Where can I refill paintball canisters?

  • Updated July 31st, 2023

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There are three primary options for refilling your paintball canisters: at the local paintball fields, the local sporting goods stores, or at your home with the proper equipment. 

Otherwise, some online stores recycle the empty canisters and sell full ones to be shipped to your home.The best place would be to go to the experts in the local fields and take advantage of their knowledge and expertise. 

Then, you can get the correct ammo, help with maintenance issues, and advise on products and upgrades. Sporting goods stores will have deals for exchanging empty tanks for an affordable price.


What are the Best Places to Refill it?

The best places are relative to the player because amateur players in their younger years will not always have the money to afford the best services. 

Therefore, a place like Dicks Sporting Goods, which has an exchange and refill deal for loyal customers, is more appealing than buying tanks online.

Otherwise, the obvious best choice is your local paintball specialized storefront or local playing fields. Here, you will find the experts and knowledge on the equipment, markers, and paint.

If you are savvy enough to have a suitable air compressor, then filling your canisters at home would be the best. However, it is all relative in the end.


Person with a paintball gun in hands near a wooden fence - Where can I refill paintball canisters?

How Much Does it Cost to Refill it?

To start, we will cover the costs of buying an at-home refilling station, which will begin at around $50 at department stores for the paintball air adapter. 

Then add the air pressure hose, along with the air pressure adapter will run around $130, and compressors range from $50 to a few thousand dollars.

That route will, in the end, pay for itself, but another solid plan would be to find a local field and frequent the facility. The local pros will help maintain your gear and advice on upgrading equipment and what companies to get certified quality products.


How Long Does it Take?

Ordering online can take up to five to seven business days for the items to be shipped, and it can take a long time to get the canister. A faster option is to do it yourself with proper equipment, visit the sports store or the paintball stores and fields.

For a few dollars, a paintball player can refill their tanks quickly and get back out on the combat field faster. The actual process of filling a Paintball Marker tank with air, or CO2, takes no longer than a few minutes per tank.

Remember, if you are filling up the tanks at home, have over 4500 PSI.


Can You Do it on Your Own?

Filling paintball tanks can be done on your own; Still, it will make purchasing the right equipment to ensure the refills are quality and done correctly. As mentioned before, getting the higher-grade equipment will cost around a few thousand dollars.  

Therefore, paintball enthusiasts can refill their tanks at home and maintain their Markers, propulsion tank systems, and other parts running in top condition. 

Be sure about the equipment you are using, do the extra research to add certainty to your decisions, and make sure the PSI of your compressor can reach four thousand, five hundred pounds per square inch.


Is it Better to Refill it in a Store or on Your Own?

To answer this, it comes down to the person in question’s expertise in refilling paintball canisters because a pro will have the knowledge needed to fill the tanks correctly and without a doubt. 

Otherwise, it will be better for a player to bank on the knowledge of the experts and professionals.

If you consider filling tanks on your own, learning the skills might be prudent to work at a local paintball store or field. Putting time behind the counter and refilling customers’ tanks after training will provide the experience to become the pro, filling their tanks at home.  


Final Thoughts On Where can I Refill Paintball Canisters

When considering or refilling paintball tanks, the most important thing to remember is to have the right equipment to perform the job correctly. 

For example, the Air compressor must have the ability to create four thousand and five hundred PSI, the adapters must fit perfectly, and the tanks should be regularly inspected for damage.

Otherwise, take your equipment to the pros at the local paintball stores and playing fields. The players that frequent the areas will provide solid advice and equipment talk. 

Still, the guys behind the counters refilling the tanks will ensure your Marker, its pieces and parts, and most assuredly, the paintball canisters will be adequately filled.