What Size Threads Are On a Paintball Tank?

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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Having a working knowledge of every aspect of your paintball gun is vital to your performance as well as maintenance and upkeep. One of the super important parts is the paintball tank. This is the tank that provides the pressure for the paintball to leave the gun.

There are two different types: have a Co2 and a compressed Error. Each of these will be placed onto the marker. We are a part I screwed in. In order to make sure they’re tight, you need the thread that is used in the construction.

No matter the type, most paintball tanks utilize a 5/8-18 UNF. This is a straight o-ring seal thread. But just so that you have a good grasp on the part of the gun, we thought we’d take a deeper look.


Are All Paintball Tank Threads the Same?

Most paintball tanks, as we said, have been crafted with 5/ 8-18 UNF threads. The records may vary depending on the type of paintball tank you’re utilizing. But overall, this is the average-size thread you’ll be dealing with.

Even still, you may want to determine if that threat is appropriate, as not all tanks will be interchangeable and inaccessible for each marker. For instance, going from an HPA tank to a C2 tank, there may be a difference.


A paintball gun with a tank attached to it in a person's hand - What Size Threads Are On a Paintball Tank?

What are the Differences?

The main difference is when it comes to the thread of the paintball tank going to be the type of tank itself. There are two main types. The CO2 and the HPA tanks all differ very. Primarily because of what is filled inside the tank.

A CO2 tank will be filled with carbon dioxide, whereas the HPA tanks are filled with compressed air. Each of these types of tanks will have different threads, but in general, style tanks will have the same thread.


What is the Thread Size On an HPA tank?

For someone who utilizes a paintball gun that is installed with a compressed air tank or an HPA tank, the thread size will be different, as we said, then a CO2. All HPA tanks tend to use A5 horse size 8-18 UNF thread. This is a straight O-ring seal for better airtightness.

Though we’re sure, there may be models that utilize other threads that are custom-built as a whole and that you buy in the store or online will have this thread. This means the tanks are interchangeable, which is always a good thing.


How Can You Know Which Size You Need?

The only way to know what size thread you need is to look at the marker you’re using. Most of the time, in the user manual, they will have it written what size tank you are required to use.

When looking at this somewhere on, it should tell you what the thread sizes are and that will make it easier for you to find it when you head out to shop for a new tank. It’s important because you will need more than one tank so that you can enjoy your time on the field.


What Size Thread is a Co2 Bottle?

With two canisters, you’re going to wind up with different threads available to you. The standard, of course, is the 5/8 inch option we’ve talked about before, but some cartridges use a 3/8 – 24 UNF thread.

So when you’re looking to purchase CO2, you’re gonna make sure that you have the right thread for it to be tight. The last thing you want is for any escaping error, as that will affect your overall performance when it comes to your marker.


Final Thoughts on What Size Threads Are On a Paintball Tank

Understanding what thread is utilized on your marker’s paintball tank is important. This is because the air pressure caused via this unit propels a projectile and helps with accuracy and distance. A leaky valve could review with a disappointing experience on the field.

So we hope our in-depth look at the threads of each of the different types of paintball tanks has helped determine which one here paintball marker needs. Once you have your replacement tanks, you must get out on the field and enjoy yourself.