What size paintball pants should I get?

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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There are differing opinions on this topic, and there is little to disagree with on both sides. For example, tighter-fitting clothes are harder to hit and make the combat athlete a slimmer target.

Still, on the other hand, thicker clothing will prevent bruising and unnecessary bodily injury. Again, it comes down to personal preference and style of play.

A person that likes to move around the paintball field or pit will want to have less chance of being seen and wear tighter-fitting clothing. At the same time, the ‘sniper’ or positional player will have the option of wearing the thicker dress.

Person running with a paintball gun in hand - What size paintball pants should I get?

What Sizes are There?

As with any pant sizing, each brand will have different measurement styles; some will use a simplified Small, Medium, and Large, while others will use a pant sizing scale with waste and leg lengths. These will include Childs, Men’s, and Women’s sizes for some brands.

To help guide a buyer, the best route now would be to search for the top brands or get a confidential tip about an up-and-coming brand. Then put in some research to determine their measurement scales, and the pricing research can begin.


Does it Depend on the type of Paintball Marker?

As funny as this sounds, the type of paintball Marker might affect a person’s choice. The high-pressure tank paintball markers have been known to shoot paint at an incredible velocity and leave that ever so well known welt on many a combatant.

Therefore, when a higher pressurized marker is on the field, a combatant may want to wear thicker clothing to help stem the pain and lessen bursitis.

Otherwise, if a combat athlete is agile and quick about the pitch, they might use skin-tight clothing to minimize loose clothing marks and tags.


What are the Differences?

The main difference in the pants sizes will be the material being used and, for sure, the price it will cost to purchase them. As for differences in the Children’s, Men’s, and Women’s, look no further than the color schemes, designs, and fabrics used.

As the joke goes, women’s pants will not have pockets, just a warning. In most cases, Boys and Men look for the ‘badass’ look with camouflage and Call of Duty-like attire.

Girls and Women, who sometimes want the same thing, may vow for something a bit more feminine, such as a “Hello Kitty setup.”


Which Brands are the Most Reliable?

Being a relatively new sport, Paintball clothing companies are just beginning to establish who has the best gear and for what reasons.

For instance, a few brands with the realistic feel and padding of Survival Tactical Gear Pants come with removable knee padding.

Another top brand would be IDOGear, which is mentioned in many reviews online and graces the top ten lists of editorials and other opinion pieces. This brand is the leading manufacturer of Paintball attire and equipment.

A sure bet would be to visit your local pros and sporting goods stores to try out the different brands for yourself.


Is there a Price Difference?

As with all market products, outside of the bartering table will have varying price points and differing quality items.

The pricing depends on the company and how they do business; in other words, a friendly company will be attempting to hook its customer base up with new gear at solid prices.

While greedier companies will sell you anything to make a dollar, the truth is that the industry has only begun to bear fruit similar to the comparable extreme sports.

The simple answer is that brand name and professional quality gear will be expensive. The research will provide all the information needed to make an educated decision.


Final Thoughts on What Size Paintball Pants Should I Get

There will be the authentic deal professional-grade gear for the Paintball enthusiast but beware of the knockoffs and generics. Each brand may have different sizing measurements, just like shoe companies.

Still, a little research will inform you how to fit yourself correctly. Otherwise, the first step is to find your gameplay style.

Are you holding a position or a methodical mover? Are you an agile player, always moving and putting pressure on the other team?

The best course of action would be to research the brands, find a company worth supporting and go from there.