your hopper.

Hopper Upgrade

Last on the list is the hopper. An essential upgrade changing up the hopper can increase your round capacity as well affect the precision and rate of your shots. The Proto Primo Paintball hopper/loader is a great choice, check out what it brings to the table.

Proto Primo Paintball Hopper/Loader

Proto Primo, with its patent pending design, brings a hopper to the market that could revolutionize the whole paintball hopper world. It has been tested and proven to decrease the pressure on rounds preventing jams and thereby improving the overall rate of feed. Along with that huge gem you also get:

  • Capacity to carry up to 200 rounds
  • Tension minimized on the gun from the power source.
  • Reloaded with ease thanks to the spring lid.
  • Clear lid allows you to keep track of how many shots your still have.
  • Vertical fed loader that sorts and funnels the round into your marker
  • Upkeep super easy

Final Word

Unlike many Tippmann models there is not a laundry list of upgrades available for the Gryphon as we have mentioned before, but with the few discussed above you can make quite a difference. Changing up these few things will enhance your performance, the markers performance and ensure that your new hobby is not just another waste of your money. So, grab your Gryphon slap on these upgrades and get out there on the battlefield and show them all that you are more than just a weekend warrior.