What Happened To Milsig? Did They Go Out of Business? Or Just Done with Paintball?

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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Paintball is a sport with dedicated fans and players. Everyone has their favorite equipment, and there is a lot of talk about which company makes the best paintball equipment. 

But it can be hard to find maintenance parts, replacements, and more equipment from a company that has gone out of business. 

If you are an owner of Milsig paintball equipment, you may be wondering if they have closed since you can’t find their site online, and we are here to answer this burning question! 


Did Milsig go out of business?

Although there is no concrete information, it does seem like Milsig has gone out of business. They were one of the top sellers of paintball equipment for a long time, and it does come as a surprise that they have closed down. 

Their Milsig M17 was one of the most popular models and was talked about a lot in the community. 

However, if you need spare parts for your existing models or you still want to browse Milsig equipment, you can find some of their stock still available online with other distributors.

At some point, it was rumored that they were launching a new Canadian online store. 

However, there are no updates on the website, but there is still some hope for a future reopening. 

Man in cover shooting paintballs - What Happened To Milsig?

Where Can You Buy Milsig Spare Parts?

Although it does seem like Milsig has gone out of business and won’t be releasing new models anytime soon, they still care about their customers who have their products and need spare parts. 

Their European website seems to still sell replacement and spare parts for their existing models.

There are also parts still available on other paintball equipment websites like Rockstar Tactical and Just Paintball. 

If you prefer to shop on sight, you can ask your local paintball equipment store if they have spare parts, which they usually do, and they will surely be happy to order some for you as well. 


Does Milsig Still Sell Paintball Equipment?

The official European distributors for Milsig seem to be selling replacement parts, spare parts, and some equipment on their website. So if you are in need of things for your existing equipment, you can be sure to shop online here. 

However, if you live outside of Europe, there are other USA and UK-based websites that can ship Milsig paintball equipment to you. 

However, we would recommend getting to your favorites quickly because since the company has shut down, there is only so much stock available in the warehouses. 

So if you want to try out Milsig equipment, now is the time to get your move on before everything is all sold out and gone. 


Why Did Some Milsig Paintball Guns Change Their Names?

When a company designs a model, they can get an exclusive on it, which means that no other company can use that design and sell it under a different name. 

Some of the Milsig paintball guns don’t have an exclusive, so other companies have produced similar designs and sold them using a different name. So, if you see a paintball gun, you recognize it to be a Milsig design with a different name. 

This is the explanation, the Milsig guns themselves haven’t changed names.  


Can You Buy Milsig Paintball Equipment from European Distributors?

Yes, you surely can. The first place to look would be Milsig’s official European distributor website which is selling some of their last available stock. If you get lucky, you will find all the magazines and other parts you need on this site.

However, you can also look online to find other European distributors who still carry Milsig paintball equipment, and you will surely find a ton. 

If you are in Europe, you can pop into your local paintball shop, and they should carry some as well; otherwise, they will know where exactly you can find Milsig equipment in Europe. 


Final Thoughts on Milsig 

If you are a big fan of Milsig paintball equipment or you have always wanted to try their products out, all hope isn’t lost just yet. 

Although the company itself seems to have shut down, its products are still widely available from other distributors online. All you have to do is do a little research, and you will surely find what you need!