Tippmann X7 Phenom Review: Is This an Elite Paintball Gun?

  • Updated February 15th, 2023

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Tippmann X7 Phenom Review
Tippmann X7 Phenom Review

Tippmann X7 Phenom

4.2 out of 5 stars


    • Cyclone Feeder System
    • Incredibly Quiet
    • Little to no Recoil


    • Short Stock Barrel
    • Heavier than Most


Excellent Electronic Marker

Incredible deal for all levels of shooters

Extremely accurate and durable

Technical Specs

  • 21-inches
  • 3.92 pounds
  • .68 Caliber
  • 10-inch Barrel
  • CO2 or HPA compatible
  • A5/X7 Barrel Thread

Tippmann X7 Phenom Review

For an electronic paintball marker, you can trust to fire efficiently, go with the Tippmann X7 Phenom. It does cost a little more than the average paintball gun. However, the added features and durability more than compensate for the price. You will have the ability to shoot more than 1400 rounds on one 4500 PSI tank with this marker. This longevity is due to Tippmann pioneering the advanced FlexValve technology


The X7 Phenom has a sear-less design. This design has fewer moving parts than traditional markers. With this in mind, the X7 Phenom needs less maintenance and repair over the course of several years. Additionally, the X7 Phenom can operate in multiple modes. It can operate on either a combination of electronic and pneumatic power or pneumatic power alone. The mode depends on your shooting needs. If you want to go full-auto, merely flip the switch. By doing so the marker will automatically begin using the battery power.

The Phenom is pretty durable, with most of its main pieces consisting of metal materials. It is on the heavier side, weighing in at a little under four pounds. Additionally, the paintball gun is on the shorter end of the spectrum. Its total length, without the tank, is 21 inches.


The design of the Tippmann X7 Phenom mimics the military look of firearms. It accomplishes this several ways. First, the feed system sits off to the side of the paintball marker. This design feature frees up space for the Picatinny rail system. Of course, this system that can accommodate a vast array of accessories. Additionally, the marker does have a mock magazine that attaches to the front. This spare mag serves two purposes. One, the spare parts and tools are easily stored inside the magazine. Secondly, it serves as the foregrip.

Also, keeping with the military look of the gun, the Phenom comes with an optional barrel shroud. It’s optional because the marker can operate just fine without it. However, if you use the shroud, it provides more railing for accessories. Plus it looks menacing when you use it.

There is also no charging handle on the paintball gun. With the internal gas system, the marker is instantly pressurized when you attach the tank. You can feel the paintball gun become pressurized as you connect the tank.

Cyclone Feed System

The X7 Phenom comes stock with the Cyclone feed system already installed. When you pull the trigger, the system captures a portion of the gas to operate a piston inside the paintball marker. As that piston comes forward, it pushes the feed system and sends another ball into the chamber. This proven feed system prevents misfires and double feeds while minimizing broken and chopped paint.

This causes the hopper to sit to the side of the paintball gun. Even so, it still retains an extremely low profile. This allows the shooter to maintain the ability to aim and fire effectively. Simply put, you will always have a clear line of sight, even with the cyclone feed system.

 Tippmann X7 Adjustable Velocity

Adjustable velocity

The design of the internal regulator allows the shooter to adjust the velocity of the marker easily. The marker comes with a diagram that shows you how to tune it to get your desired velocity. Also, you can store the tools to do so in the marker’s magazine.

Easy Maintenance

The design of every piece of the Phenom makes it simple and easy to perform any maintenance that arises. There are no tools needed, making performing quick repairs in the field a breeze. Tippmann has developed a push-pin system throughout the design. Pop each pin out, and the marker will quickly come apart. Even the barrel shroud, itself, attaches using this push-pin design.

The X7 Phenom comes with the marker lube needed, as well as a spare parts kit and tools. The Phenom requires much less maintenance and is easier to clean than other markers. This is due to the internal gas system. You do, however, want to ensure that the cyclone system is free from any paint or debris that would hinder its movements.

The pieces you will want to be sure to oil are the piston for the cyclone feeder and the ASA, along with the greasing the ratchet. Don’t worry, though. This marker is the last you will ever need.


The Barrel that comes with the X7 Phenom is a 10-inch aluminum barrel. It has the A5/X7 thread system by Tippmann. Also, the barrel has ports to reduce the amount of noise from firing. Overall, the stock barrel is accurate and efficient. However, it is also straightforward to upgrade. One of the more popular upgrades for this paintball gun is the Flatline Barrel.

X7 Phenom Multiple Firing Modes

Multiple Firing Modes

When you have the electronic kit installed on the Phenom, you open the door to a vast array of firing modes. These include semi-auto and full-auto, as well as NPPL, PSP, and Response. PSP means that the first three rounds release in semi-auto mode, and then it switches to three round bursts. NPPL implies that there is no cap on semi-auto mode.

Having these separate firing modes ensures that the Phenom is a tournament-ready paintball gun. Additionally, with the cyclone feeder system, you can shoot upwards of 15 balls per second with no issues.

Easy To upgrade

In fact, the entire marker is extremely easy to upgrade, though you will find the only portion you wish to upgrade might be the barrel. And the barrel upgrade is if you want to increase its accuracy. The Phenom can accept over 20 X7 style modifications.

Additionally, with the Picatinny rail system on both the gun and barrel shroud, the accessories you can add are limitless. The front and rear sights that come with the phenom are removable, allowing you to add advanced optics in their place.


Once you accept the higher price tag, the Tippmann X7 Phenom is an excellent gun. It is not a beginner’s gun. However, it will work and enhance any player’s game, regardless of their current skill level. It is effortless to operate and fun to shoot.

The Phenom is ideal for woodsball competition though. It has the ability to go full-auto while in electric mode, although it will work for speedball, too. One of the few complaints about the gun is that it is a tad bit heavier than most. Perhaps that’s why this model is becoming a favorite among avid paintballers.

Not to mention, it comes along with the fantastic customer service and quality. This is the gold standard many have come to expect from Tippmann. There’s no reason pass at the chance to get this gun. It’s a great choice whether you’re looking to compete on a private field or get started with some tournaments.