What Is Paintballing Like?

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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Let us start by defining what a complete set of gear looks like; this will include a paintball marker, mask, hopper, air tank, and pants. Of course, there will be extra equipment, like shins, knee pads, or a balaclava.

The basic set of equipment will more than likely cost a person between three and six hundred dollars, depending on the brand of gear and budget restrictions. Then a paintballer will need to find ammo, cartridges, and any reloading equipment for the heat of battle.

Three guys paintballing - what is it like?

How Much Do Paintballs Cost?

When you are looking to buy in bulk, the best options are to go for the two thousand counts of paintballs which typically will top out at one hundred bucks.

Inside will be four packages of five hundred rounds each, making it easier to split the costs between friends and teammates.

There will be a discount, bargain price paintballs that will be cheaper but also have higher breaking counts. Then you will have the professional paint, which a package of five hundred could cost you close to or more than the twenty-five dollars mentioned earlier.


What is the Most Expensive Part of the Gear?

The most expensive part of paintballing will be the Marker, especially if you want a high-performance Marker to paint your friends and enemies with.

However, if we look at this question from a long-road perspective, we can see that it will inevitably be the paint and air tanks.

To keep costs down, consider buying second-hand equipment or searching the web for the auction site with the best prices. This could end up making the most expensive part of the gear, driving to get it.


How Much does Full Gear Cost?

As mentioned earlier in the article, a complete set of gear will cost between three and six hundred dollars on average.

There will be differences considering various brands and the prices they stand by, the extra equipment that is desired (padding, reloading containers, barrel sights), and the designer clothing.

This number depends on what a player wants out of its equipment if they are looking for brand new gear or willing to work with a set for the second time through merchandise. After that, it is up to the combatant to customize their loadout.


Moneysaving Tips

The easiest way to save money is to take the time, do some investigating into brands and gear, do the research and then piece together a complete set. Older model markers with adequate firing capabilities are hundreds of dollars cheaper than newer ones.

Another tip would be to keep your marker barrel clean, and there is nothing more frustrating than having paint break all over the barrel and then getting marked in the middle of the match.

Plus, consider purchasing a Marker and all it requires to function, then use a winter coat and snow pants; you’ll be a bigger target, but; your wallet will thank you.


How Expensive is Paintball as a Hobby?

This is, by no means, a cheap sport to play; the gear alone will cost hundreds, if not around a thousand, dollars to get started.

Then you will have to change the air tanks every so often, purchase a bucket of paint each outing, pay the entrance fees at the combat facility, and so forth.

It can be a super expensive hobby, but the key is to go with friends and search for older model Markers if need be. Another money-saving tip, play paintball with a large group of friends because together with everyone, the costs diminish substantially.


Final Thoughts on What is Paintballing like

There are plenty of ways to get out and recreate, stay healthy, and be active; one fun way to do that is to get out and play some paintball with friends, run around, and let the paint fly.

You can save the most when you take a large group to the Paintball field or facility and mark one another up in multiple different forms of play.

This is a fun and fast-paced sport; many youths will enjoy playing their FPS video games in real life, and even the older gen’s can enjoy a bit of friendly combat. However, remember to research gear and facilities before getting ahead of yourself.